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3rd round of Brasileirão 2024

Brasileirão Arana chororo

In the 3rd round of the Brasileirão, several classics were played, and we witnessed great matches with thrashings and comebacks.

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Fluminense 2×1 Vasco

In the opening match of the round, Fluminense defeated Vasco in a game with a modest crowd at Maracanã.

Fluminense lined up with: Fábio; Samuel Xavier, Manoel, Felipe Melo (Antônio Carlos), and Marcelo; André, Martinelli, and Ganso (Lima); Marquinhos (Douglas Costa), Arias, and Cano (John Kennedy).

Meanwhile, Vasco fielded: Léo Jardim; Paulo Henrique, Maicon, Léo, and Lucas Piton; Sforza (Zé Gabriel), Mateus Carvalho (Hugo Moura), and Galdames (Erick Marcus); Rossi (Rayan), David (Clayton), and Vegetti.

Fluminense dominated the first half, but Vasco posed an early threat. At the 2nd minute, David won the duel with Samuel Xavier, setting up Mateus Carvalho, whose shot was saved by Fábio.

At the 9th minute, Marcelo provided a perfect cross, and Ganso rose between the defenders to head in the opening goal.

At the 14th minute, Rossi crossed, and Vegetti struck first-time. The ball hit Manoel’s elbow, and Vasco protested for a penalty, but the referee allowed play to continue.

At the 2nd minute of the second half, Samuel Xavier crossed, Arias volleyed, and Léo Jardim made the save.

At the 3rd minute, Antonio Carlos misplaced a pass, and Rayan seized possession, went past Manoel, and found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper. However, his shot was off target, and Fábio made the save.

At the 7th minute, Arias collected a rebound in the box and set up Samuel Xavier, who crossed to Martinelli. The midfielder controlled and shot from inside the small area to double Fluminense’s lead.

Vasco pulled one back at the 10th minute. Debutant Hugo Moura delivered a fine cross, and Vegetti rose high to head into the net.

At the 25th minute, Marquinhos curled a free-kick onto the crossbar.

At the 29th minute, David passed to Vegetti, who finished past Fábio, but the goal was disallowed as the Argentine was offside.

At the 46th minute, Arias calmly went past Maicon, entered the box, shot, and Léo Jardim made a good save.

Fluminense secured their first victory in the Brasileirão and ended a 13-game winless streak in derbies.

Fluminense 2 x 1 Vasco: gols e melhores momentos do jogo pelo Brasileirão - Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Lucas Merçon/Fluminense

Bragantino 1×0 Corinthians

Bragantino secured victory with an early goal, exacerbating Corinthians’ crisis.

Red Bull Bragantino lined up with: Cleiton; Andrés Hurtado, Douglas Mendes, Luan Cândido, and Juninho Capixaba; Jadsom, Eric Ramires (Mosquera), and Gustavinho (Borbas); Bruninho (Raul), Vitinho (Laquintina), and Eduardo Sasha (Lucas).

Meanwhile, Corinthians fielded: Cássio; Matheuzinho, Félix Torres, Raul Gustavo, and Hugo (Wesley); Raniele, Fausto Vera (Paulinho), and Rodrigo Garro (Breno Bidon); Igor Coronado (Romero), Pedro Henrique (Yuri Alberto), and Pedro Raul.

In the very first minute, Fausto Vera passed to Garro, who shot from the edge of the area. Cleiton made the save.

At the 4th minute, Bruninho provided a beautiful pass to Vitinho, who controlled and placed a shot into the top corner from outside the box, leaving Cássio with no chance.

At the 37th minute, Vitinho received on the left, evaded Félix Torres, and struck across goal. The ball narrowly missed the post.

Both teams returned for the second half without making any changes.

At the 7th minute, Vitinho crossed, bypassing the entire Corinthians defense, reaching Sasha. The forward set up Ramires, whose first-time shot was saved by Cássio.

