2023 State Champions

2023 State Champions

The state championships came to the end and the champions celebrated at the end of the week.

Grêmio Gaúcho champion

On Saturday, Grêmio beat Caxias at the Arena by 1 x 0 and won the sixth championship, imposing its hegemony in the state. After a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the final at the Centenario, Tricolor imposed itself as the home team and won with a penalty goal by Luis Suárez.

In the first half, Grêmio had good chances, despite Caxias’ tight defensive lines. The main opportunity came from the error of the Caxias defense, when midfielder Marlon tried to play, but he ran into Vina’s feet. The midfielder rolled towards Luis Suárez who, with the marking coming, hit with his instep, but the ball stamped the post. Carballo and Cristaldo demanded good saves from goalkeeper Bruno Ferreira.

In the second stage, at 14 minutes, Suárez, in dispute inside the area with full-back Marcelo Ferreira, suffered the penalty after review by VAR. He went to charge and converted the solitary goal of the match.

With the disadvantage, Caxias went on the attack, looking for a tie that would take the decision to penalties. The sharpest chance came in a cross defended by Adriel and, on the rebound, Marlon had the free goal to hit, but sent it out.

After the final whistle, Tricolor won its sixth consecutive Gaucho Championship reaching 42 titles. Bitello was named the best player in the competition.

2023 State Champions

Atlético-MG Mineiro champion

Atlético-MG beats América-MG again and wins the fourth consecutive Mineiro championship.

After the 3 x 2 victory, which seemed to escape in the first leg, Galo again had the decisive Hulk, scoring both goals in the title game.

In the first few minutes, Coelho stamped the crossbar with Mastriani, but despite the pressure, was Galo who opened the scoring. After a penalty suffered by Igor Gomes, and confirmed by VAR, Hulk went for the ball and converted.

In the second stage Mastriani, in a ball raised in the area, went up more than the opposing defense, tested hard and hit the crossbar once again.

At 25 minutes, Atlético-MG killed the game in an almanac counterattack. After sprinting, Zaracho crossed for Hulk to score, reaching 13 goals in 14 games this season.

In the final minutes, Mariano pushed Henrique Almeida and, after analysis by VAR, the referee awarded a penalty. In the kick, Wellington Paulista hit the left corner low, but Everson fit firmly.

With the title, Galo reached its 48th state title. Hulk was chosen as the champion of the championship.

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Fortaleza Cearense champion

After winning the first leg 2-1 and drawing 2-2 on the return, Fortaleza won the fifth championship, confirming its hegemony. He became the biggest state champion with 46 titles, while his archrival has 45.

In an electrifying final, Ceará took the lead with goals from Erick and Janderson, but Leão de Aço reacted and sought a tie, with goals from Lucero and Calebe, this one in the 44th minute of the 2nd half. With 9 additions, Ceará went all out and almost scored, with Luvannor, but Fernando Miguel made a spectacular defense.

With the final whistle, the tricolors exploded in joy and celebrated the unprecedented five-time championship for the club.

Athletico-PR Paranaense champion

Athletico-PR holds Cascavel, guarantees a goalless draw and is crowned champion, having won the first leg by 2 x 1. The club closes the campaign undefeated. In 17 games, Hurricane won 15 times and drew twice, without any defeat.

Striker Pablo finished the Campeonato Paranaense 2023 as top scorer, with 9 goals. Athletico won its 27th state title.

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Atlético-GO Goiano champion

After the 2-0 victory in the first leg for Atlético-GO, Goiás recovered and won the return by 3-1 with the decisive goal in the last minutes of the match. However, Dragão won the penalty shootout and won its 17th state title.

state champion

Bahia Baiano champion

With the draw in the first game by 1 x 1, Bahia was not aware of Jacuipense and won by 3 x 0. With the conquest, Tricolor becomes the second team in Brazil to win 50 state titles, equaling the mark previously achieved by ABC , which has 57 Potiguar Championship cups state titles.

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Written by Henry Miller.

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