Another 2 years at PSG for Messi, proposed 30 million a year

Psg per messi Psg for messi Psg para messi

PSG for Messi

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Argentine phenomenon has been offered an extension of the contract with PSG for another 2 years, in fact the current one will expire in June 2023. The salary should be around 30 million a year plus bonuses.



The Portuguese Federation awaits the response of the Roma coach, who has been offered the bench of the Lusitanian national team. For the moment, the Setubal coach is not convinced of leaving his job with a club to devote himself to leading a national team, even if it is that of his country.


mappe Psg

After the fabulous World Cup, Real Madrid has returned to the fray to try to take on the French phenomenon. In fact, the club coached by Carlo Ancelotti would be willing to invest up to 1 billion euros in order to have him at their disposal.


For the French striker of Borussia Monchengladbach, in addition to Inter, some Premier League clubs are moving, first of all Newcastle, which would be ready to invest a significant amount in the class of 1997, especially after the excellent World Cup played in Qatar.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano ronaldo

According to the newspaper Marca, the Portuguese phenomenon would be in Saudi Arabia to sign until 2030 with the team coached by Rudi Garcia, Al Nassr. Contract that as a footballer he would have a duration of two and a half years for the sum of 200 million a year, but then he would remain until 2030 in Saudi Arabia as ambassador, in anticipation of the possible World Cup for that date.


The strong Croatian defender, considered one of the best in the world in Qatar, would have ended up in the sights of Bayer in Monaco, but this news was denied by the Bavarian managers. In fact, despite considering the Croatian footballer a very interesting profile, they let it be known that they are fine in defense after taking De Ligt from Juventus last summer.


The Palmeiras footballer is attracted by some European clubs, mainly from Arsenal and Monaco. The champion club of Brazil in 2022, has set 25 million euros, the right amount to start the strong midfielder.

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