Brasileirão 2023: 4th Round

Cruzeiro 2×1 Santos

At the opening of the 4th Round of the 2023 Brasileirão, Cruzeiro beat Santos 2-1 at Independência, in a very disputed game that was decided by details, in the mistakes of goalkeeper João Paulo, usually the hero of the Santos team, did not have a happy afternoon.

The match had the end of Angelo’s goal drought, who hadn’t scored in 7 months, and Wesley, who scored two goals for Raposa, who hadn’t scored in 11 months.

After a balanced start to the game, Wesley, who replaced the injured Bilu, completed Ramiro’s cross on the second stick to open the scoring in the 20th minute. On the way back to the second stage, Odair Hellmann promoted the entries of Ângelo and Gabriel Inocêncio, who changed the face of Peixe.

After pressing and creating good opportunities, Santos reached the tie in the 12th minute in a beautiful move by the jewels of Vila Belmiro. After an individual play, Ângelo touched and received Marcos Leonardo in depth, hit with style and covered up goalkeeper Rafael Cabral.

There wasn’t even time for Peixe to celebrate, because a few minutes after the tie, Raposa took the lead on the scoreboard. Marlon passed free on the left and crossed low, in a move that would not pose any danger, but João Paulo flattened on Wesley’s feet to push it deep into the net and give final numbers to the match.

With the victory, Cruzeiro is in 3rd place, with Santos in 14th place.

Wesley supera críticas, marca o primeiro gol pelo Cruzeiro e celebra: 'Alívio' - Rádio Itatiaia | A Rádio de Minas


Fluminese 1×1 Vasco

Fluminense and Vasco were responsible for the regional derby of the 4th round of the Brasileirão 2023 that took place at Maracanã on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Approximately 47,000 spectators witnessed a good 1-1 draw, in which in the 1st half Vasco managed to equalize Fluminense’s insinuations. In the 2nd half, the team from Laranjeiras dominated the actions and it was practically an attack against defense.

Fluminense entered with their almost complete team, except for winger Keno who is recovering from an injury suffered in the Libertadores game against River. Flu played with: Fábio, Samuel Xavier (Guga), Nino, Felipe Melo (Kennedy) and Marcelo (Lelê), André, Alexsander, Lima (Thiago Santos) and Ganso, Arias, and Cano.

Vasco started with Léo Jardim, Pumita Rodríguez, Robson Bambu, Léo Pelé, and Lucas Piton, Rodrigo, Jair (Marlon Gomes) and Andrey Santos (Galarza), Gabriel Pec (Figueiredo), Alex Teixeira (Rwan), and Pedro Raul (Eguinaldo).

At the sound of the whistle, Vasco started at high speed, applied high pressure to surprise Fluminense when trying to get the ball, which worked out, and in the first minute after a wrong pass by Fábio, the ball fell to Alex Teixeira inside the area, who rolled the ball to Pedro Raul, who easily opened the score.

Despite having taken the lead early on, Vasco lost its momentum and lowered its lines, and Fluminense took advantage of the opportunity and started to have more possession of the ball, but without much effect, as they could not find the way to the goal. The Cruzmaltino was very well positioned, which made it difficult for Flu’s infiltration characteristics, which only provided some kind of danger on the sides of the field.

Vasco still managed to exploit at least two counterattacks in the first half and could have extended the score.

In the second half, Flu entered the field with a change, striker Kennedy replaced defender Felipe Melo, and started with higher lines pushing the Giant of the Colina even further into its defensive half. At 10 minutes, after a good exchange of passes, Ganso found Arias on the right side, who lifted his head and gave a beautiful cross to Cano, who hit a shot that was brilliantly saved by Léo Jardim. On the rebound, Lima was faster than the defense and completed to the back of the net, 1-1.

