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5 epic comebacks of Brasileirão 2023


The 2023 Brasileirão comes to an end tonight and has been the stage for several memorable matches. In this article, we bring you 5 epic comebacks, some of which changed the course of this unpredictable championship.

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Botafogo 3×4 Palmeiras

Botafogo and Palmeiras played the most important match of the Brasileirão. With a victory in the 31st round, Verdão positioned itself as the main contender for the title, while Botafogo, the leader before the match, 6 points ahead of Palmeiras with one game in hand, began a unprecedented downfall.

Before the match, Botafogo was leading, 6 points ahead of Palmeiras with one game less. At Nilton Santos, Fogão opened a 3-0 lead in the first half, dominating Palmeiras. However, they conceded 3 goals in 15 minutes and experienced a turnaround at the 54th minute.

With a dominating first half, Botafogo overwhelmed Palmeiras, not allowing the opponent to breathe. In the 7th minute, Tchê Tchê received a pass from Victor Sá and hit the crossbar.

Botafogo opened the scoring at the 20th minute. Victor Sá received a high-speed pass from the left and passed it to Eduardo at the edge of the box. The midfielder shot, and with a deflection off Murilo, beat Weverton.

At the 29th minute, Tchê Tchê extended the lead with a fantastic goal. In a short corner, Marçal passed to Tchê Tchê, who sent a rocket into the top corner.

At the 31st minute, Júnior Santos advanced on the counter-attack, faced the goalkeeper one-on-one but was stopped by Weverton.

At the 35th minute, Botafogo scored its third goal. Júnior Santos advanced at speed and passed to Tiquinho Soares. The striker shot, Weverton saved, and on the rebound, Júnior Santos put it in the net.

For the second half, Palmeiras returned with a different attitude, taking control of the game.

Endrick scored Verdão’s first goal at the 4th minute. In a beautiful individual play, the young talent passed four markers and shot with his left foot to beat Perri.

At the 28th minute, the expulsion that determined the course of the game occurred. Breno Lopes passed Adryelson and suffered a hard foul. After a VAR consultation, the referee sent off the defender.

Even with a player less, Botafogo had a chance to settle the match. Tiquinho Soares was fouled by Rony, who then took the penalty, but was stopped by Weverton at the 37th minute.

In the next minute, Endrick scored again. Veiga took a free-kick, the defense cleared, Endrick evaded the marking, and scored a fantastic goal.

At the 44th minute, Palmeiras equalized. Endrick crossed to the far post, Gustavo Gómez nodded it down, and Flaco López, unmarked, sent it into the net.

In the last minute of the game, at the 54th minute, Palmeiras completed the epic comeback. Veiga took a free-kick, and Murilo appeared in the small area to finish.

End of the game: Botafogo 3×4 Palmeiras.

Jogos Eternos - Botafogo 3x4 Palmeiras 2023 - Imortais do Futebol

Photo: André Durão/GE

Botafogo 3×4 Grêmio

What happened to Botafogo during the second half of the Brasileirão, no one can explain. Just 2 rounds after the match against Palmeiras, Glorioso suffered another comeback by the same score, again against a title contender.

With a hat-trick from Luis Suárez, Grêmio, trailing 3-1, sought the comeback in the second half.

At the 5th minute, Hugo provided a high cross from the left. Reinaldo failed in the marking, Diego Costa controlled and scored Fogão’s first goal.

Galdino leveled the score at the 9th minute. Carballo gave a beautiful pass behind the defense, and Galdino calmly shot across to equalize.

Botafogo regained the lead at the 28th minute. Diego Costa chested the ball, Grando gave a rebound, and Júnior Santos appeared to score.

In the first minute of the second half, Botafogo scored their third goal. Di Plácido advanced on the left and crossed to Marlon Freitas, who first-timed it past Grando.

Grêmio’s comeback began with the introduction of Ferreirinha, promoted by Renato. At the 4th minute, the winger made an individual play, pulled to the center, and shot. The ball deflected, and Suárez, with composure, cut past the defender and left-footed it into the goal.

At the 8th minute, Ferreirinha won the duel with Di Plácido and gave a beautiful pass to Suárez. El Pistolero shot past Perri to level the match.

At the 23rd minute, Suárez combined with Villasanti, faced Perri, and, as usual, didn’t miss, scoring his third goal of the match, Grêmio’s fourth.

End of the game: Botafogo 3×4 Grêmio.


Photo: Alexandre Durão/Grêmio FBPA

América-MG 3×4 Grêmio

Despite finishing the Brasileirão as the bottom team, América had great matches, causing a lot of trouble for their opponents.

In the 30th round, América-MG and Grêmio played a match that featured 3 comebacks.

