About Calcio Deal

It’s a blog that talks about football at 360 degrees, with a particular regard that revolves around the economy of football, both nationally and internationally.

Born from an idea of ​​Bruno Contu and Anatoly Contu, with the collaboration of the Cristoforo Colombo law firm in San Paulo. Bruno former national referee in the eighties, sports agent since 1992 and profound connoisseur of international football. Discoverer of several international players including: Mirko Vucinic former footballer of Rome and Juventus and Roger Ibanez, current defender of Rome and the Brazilian national team. Creator and publisher of Calciomanager.it which in the early 2000s spoke of both Italian and international football and which was positioned among the most visited portals in the world. Anatoly student at the Politecnico di Milano at the faculty of computer engineering. The Cristoforo Colombo firm represented Paulo Roberto Falcao, former great footballer of Roma and the Brazilian national team, also with the lawyer Cristiano Miller son of Cristoforo Colombo, through the company Consport it represented players such as Thiago Motta ex Barcelona, Genoa, Inter and PSG, Adriano ex Sevilla and Barcelona and William ex Chelsea. Today in Consport the heirs of Cristiano Miller work and collaborate with Calcio Deal: João Felipe, Vitor and Henry.

We will deal with: transfer market, football played, referees, dissemination of the rules of the game of football, statistical data, analysis of football clubs listed on the stock exchange, analysis from a legal and fiscal point of view, all concerning the national and international scene. Furthermore, through the column of the protagonists we want to retrace the history of our favorite game, from when it was born up to the present day.

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