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1st Round of Libertadores 2024


The group stage of the 2024 Libertadores kicked off this week, and among the Brazilian teams, only Atlético-MG debuted with a victory.

Come along to see how the matches of the 1st round of the Libertadores unfolded.

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Libertadores 2024

Millonarios 1×1 Flamengo

Flamengo was leading the match and had a player advantage, however, they conceded a goal and only managed a draw against Millonarios in the opening round.

At the 4th minute, Everton Cebolinha delivered a beautiful pass to Bruno Henrique. The forward tapped it towards the middle, Viña found himself alone, almost in the small box, but missed the shot, squandering an unbelievable opportunity.

At the 13th minute, Arrascaeta received a pass from Pedro, attempted a dribble but lost possession. The ball fell to Bruno Henrique, who struck it hard, only to see the goalkeeper deflect it with his fingertips.

At the 23rd minute, Silva crossed, Castro rose between the defenders and headed wide.

At the 36th minute, Alfonzo crossed, Castro headed powerfully and hit the post. On the rebound, Vásquez missed the target.

In the 61st minute of the second half, Vásquez committed a foul on Arrascaeta and was sent off. In the penalty kick, Pedro struck down the middle and converted.

Even with one player down, Millonarios pressed and equalized at the 79th minute. Emerson Rodríguez performed a spectacular dribble past Pulgar, crossed, and Daniel Ruiz leveled the score.

Millonarios 1 x 1 Flamengo: gols e melhores momentos do jogo pela Libertadores - Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Divulgação/Conmebol

The Strongest 2×0 Grêmio

With the final of the Campeonato Gaúcho against Juventude in mind, Grêmio played with their reserve team and suffered a defeat against The Strongest.

At the 10th minute, Justiniano attempted a cross, hitting the crossbar and causing a great threat.

At the 15th minute, Daniel Lino crossed, Ursino found himself unmarked and headed into the top corner to open the scoring.

At the 29th minute, JP Galvão struck with his left foot from outside the box, and Viscarra saved it in two attempts.

At the 44th minute, Ortega found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, chipped the ball, and Marchesín made a good save with his foot.

Two minutes into the second half, JP Galvão shot, Viscarra spilled the ball, and then saved Galdino’s shot.

At the 28th minute, Ursino took a free-kick, Marchesín palmed it away, and the ball hit the post. Amoroso got the rebound, crossed, and Triverio scored The Strongest’s second goal with a header.

The Strongest 2 x 0 Grêmio | Taça Conmebol Libertadores: melhores momentos


Botafogo 1×3 Junior

Botafogo was caught off guard by Junior Barranquilla’s overwhelming first half and began the group stage with a defeat.

At the 10th minute, Enamorado tried to enter the box, the ball hit Hugo’s arm, and the referee awarded a penalty. Bacca struck it low and opened the scoring.

At the 17th minute, Enamorado broke into the box, struck low, and the ball narrowly missed the post.

Junior scored their second goal on a lethal counterattack. At the 27th minute, Chará passed to Enamorado, who dribbled past the defense and crossed for Fuentes to score.

At the 40th minute, Fuentes provided a perfect pass to Bacca, who dribbled past Gatito Fernández and scored.

Botafogo pulled one back at the 42nd minute. Tiquinho chested the ball down in the box, and Hugo volleyed it first-time, giving no chance to the goalkeeper.

In the second half, Botafogo attempted a comeback but did little, and the match ended 3-1 in favor of Junior Barranquilla.

Botafogo leva 3 no 1° tempo e perde para o Junior na Libertadores

Photo: Mauro Pimentel/AFP

San Lorenzo 1×1 Palmeiras

Due to the Paulista Championship final against Santos, Palmeiras faced San Lorenzo with their reserve team.

At the 16th minute, Leguizamón crossed, Bareiro rose well and headed powerfully, close to the post.

At the 18th minute, Ferreira found himself with the ball at the edge of the box, after a scramble, took a shot, and Lomba made a good save.

San Lorenzo dominated the game and opened the scoring from a corner kick at the 19th minute. Leguizamón crossed to the near post, Romaña rose beautifully and scored.

At the 33rd minute, San Lorenzo launched a beautiful counterattack, and Bareiro set up Leguizamón one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The midfielder tried to chip it, but Lomba made the save.

At the 36th minute, Gabriel Menino crossed, Rony attempted a bicycle kick and almost scored a fantastic goal. Altamirano made the save.

During the second half, Abel Ferreira brought in some starters, and Palmeiras improved.

At the 60th minute, Garcia made a great play down the right side and crossed into the box. Flaco López set up Rony, who had an open goal but missed the shot.

At the 72nd minute, Piquerez took a free-kick, Gustavo Gómez found himself unmarked in the small box but headed wide.

At the 77th minute, Herazo received the ball on the counterattack, dribbled Naves, and struck the crossbar.

In the next minute, Barrios initiated a beautiful counterattack, left Bareiro one-on-one with Lomba, but the Paraguayan shot over the goal.

Those who don’t score, concede. At the 80th minute, Piquerez took a free-kick with skill and equalized the match.

At the 86th minute, Flaco López took a placed shot from outside the box, and Altamirano made a great save.

O jogador Piquerez, da SE Palmeiras, celebra seu gol contra a equipe do San Lorenzo, pela Libertadores, no Estádio Nuevo Gasómetro, na Argentina. (Foto: Fabio Menotti/Palmeiras/by Canon)

Photo: Fabio Menotti/Palmeiras/by Canon

Alianza Lima 1×1 Fluminense

The current Libertadores champions, Fluminense, played a poor game and only managed a draw against Alianza Lima.

