Argentina the curiosities of the World Champion people

messi che solleva la coppa con i tifosi argentina le curiosità argentina the curiosities Argentina curiosidades

Argentina the Curiosities

Veteran fan

anziano tifoso dell'argentina

Behind the victory of a national team in a World Cup, there are many curiosities that happen during the month of the world competition. In this case, the Argentine people have lived this month in a visceral way, which will remain engraved in their minds and hearts.

The first photo that will remain impressed is that of an elderly fan who, not being able to watch the game at his home, sat down in front of an appliance store, where the televisions broadcast every Selecion game. The shop owners, struck by this scene that was repeated at every game, offered him a nice new generation television as a gift to watch the final in peace. In response, the elderly fan asked instead to follow the final match always in the same position in front of the shop windows, because this would have been good.

Messi’s teacher

lettera della maestra di messi

The second that comes to mind is the letter that Messi’s elementary school teacher wanted to write to her most illustrious pupil before the final. In the letter you asked to be able to meet him on his return to Argentina, to thank him for all the joy that she was giving to the Argentine people, in a difficult period. But also thinking of her, because in recent times having had so many health problems, watching her pupil’s games these had allowed him to lift her morale, depressed due to illness.

Parties in Villa Devoto

feste in villa devoto

Another curiosity that comes from Argentina are the parties organized for each game by the owner of the house that belonged to Maradona’s parents, Villa Devoto, which the great Argentine champion bought when he became a professional footballer. Ariel Fernando Garcia, impresario and new owner of the villa, has seen fit to invite many citizens of the neighborhood to watch the matches together.

Yesterday on the occasion of the final he offered 270 kg of meat, as per the tradition of the Argentine people on the occasion of the holidays. His intent was to ensure that in such an important place for the great Maradona, a link was created between the fans and Messi to bring the Selecion to victory, always having the Pibe de Oro in mind.

The exodus of fans

tifosi argentini in Qatar

Another photo that will remain impressed is the exodus of Argentine fans to arrive in Qatar. It was very striking to see the many airports invaded in different parts of the world, in order to reach the city of Doha. The desire of an entire people who wanted to take this World Cup in every possible way and who made many sacrifices, just to be present to support their favorites and push them to victory.

The second Bombonera

Another curiosity what happened in a bar in Paris, where the supporters of Messi and his companions made it a second Bombonera, the stadium of Boca Juniors. The owner of the bar is a French fan, nothing could but indulge the desire to sing and support their national team, by the Argentine emigrants in Paris. Let’s hope at least that he consoled himself with the takings from his bar, because it certainly wasn’t easy for him not being able to support his France.

Maradona watching over Argentina

murales di Maradona a napoli

Finally, the photo that comes from Naples should certainly be mentioned, where Argentine supporters followed the match under the Maradona mural. The fans’ love for the great Diego is so great that in such an important moment for Argentina, they wanted to share it once again with him. The Mano de Dios watched over Argentina and accompanied Messi towards the Olympus of football.

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