At the 9th minute, Fausto Vera unleashed a powerful shot from outside the box, but Cleiton made a good save. On the rebound, Pedro Henrique crossed, but Matheuzinho’s shot was wayward, and the ball posed no threat to Cleiton.

At the 17th minute, Garro provided an excellent through ball to Pedro Henrique, who shot between Cleiton’s legs and scored. However, the forward was offside, and the goal was disallowed.

At the 25th minute, Wesley got hold of the loose ball from the corner, cut onto his left foot, and shot, but Cleiton saved it.

With the victory, Bragantino climbed to the top of the table, while Corinthians continued their goalless streak in the Brasileirão.

Corinthians perde para Red Bull Bragantino e segue sem vencer no Brasileirão | CNN Brasil


Grêmio 1×0 Cuiabá

Grêmio clinched victory over Cuiabá in a straightforward match, securing their second consecutive win in the Brasileirão.

Grêmio lined up with: Marchesín; João Pedro, Gustavo Martins, Rodrigo Ely, and Zé Guilherme (Fábio); Du Queiroz (Ronald), Villasanti, and Cristaldo (Everton Galdino); Gustavo Nunes, João Pedro Galvão (Nathan Fernandes), and Soteldo (Dodi).

Meanwhile, Cuiabá fielded: Walter; Marllon, Bruno Alves, and Alan Empereur (Gabriel); Matheus Alexandre, Denilson (Lucas Fernandes), Fernando Cabral, and Rikelme; Jonathan Cafu (Derik Lacerda), Isidro Pitta (Luciano Giménez), and Clayson (André Luís).

At the 2nd minute, Pitta turned past the defense and passed to Fernando Sobral, whose shot went wide. Matheus Alexandre collected the rebound, cut onto his left foot, and shot narrowly wide of the post.

At the 18th minute, Pitta crossed for Jonathan Cafu, who found himself unmarked near the small area. The winger volleyed first-time, but Marchesín made a great save.

At the 40th minute, Cristaldo attempted a cross, but nobody touched it, and the ball found its way into the net, opening the scoring for Grêmio.

In the second half, Grêmio started stronger than Cuiabá and maintained their advantage until the final whistle.

At the 51st minute of the second half, Gustavo Nunes executed a brilliant solo run and crossed to Soteldo, who missed the target.

At the 58th minute, João Pedro Galvão played a through ball to João Pedro with pace, but the full-back’s shot hit the net from the outside.

With the win, Grêmio continued their positive streak in the Brasileirão, while Cuiabá remained without points.

Grêmio 1 x 0 Cuiabá: veja os melhores momentos e o gol da partida - Rádio Itatiaia


Atlético-MG 3×0 Cruzeiro

Atlético-MG dominated, overpowered Cruzeiro, and clinched their first victory over the rival at Arena MRV.

Atlético-MG lined up with: Everson; Saravia, Jemerson (Mauricio Lemos), Bataglia (Igor Rabello), and Guilherme Arana; Otávio, Alan Franco, Zaracho (Igor Gomes), and Gustavo Scarpa (Alisson); Paulinho (Vargas) and Hulk.

Meanwhile, Cruzeiro played with: Anderson; William, Neris, João Marcelo, and Marlon; Filipe Machado (Zé Ivaldo), Lucas Silva, Ramiro, and Matheus Pereira; Arthur Gomes (Barreal) and Rafa Silva.

At the 13th minute, Galo orchestrated a fine triangular play, and Arana struck a powerful shot, saved by Anderson.

At the 24th minute, Scarpa delivered a cross, and Zaracho found himself unmarked behind the defense. The Argentine volleyed superbly, scoring a stunning goal.

At the 34th minute, Arana received a cross in the box and passed to Hulk. The forward unleashed a powerful shot, and Paulinho tapped it in for the third goal.

At the 43rd minute, Lucas Silva shot, the ball deflected off the defense, and Rafa Silva received the rebound. He controlled and shot, but Saravia prevented what seemed to be a certain goal.