At the 25th minute, Thiago Santos made a mistake in ball distribution, Sebastián Rodríguez intercepted and took a powerful shot, saved by Fábio.

Alianza Lima opened the scoring at the 33rd minute. In a counterattack, Waterman passed to Serna with pace, who beat the defense and scored with a low shot.

At the 47th minute, Serna dribbled past André, entered the box, and passed to Waterman, but the Panamanian didn’t connect properly, and Fábio saved easily.

Just one minute into the second half, Alianza Lima missed a great chance. Waterman found himself one-on-one with Fábio, had plenty of time, but missed the target.

Fluminense equalized at the 71st minute. Douglas Costa took a corner kick to the far post, Marquinhos appeared unexpectedly and headed the ball into the net.

At the 75th minute, Waterman attempted a long-range shot, hitting the outside of the net.

Alianza Lima-PER 1 x 1 Fluminense - Flu "acha" gol, mas tropeça na estreia

Photo: Divulgação / CONMEBOL

Caracas 1×4 Atlético-MG

Atlético-MG was the only Brazilian team to win in the first round of the Libertadores and played a very convincing football.

At the 5th minute, Hulk took a shot from behind the midfield line and almost scored a sensational goal.

At the 12th minute, Igor Gomes took a corner kick, Fuchs found himself unmarked at the far post and scored to open the scoring.

At the 19th minute, Alisson nodded down a cross to the unmarked Hulk. The forward shot to the corner, but the defender headed it off the line to deny the goal.

At the 31st minute, Paulinho passed to Igor Gomes, who was blocked, and the ball fell to Arana, who unleashed a rocket and scored Atlético-MG’s second goal.

At the 43rd minute, Arana delivered a perfect cross, and Paulinho found himself unmarked to score.

Caracas pulled one back at the 53rd minute. Ortega took a corner kick, Pernía hit the crossbar with a header, and Danny Pérez scored on the rebound.

At the 69th minute, Arana crossed, the defense cleared poorly, and Paulinho scored Atlético-MG’s fourth goal.

At the 77th minute, Hulk went past the goalkeeper and scored again, but the forward was in an offside position, and the goal was disallowed.

Caracas-VEN 1 x 4 Atlético-MG - Galo atropela em estreia na Venezuela

Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

Talleres 2×1 São Paulo

São Paulo suffered three injuries in the first half and was defeated by Talleres in their debut.

At the 34th minute, Girotti chested down the ball and his shot was dangerous.

At the 38th minute, André Silva struck hard from long range, but the ball hit the goalkeeper Herrera’s chest.

At the 47th minute, Ramiro Rodríguez received a cross unmarked in the box, took a first-time shot, but missed.

At the 51st minute, Catalán passed to Benavídez inside the area, and he set up Ramiro Rodríguez to score with a precise shot that hit the angle of Rafael’s goal. The ball bounced off the post and went into the net.

At the 53rd minute of the second half, Talleres extended their lead. Rubén Botta received on the left, cut inside, and placed a shot.

At the 62nd minute, Botta cut inside again and his shot went narrowly wide of the post.

São Paulo pulled one back at the 65th minute. Galoppo hit the post with a shot from outside the box. Luciano scored from the rebound.

At the 81st minute, Luciano broke through on the left side of the box and shot, but the Talleres goalkeeper came out well to close the angle and deflected it for a corner kick.

At the 84th minute, Botta delivered a perfect cross to Mantilla, but the midfielder headed wide.

At the 86th minute, Botta set up Galarza one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and Rafael made a great save with his foot.

In the last minute, Diego Costa capitalized on a corner kick and headed into the corner. Herrera made a great save, securing the win for Talleres.

Goleada Info on X: "FIM DE JOGO! Talleres 2 x 1 São Paulo Gols: Ramiro  Rodríguez e Rubén Botta; Luciano Com uma atuação BEM ABAIXO do esperado, o  Tricolor estreia com derrota

Photo: Divulgação / CONMEBOL

Cobresal 1×1 Barcelona SC

Cobresal and Barcelona de Guayaquil drew in a match with two penalty goals. Fydriszewski opened the scoring, and Leonardo Valencia equalized late in the game.

Deportivo Táchira 0x2 River Plate

River Plate debuted with a comfortable victory in the Libertadores. Bosselli and Fonseca scored the goals of the match.

Universitário 2×1 LDU

Universitário came from behind to defeat LDU. Quiñónez opened the scoring, and Rivera scored both goals for the Peruvian team.

Huachipato 1×1 Estudiantes

Estudiantes took the lead with Correa in the first half, and Martinez equalized for Huachipato in the second half.

Nacional 2×0 Libertad

Nacional defeated Libertad with goals from Leandro Lozano and Rúben Bentancourt.

Colo-Colo 1×0 Cerro Porteño

Colo-Colo won against Cerro Porteño with a goal from Lucas Cepeda.

Rosario Central 1×0 Peñarol

Rosario won against Peñarol with a goal from Carlos Quintana.

Palestino 0x4 Bolívar

Bolívar defeated Palestino. Chico da Costa scored twice, Bruno Sávio and Ramiro Vaca also scored.

Liverpool (URU) 1×1 Independiente Del Valle

Independiente Del Valle opened the scoring early in the game with Ortiz, and Liverpool equalized in the final minutes with Luciano Rodríguez.


Written by Henry Miller.

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