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Zebras in the area! Águia de Marabá defeats Coritiba and advances in the 2024 Copa do Brasil

águia de marabá coritiba 2024 copa do brasil

The zebra is running wild in the 2024 Copa do Brasil.

Last night (February 22, 2024), it was the turn of the modest Águia de Marabá to defeat the 1985 Brazilian champion, the traditional Coritiba.

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Get to know Águia de Marabá

Hailing from the city of Marabá, located in the state of Pará, Northern region of Brazil, Águia was founded in 1982.

The city is situated in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and is bathed by tributaries of the Amazon River. For these reasons, it has a very high rainfall rate.

But anyone who thinks it’s a small city is mistaken. Marabá municipality is home to 266,536 inhabitants. Its population concentration is largely due to the economic role of the region, based on mineral extraction and iron production.

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Despite ups and downs in its recent history, Águia de Marabá is experiencing its best moment since its creation.

They have already had several appearances in Series C and D of the Brazilian Championship, as well as in interstate cups, such as the Copa Verde.

Starting from 2023, the team picked up momentum. They achieved the unprecedented and long-awaited state title, surpassing Paysandu and Remo, both very traditional teams, even on the national scene.

They didn’t stop there. Still last year, they reached the 3rd phase of the Copa do Brasil. An extremely important achievement not only in sports but also financially, as it is considered a millionaire tournament.

Águia de Marabá’s stadium is the modest Zinho de Oliveira, with a capacity of 5,500 spectators.

Another curious fact about the institution is the players they have produced. They were responsible for launching into Brazilian football Victor Ferraz, former right-back of Santos, and above all, the multi-champion (of Brasileirão and Libertadores), Keno, who continues at Fluminense after conquering the Americas.

The club’s excellent management shows that they are here to stay. Not only did they advance to the next phase of the 2024 Copa do Brasil, against a national champion and very traditional team, but Águia de Marabá is also doing very well in the 2024 Paraense Championship, leading Group A with 9 points.

An example that good management generates excellent results.

Will Águia de Marabá be able to surpass Remo and Paysandu, becoming a two-time champion? And in the Copa do Brasil? How far can they go?

Gravado no manto! Águia de Marabá adiciona estrela de campeão paraense na camisa | águia de marabá | ge

Image: Reproduction/Águia de Marabá

Águia de Marabá 3 x 2 Coritiba

The spectators at Zinho de Oliveira lived a unique experience. Águia’s fans filled their stadium for one of the most important matches of the season (up to that point). What they saw was a game of great dedication and overcoming by their beloved team.

Contrary to what happened with Cruzeiro against Sousa-PB, Coritiba did not play a bad match.

They started and set the intensity of the entire first half, even opening the scoring with just 9 minutes into the game. Robson’s cross finds Matheus Frizzo’s head, who simply pushes it into the goal.

But Águia de Marabá’s reaction was quick, and at 28′, Hitalo makes a beautiful cross to Braga, who anticipates Coritiba’s defense well, heading the ball into the net, leaving no chance for Morisco.

With the conceded goal, the Paraná team attacked, creating several opportunities.

There’s a legend, with a great deal of truth, that for a weaker team to defeat a stronger opponent, it will depend a lot on an outstanding performance by their goalkeeper and, of course, luck.

That’s when Axel Lopes, the goalkeeper of the Paraense team, started shining. In the first half alone, he made at least four miracles!

Luck comes into play when Seba Gomes’s shot, from Coritiba, which would hit the top corner, hits the crossbar and goes out.

With that, the teams went to the locker room on equal terms, which still gave Coritiba the qualification, according to the competition’s regulations. But this was about to change.

Right at the beginning of the second half, Coritiba’s forward, Robson, grabbed Águia de Marabá’s player inside the box, after a header in the corner kick. Penalty immediately called by the referee.

Thus, the debutant of the night, Yuri Tanque, took responsibility for the penalty kick. The centre-forward takes it well, wide, and puts the ball into the back of the net. The images of the fans in the stands are impressive, a true explosion.

Truly, it was Águia de Marabá’s night. At 22′, the defense clears the ball and it goes towards Yuri Tanque. He offers his body to the experienced defender Marcelo Benevenuto and, making the wall, manages to turn around the marking. The centre-forward would be one-on-one with the goalkeeper if he hadn’t been fouled.

However, Benevenuto already had a yellow card, being then bestowed with the second and consequently, being sent off.

In the free-kick, which had been awarded in the midfield, far from the goal, Eric Di Maria takes a long distance and unleashes a well-placed bomb. The ball travels and skillfully enters the corner of the net, to make it 3×1 for Águia.

Even with one player less, Coritiba didn’t give up and sought the draw. Robson makes a beautiful play and passes to the middle of the box. The goalkeeper Axel was on the ground and already beaten. Nevertheless, the Coxa player shot the ball over the crossbar.

The 3×2 came in the last minute of the match with a goal from Bruno Melo, but it was already too late.

Therefore, Coritiba returns to Paraná empty-handed. Águia de Marabá, on the other hand, pockets around R$ 800,000 for advancing to the second phase. A very important amount for the club’s future.

Esporte: Com muita festa, Águia vence Coritiba e mostra a força no Zinho Oliveira - Prefeitura de Marabá - Pa

Image: Reproduction Marabá City Hall

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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