At the 46th minute, Scarpa switched the play to Arana, who shot from outside the box. Goalkeeper Anderson failed to deal with the shot, and the ball found the net. 3-0 for Galo in just the first half.

With the game virtually decided, the second half lacked significant action.

At the 81st minute of the second half, Matheus Pereira took a corner kick, Zé Ivaldo flicked it on, and Rafael Elias scored. However, the forward was in an offside position, and the goal was disallowed.

Galo secured their first win in the Brasileirão and ended a 3-game winless streak against Cruzeiro at Arena MRV.

Pedro Souza/Galo

Photo: Pedro Souza/Galo

Palmeiras 0x0 Flamengo

In the most anticipated clash of the round, between the teams that have dominated Brazilian and South American football in recent years, Palmeiras and Flamengo played out a game with little inspiration, ending in a goalless draw.

Palmeiras fielded: Weverton; Gustavo Gómez, Luan, Murilo (Estêvão), and Mayke (Marcos Rocha); Aníbal Moreno, Richard Ríos (Gabriel Menino), and Raphael Veiga (Lázaro); Piquerez, Flaco López (Rony), and Endrick. Coach: Abel Ferreira.

Meanwhile, Flamengo lined up with: Rossi; Varela, Fabrício Bruno, Léo Pereira, and Ayrton Lucas; Erick Pulgar, Allan (Gerson), and Arrascaeta; Luiz Araújo (De la Cruz), Carlinhos (Pedro), and Bruno Henrique.

At the 18th minute, Bruno Henrique played a pass to Luiz Araújo, who controlled and shot with the inside of his foot. Weverton tipped it over for a corner kick.

At the 33rd minute, Raphael Veiga delivered a corner kick, and Murilo rose unmarked to head narrowly wide of the post.

At the 35th minute, Mayke crossed, and Flaco López headed off target.

In the second half, Tite introduced Pedro, who was rested, in place of Carlinhos.

At the 55th minute of the second half, Richard Ríos crossed, and Flaco López rose higher than Varela to head towards goal. Rossi saved it in two attempts.

At the 62nd minute, Bruno Henrique sped past Mayke and passed to Arrascaeta. The Uruguayan struck powerfully from the edge of the box, but Weverton tipped it over for a corner kick.

At the 74th minute, Pulgar failed to control the ball, Veiga passed to Endrick, and the youngster shot narrowly wide. The ball missed the target by inches.

At the 87th minute, Gabriel Menino delivered a free-kick into the box, and Aníbal Moreno headed into the net. However, the goal was disallowed as the Argentine was in an offside position.

With the draw, Flamengo maintained their unbeaten record and occupied second place in the Brasileirão, with 7 points, the same as leaders Bragantino. Palmeiras, on the other hand, sat in the bottom half of the table with 4 points.

Palmeiras 0 x 0 Flamengo: veja melhores momentos da partida pela Série A - Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras/By Canon

Vitória 2×2 Bahia

Vitória and Bahia delivered an electrifying derby. The hosts took a 2-0 lead, but Bahia quickly equalized within 3 minutes.

Vitória lined up with: Lucas Arcanjo; Zeca (Willean Lepo), Bruno Uvini, Wagner Leonardo, and Lucas Esteves; Willian Oliveira, Léo Naldi (Mateus Gonçalves), and Rodrigo Andrade (Luan Vinícius); Matheuzinho, Alerrandro (Luiz Adriano), and Osvaldo (Iury Castilho). Coach: Léo Condé.

Meanwhile, Bahia played with: Marcos Felipe; Santiago Arias, Victor Cuesta (Rezende), Gabriel Xavier, and Luciano Juba; Caio Alexandre (Carlos de Pena), Ademir (Biel), Jean Lucas, Éverton Ribeiro (Everaldo), and Thaciano (Estupiñán); Cauly.

