Botafogo: Almanac Brasileirão 2023


Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas.


August 12, 1904.


Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium, better known as Engenhão. Capacity: 46,000 spectators.

Estádio Olímpico Nilton Santos – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre


Dogs, Bira and Biriba.

Afinal, quem é o mascote do Botafogo? - Na Beira do Campo

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Main titles

2 Campeonatos Brasileiros: 1968 e 1995

1 Copa Conmebol: 1993

2 Campeonatos Brasileiros Série B: 2015 e 2021

21 Campeonatos Cariocas: 1907, 1910, 1912, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1948, 1957, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1989, 1990, 1997, 2006, 2010, 2013 e 2018

Ranking in the Last 3 Brasileiros

2020: 20º Place, 27 points, 5 wins, 12 draws and 21 defeats, 32 goals scored and 62 goals conceded.

2021: 1º Place of Série B, 70 points, 20 wins, 10 draws and 8 defeats, 56 goals scored and 31 goals conceded.

2022: 11º Place, 53 points, 15 wins, 8 draws and 15 defeats, 41 goals scored and 43 goals conceded.

Main Signings for the Season:

  • Marlon Freitas, defensive midfielder, signed a pre-contract, was at Atlético-GO.
  • Luis Segovia,defender, end of contract with Independiente Del Valle.
  • Víctor Cuesta,defender, bought from Internacional for R$ 2.6 million.
  • Di Plácido, right-back, loaned by Lanús until the end of the season.
  • Júnior Santos,striker, returned to the club after a short spell at Fortaleza.


Luís Castro, 61, in his second season for the club.

Luís Castro rechaça deixar o Botafogo para assumir o comando de Portugal - Lance!



Gatito Fernández, nº 1, Paraguayan, 29/03/1988 (35 years)

Douglas Borges, nº 22, Brazilian, 30/03/1990 (33 years)

Igo Gabriel, nº 52, Brazilian, 13/10/2001 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad.

Lucas Perri, nº 12, Brazilian, 10/12/1997 (25 years)


Joel Carli, nº 3, Argentine, 19/10/1986 (36 years)

Philipe Sampaio, nº 94, Brazilian, 11/11/1994 (28 years)

Victor Cuesta, nº 15, Argentine, 19/11/1988 (34 years)

Adryelson, nº 34, Brazilian, 23/03/1998 (25 years)

Luis Segovia, nº 4, Equadorian, 26/10/1997 (25 years)

Lucas Mezenga, nº 40, Brazilian, 20/10/2001 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad.

Right backs:

Rafael, nº 2, Brazilian, 09/07/1990 (32 years)

Di Plácido, nº 24, Argentine, 28/01/1994 (29 years)

Daniel Borges, nº 20, Brazilian, 23/03/1993 (30 years)

Left backs:

Hugo, nº 16, Brazilian, 20/09/2001 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad.

Marçal, nº 21, Brazilian, 19/02/1989 (34 years)

Defensive midfielders:

Kayque, nº 62, Brazilian, 12/07/2000 (22 years) – Formed in the youth squad.

Tchê Tchê, nº 6, Brazilian, 30/08/1992 (30 years)

Danilo Barbosa, nº 5, Brazilian, 28/02/1996 (27 years)

Patrick de Paula, nº 8, Brazilian, 08/09/1999 (23 years)

Marlon Freitas, nº 17, Brazilian, 27/03/1995 (28 years)

Breno, nº 35, Brazilian, 01/09/2000 (22 years)

Gabriel Pires, nº 14, Brazilian, 18/09/1993 (29 years)


Lucas Piazon, nº 43, Brazilian, 20/01/1994 (29 years)

Lucas Fernandes, nº 18, Brazilian, 20/09/1997 (25 years)

Eduardo, nº 33, Brazilian, 17/10/1989 (33 years)

Jacob Montes, nº 32, Nicaraguan, 20/10/1998 (24 years)

Raí, nº 75, Brazilian, 21/04/2002 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad.


Diego Hernández, Uruguayan, 22/06/2000 (22 years)

Gustavo Sauer, nº 10, Brazilian, 30/04/1993 (30 years)

Luis Henrique, nº 99, Brazilian, 14/12/2001 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad.

Vitor Sá, nº 7, Brazilian, 27/03/1994 (29 years)

Carlos Alberto, nº 27, Brazilian, 14/04/2002 (21 years)

Júnior Santos, nº 37, Brazilian, 11/10/1994 (28 years)

Matías Segovia, nº 19, Paraguayan, 04/01/2003 (20 years)


Tiquinho Soares, nº 9, Brazilian, 17/01/1991 (32 years)

Janderson, nº 39, Brazilian, 06/05/1999 (24 years)

Matheus Nascimento, nº 90, Brazilian, 03/03/2004 (19 years) – Formed in the youth squad.

Formed in the youth squad:

Igo Gabriel, nº 52, Brazilian, 13/10/2001 (21 years)

Lucas Mezenga, nº 40, Brazilian, 20/10/2001 (21 years)

Hugo, nº 16, Brazilian, 20/09/2001 (21 years)

Kayque, nº 62, Brazilian, 12/07/2000 (22 years)

Raí, nº 75, Brazilian, 21/04/2002 (21 years)

Luis Henrique, nº 99, Brazilian, 14/12/2001 (21 years)

Matheus Nascimento, nº 90, Brazilian, 03/03/2004 (19 years)

Botafogo has 7 homegrown players in its professional squad, with a particular emphasis on the forwards Luis Henrique, who often starts for the team, and Matheus Nascimento, who frequently comes on as a substitute during matches.

Market Value

66,20 mi. € according to

Probable Starting Lineup for the Brazilian Championship 2023


Lucas Perri, Di Plácido, Adryelson, Cuesta, Marçal (Hugo), Marlon Freitas, Tchê Tchê, Eduardo, Luis Henrique (Victor Sá), Júnior Santos, Tiquinho Soares.

Most used formation:

4-3-3, 4-2-3-1.

Calcio Deal Review About The Squad

Botafogo had a turbulent start to the year, facing pressure and heavy criticism due to their poor performance in the Carioca Championship. During that period, fans even called for the dismissal of Luís Castro. However, with the beginning of the Brazilian Championship, everything changed. The team had a dominant start and, with each round, has remained as the tournament’s leader.

The team plays in a 4-2-3-1 formation, switching to a 4-3-3 during the match. The build-up play starts with the four defenders and the two defensive midfielders, who drop back to assist. Tchê Tchê has a crucial tactical role in the team’s development, as he can drop between the center-backs to maintain a defensive structure with three at the back or receive the ball behind the opposing midfield, exchanging roles with Marlon Freitas.

The center-back duo of Cuesta and Adryelson has solidified and shown great reliability, granting few opportunities to the opposition. Additionally, the Argentinean center-back is also instrumental in creating plays, using his dribbling skills from the left side to build attacks or providing direct switches to the right winger/right-back.

In the attack, the top scorer of the Brazilian Championship, Tiquinho Soares, is in the spotlight due to his exceptional skills as a center forward. However, we cannot overlook Júnior Santos, a player with immense physical strength and speed, who is also an excellent dribbler. He has been vital to Botafogo’s brilliant start in the Brasileirão.

Considering the team’s maturation and the aggressive playing style implemented by Luís Castro, week after week, the expectation for qualification for the Calcio Deal is that Fogão is a title contender.

Spot Expectation for Calcio Deal

Candidate for the title.

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Written by Henry Miller.


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