Coelho opened the scoring at the 2nd minute. Rodriguinho shook off Reinaldo and left-footed it into the corner.

Grêmio equalized at the 16th minute. Suárez was fouled by Jori in the box, and Reinaldo converted the penalty.

At the 19th minute, the first comeback of the match. Galdino received a pass from Suárez, faced Jori, and scored.

At the 34th minute, Juninho received in the box and crossed to Mastriani, who, unmarked, first-timed it to equalize again.

América took the lead for the second time at the 3rd minute of the second half. Benítez advanced on the right and passed to Mastriani, once again unmarked, to tap it into the net.

Grêmio’s comeback started with Suárez at the 25th minute. The Uruguayan received in speed, cut past the defender, left-footed shot, Jori saved, and El Pistolero didn’t miss on the rebound.

Grêmio took the lead, completing the third turnaround, at the 33rd minute. After a short corner, Cristaldo combined with Suárez and placed a low shot to score Grêmio’s fourth goal.

End of the game: América-MG 3×4 Grêmio.

Luis Suárez participou de três gols na vitória sobre o América-MG

Photo: Profimedia

Fluminense 5×3 Goiás

In the 29th round, Fluminense achieved a remarkable comeback against Goiás. The Tricolor started the game trailing 2-0 but rallied for the win.

At the 4th minute, Tadeu sent Allano down the right wing. The winger left Marcelo behind and struck with his right foot into the goalkeeper’s corner to open the scoring.

Goiás extended their lead at the 12th minute. Guilherme Marques delivered a free-kick into the box, and Matheus Babi headed it into the corner to beat Fábio.

Fluminense initiated their comeback with Felipe Melo. At the 16th minute, Ganso took a corner, and Felipe Melo rose beautifully to reduce the deficit.

Flu leveled the score at the 37th minute. Keno danced through the defense and crossed to Arias, who arrived at the far post, finishing with his thigh.

The Tricolor turned the game around in the first minute of the second half. After an intricate passing sequence, Diogo Barbosa crossed, Arias controlled, and with his left foot, he found the back of the net.

At the 3rd minute, Keno won a contentious penalty from Morelli. He took the penalty himself, placing it in the middle, and converted.

Fluminense scored their fifth goal at the 17th minute, once again courtesy of Keno. The winger made a brilliant individual play, navigating past three defenders and slotting the ball past Tadeu.

Goiás pulled one back at the 22nd minute. Alesson crossed, and Palacios scored a beautiful volley.

End of the game: Fluminense 5×3 Goiás.

Fluminense x Goiás: Arias e André

Photo: André Durão

Goiás 4×6 Bahia

In the match with the most goals in Brasileirão 2023 and the second-highest in the history of the league, Goiás and Bahia staged a crazy spectacle with many twists and turns.

Bahia opened the scoring at the 15th minute. Cauly crossed low, the ball eluded everyone, and Everaldo arrived to finish.

At the 17th minute, Gilberto extended the lead with a spectacular goal. From behind midfield, the full-back surprised everyone with a free-kick that chipped over Tadeu.

Esmeraldina’s comeback started at the 26th minute. João Magno penetrated the box and passed to Guilherme Marques, who scored Goiás’ first goal.

At the 37th minute, Cauly provided a good pass, and Everaldo placed a shot to beat Tadeu.

At the 46th minute, Guilherme Marques converted a penalty, reducing the deficit for Goiás.

Goiás achieved the comeback in the first half. At the 48th minute, Anderson crossed, and Babi headed in the opposite direction of Marcos Felipe.

Goiás took the lead at the 4th minute of the second half. Hugo advanced down the left, entered the box, and crossed for João Magno to score Esmeraldino’s fourth goal.

Bahia didn’t give up and pushed for a result, equalizing at the 7th minute. Cauly made a good individual play and crossed to Everaldo, who scored his third and Bahia’s fourth goal after a scramble in the small box.

At the 10th minute, Esquadrão de Aço regained the lead. Everaldo advanced down the left and chipped a cross for Rafael Ratão to finish.

In injury time, Bahia sealed the deal and scored the tenth goal of the match. At the 49th minute, Thaciano passed to Biel at the penalty spot. The forward remained composed, controlled the ball, and unleashed a rocket to conclude the game.

End of the game: Goiás 4×6 Bahia.

Muito criticado, Everaldo marcou três vezes e encerrou seca de sete jogos sem gols

Photo: Felipe Oliveira | EC Bahia

Brasileirão Standings

The last round takes place today, and only a miracle can deny Palmeiras the title, while at the bottom of the table, Santos, Vasco, and Bahia fight to avoid the last remaining spot.

Classificação da 37ª rodada da Série A

Photo: Globoesporte


Written by Henry Miller.

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