At the 20th minute, Zeca crossed, Matheuzinho rose between the defenders to head. Marcos Felipe parried it, and Matheuzinho followed up to tap into the net.

At the 23rd minute, Luciano Juba delivered a free-kick into the box, and Gabriel Xavier headed. Lucas Arcanjo made a save without a rebound.

At the 26th minute, Matheuzinho dribbled past Cuesta and struck powerfully. Marcos Felipe saved, and Léo Naldi shot wide from the rebound.

At the 39th minute, Caio Alexandre played a superb pass to Éverton Ribeiro inside the box, but his shot was wayward, and Lucas Arcanjo made a comfortable save.

At the 40th minute, Jean Lucas tried from outside the box, the ball deflected off Wagner Leonardo, and narrowly missed the post.

At the 48th minute, Osvaldo delivered a free-kick into the box, and Wagner Leonardo headed just wide of the post.

At the 48th minute of the second half, Lucas Esteves delivered a free-kick into the box, and Wagner Leonardo headed, narrowly missing the post.

At the 51st minute, Matheuzinho delivered a corner kick, and Wagner Leonardo rose near the goal line to head, making it 2-0. Bahia players protested a foul by the defender on Marcos Felipe, but the referee allowed the goal.

At the 68th minute, Everaldo attempted a shot, the ball deflected off the defense, and Biel tapped into the net.

At the 70th minute, Thaciano crossed, Everaldo didn’t connect cleanly, and Biel hit the woodwork from the rebound.

Bahia mounted strong pressure and equalized at the 71st minute. Biel passed to Everaldo, who unleashed a rocket from outside the box, scoring a spectacular goal.

The match ended in a thrilling draw, played out at the Barradão.

Brasileirão: Vitória 2x2 Bahia (21/04/2024) - Placar Final - O Segredo

Photo: Flickr Bahia / Thiago Caldas

Athletico-PR 1×0 Internacional

At the Ligga Arena, Athletico-PR and Internacional engaged in a balanced contest, with Furacão securing a victory through Canobbio’s splendid goal.

Athletico lined up with: Bento, Léo Godoy (Madson), Kaique Rocha, Thiago Heleno, Esquivel; Erick, Fernandinho; Julimar (Zapelli) (Felipinho), Canobbio, Cuello; Pablo (Mastriani). Coach: Cuca.

Meanwhile, Internacional fielded: Rochet; Hugo Mallo (Lucca), Vitão, Robert Renan, Renê; Bruno Henrique (Bustos), Rômulo (Thiago Maia); Wesley, Maurício (Bruno Gomes), Wanderson (Gustavo Prado); Borré.

At the 16th minute, Wesley unleashed a dangerous shot from outside the box.

At the 36th minute, Wesley embarked on a lightning-fast counterattack, evaded two markers, and entered the box. Despite Bruno Henrique being open for a pass, he opted for a shot, which narrowly missed the target.

At the 42nd minute, Canobbio fired a shot, but it deflected off the Inter defense, and Cuello attempted a shot, which went wide and off-target.

At the 47th minute of the second half, Zapelli delivered a venomous free-kick, and Christian narrowly missed the finish.

At the 48th minute, Furacão’s defense faltered, and Wesley set up Borré with a header. The Colombian struck with the inside of his foot, but the shot went wide.

At the 51st minute, Gustavo Prado received the ball on the left, cut inside, and struck dangerously, hitting the side netting.

Athletico broke the deadlock at the 70th minute. Canobbio dribbled past Robert Renan at the edge of the box and unleashed a left-footed shot into the top corner, leaving Rochet with no chance.

At the 86th minute, Canobbio fouled Bustos from behind, received his second yellow card, and was sent off.

At the 95th minute, Bustos delivered a ball into the box, and Borré headed it onto the crossbar.

With the victory, Furacão returned to winning ways in the Brasileirão, while Inter dropped their first points.

Cannobio comemora gol do Athletico-PR contra o Internacional

Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Botafogo 5×1 Juventude

Botafogo dominated Juventude and secured a resounding victory.

