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Allianz Stadium: A temple of modern football

allianz stadium juventus

The Juventus stadium, also known as Allianz Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is one of the most iconic and celebrated venues in world football. Located in Turin, Italy, this stadium is the beating heart of the proud Juventus team and represents one of the most modern and avant-garde sports facilities in the world.

History and Foundation of the Allianz Stadium

The history of the Juventus stadium begins way back on 8 September 2011, when the new facility was inaugurated, replacing the legendary Stadio delle Alpi, shared with Torino FC. The new facility, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, is located in the Santa Rita neighborhood in the southwest part of the city. The Allianz Stadium was built entirely with private funds by the Juventus Football Club and immediately established itself as an example of innovation and modern design.

Features and Architecture

Allianz Stadium

Allianz Stadium is a world-class facility designed to provide maximum comfort and enjoyment for fans and players. With a capacity of approximately 41,507 spectators, it offers a perfect panoramic view of the football pitch from any seat within the stadium. The grandstands are divided into four distinct sectors: Grandstand Est, Grandstand West, Curva Nord, and Curva Sud.

The East Grandstand houses the VIP sectors and offers the most well-heeled fans the opportunity to watch the match with exclusive services and cushioned seats. The West Tribune is reserved for visiting supporters, while the two corners are dedicated to fervent Juventus fans. The Curva Sud is famous for its organized and passionate support, while the Curva Nord is known as the “Curva Scirea”, dedicated to the memory of the legendary Juventus captain Gaetano Scirea.

One of the stadium’s distinctive features is the roof, which is designed to cover all the stands without obstructing the view of the pitch. This allows spectators to enjoy matches without worrying about the weather. Furthermore, the natural grass lawn is maintained with great care and precision to guarantee the best possible level of play.

Environment and Sustainability

Allianz Stadium was designed with environmental sustainability in mind. The roof is equipped with solar panels to generate renewable energy and reduce the stadium’s environmental impact. Furthermore, the lighting system was designed to maximize energy efficiency and reduce consumption. Juventus has demonstrated a strong sensitivity to environmental issues, committing to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices among its fans.

Events and Atmosphere

allianz stadium champions league

The Allianz Stadium is the ideal place to experience the unique atmosphere of Italian football. Every Juventus home game is an emotional experience, with fans supporting the team with passion and devotion. The Curva Nord and Curva Sud are particularly famous for their passionate cheering, with choirs and flags creating a suggestive party atmosphere.

In addition to football matches, the stadium also hosts musical and cultural events, broadening its reach and becoming a benchmark for entertainment in the region. The familiar and welcoming atmosphere of the place makes the stadium an attraction for both supporters and occasional visitors, who can discover Italian football and the sporting culture of the country.

Successes and Memory

Allianz Stadium has witnessed many memorable moments in the history of football. Juventus, one of the most successful teams in Italy, has won numerous trophies in this stadium. Here, the fans were able to admire some of the legends of football such as Alessandro Del Piero and many others.


Ultimately, Allianz Stadium represents much more than just a football stadium; it is a symbol of passion, tradition and innovation. With a successful history and state-of-the-art facility, this temple of modern football continues to inspire fans and players from around the world. Juventus can be proud to have such a prestigious home, where the magic of football lives on and thrives.

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