Botafogo lined up with: Gatito Fernández, Mateo Ponte (Damián Suárez), Lucas Halter, Bastos (Pablo), and Hugo; Danilo Barbosa, Marlon Freitas, and Savarino; Jeffinho (Diego Hernández), Júnior Santos (Jacob Montes), and Tiquinho Soares (Eduardo).

Juventude played with: Gabriel; João Lucas, Danilo Boza, Lucas Freitas, and Gabriel Inocêncio; Caíque, Mandaca (Abner), Jean Carlos (Marcelinho), and Nenê (Rodrigo Sam); Lucas Barbosa (Thiaguinho) and Erick Farias (Ruan).

Right from the start, Botafogo showed their intentions and opened the scoring at the 4th minute. Savarino delivered a corner kick, Danilo Barbosa attempted a shot, and the ball fell to Júnior Santos, who controlled and fired into the net. The linesman initially disallowed the goal, but VAR confirmed that Júnior Santos was onside, and the goal stood.

At the 7th minute, Juventude made an error in their build-up, and Danilo Barbosa won back possession, entered the box, and won a penalty. Tiquinho Soares converted it into the bottom corner, doubling Botafogo’s lead.

At the 14th minute, Juventude launched a swift counterattack, with Lucas Barbosa feeding Jean Carlos, who found the net. However, Lucas Barbosa was offside, and the goal was ruled out.

At the 37th minute, Lucas Freitas committed a foul on Hugo, received his second yellow card, and was sent off.

With a man advantage, Botafogo pushed forward in the second half.

At the 52nd minute, Damián Suárez advanced down the right flank and passed to Savarino. The Venezuelan player then found Júnior Santos, who produced a sublime dribble past Ruan and finished into the middle of the box. Danilo Barbosa arrived to tap the ball into the net, scoring Botafogo’s third goal.

At the 60th minute, Savarino curled in a spectacular free-kick into the top corner. The goalkeeper Gabriel didn’t even move. Botafogo led 4-0.

At the 79th minute, Diego Hernández went wide and passed to Jacob Montes, who calmly slotted the ball home from inside the box, making it 5-0 for Botafogo.

Juventude pulled one back at the 84th minute. Marcelinho delivered a corner kick, and Danilo Boza rose to head over Gatito Fernández.

Botafogo maintained their good form in the league, securing their second consecutive victory.

Brasileirão: Botafogo atropela Juventude; São Paulo vence a primeira | Metrópoles

Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

Atlético-GO 0x3 São Paulo

São Paulo bounced back from their two defeats in the Brasileirão and comfortably defeated Atlético-GO at the Antônio Accioly Stadium, under the watchful eyes of their new coach, Luís Zubeldía.

At the 14th minute, André Silva crossed and Calleri intelligently headed home, finding the corner beyond the reach of goalkeeper Ronaldo.

At the 30th minute, André Silva’s cross found Luciano unmarked, but his header was blocked by the opposing defense.

Just 2 minutes into the second half, Alisson took a free-kick, causing chaos in the box. VAR intervened, prompting the referee to review footage showing Luiz Felipe elbowing Luciano. The referee awarded a penalty and sent off the Atlético-GO defender. Luciano stepped up to take the penalty, slotting it past Ronaldo despite his touch.

By the 17th minute, Gabriel Barros fouled Pablo Maia, receiving his second yellow card and leaving Dragão with 2 players down.

São Paulo sealed the deal at the 30th minute mark when Ferreirinha surged down the left, cut inside the box, and curled a beautiful shot into the net.

With this victory, São Paulo secured their first points in the Brasileirão, while Atlético-GO remains without a point.

Ferreira comemorando o terceiro gol do São Paulo. Rubens Chiri/

Photo: Rubens Chiri/

Brasileirão 2024 Table

Classificação da 3ª rodada da Série A


Written by Henry Miller.

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