The second half continued with Fluminense in the attacking field, pressuring Vasco, but it was clear that Flu could not find the balls threaded between the lines for the attack of space as it usually does, so they played a lot on the sides, which did not have much effect due to the good work of the Cruzmaltino defensive sector and mainly due to the great game of Léo Jardim, who secured the 1-1 draw in the Derby of The Giants.

With the draw, Fluminense remained in 6th place with 7 points and Vasco in 11th with 5 points.

Photo: Mailson Santana/Fluminense FC

América-MG 1×2 Cuiabá

In the game at 11:00 am on Sunday, América-MG received Cuiabá in Independência, lost on the comeback, suffered their fourth consecutive defeat in the Brasileirão and ended the round in last place.

América-MG entered the field with: Matheus Cavichiolli, Marcinho (Nino Paraíba), Maidana, Avelar, Marlon, Juninho, Alê, Benitez (Lucas Kal), Felipe Azevedo (Mateus Gonçalves), Aloísio (Mikael), Everaldo (Emmanuel Martínez ).

Cuiabá with: Walter; Matheus Alexandre, Marllon, Alan Empereur, Mateusinho, Raniele (Ronald), Filipe Augusto, Ceppelini (Quagliata), Iury Castilho (Wellington Silva), Emerson Negueba (Jonathan Cafú), Deyverson (Pitta).

Coelho started the match very well, putting pressure on Cuiabá and after 12 minutes, Aloísio opened the scoring, finishing with a chest after Everaldo’s cross.

In a game that seemed under control, with América satisfied with the score and Cuiabá barely managing to produce, the home team closed in and made substitutions to “close the house”. However, in the 40th minute of the second half, left-back Marlon, when trying to cut Wellington Silva’s cross, scored an own goal, putting Cuiabá back in the game.

A few minutes later, on a long ball, Pitta came face to face with Cavichiolli who put his hand on the ball outside the area and was expelled. As América had already made the 5 allowed substitutions, defender Danilo Avelar went to the goal, but could not avoid Ronald’s goal with a free kick.

In the last minutes of extra time, the referee signaled Walter’s penalty on Martínez, but the VAR invalidated it due to Mikael’s irregular position.

With the defeat, América continues in last place in the Brasileirão, while Cuiabá jumped to 13th place.

Jogo América-MG 1 x 2 Cuiabá melhores momentos - Campeonato Brasileiro, Rodada 4 - tempo real | ge

São Paulo 2×0 Internacional

The Tricolor Paulista hosted the Colorado at the packed Morumbi stadium, with around 45,000 fans watching São Paulo’s good victory on Sunday at 4 pm.

Under Dorival Jr., São Paulo started the game in a 4-3-3 formation, with Rafael, Rafinha, Arboleda, Beraldo, and Caio Paulista in defense, Gabriel Neves, Pablo Maia, and Rodrigo Nestor in midfield, and Alisson, Marcos Paulo, and Luciano in attack.

Meanwhile, Inter played in Mano Menezes’ classic 4-2-3-1 formation with Keiller in goal, Igor Gomes, Vitão, Mercado, and Renê in defense, Campanharo and De Pena in midfield, and Maurício, Alan Patrick, Wanderson, and Luiz Adriano in attack.

In the first ten minutes of the game, Inter managed to keep the ball longer and transition between São Paulo’s defensive lines, which their two midfielders couldn’t mark properly. However, Inter failed to take advantage of this and made many mistakes in passing and finishing, especially by Alan Patrick, who had a game below his usual standards.

São Paulo tried to push the ball forward, but when they crossed the midfield, they lost the ball due to the strong marking of the gaúcho club. However, Tricolor managed to reach dangerous positions on the wings, using the overlapping runs of their fullbacks Rafinha and Caio Paulista.

Over time, Inter lost momentum, and São Paulo took control of the game in the second half. At the 30th minute, after a beautiful run down the line by Rafinha, Caio Paulista received the ball, entered the area from the left, found Marcos Paulo, who dribbled the gaúcho defense with speed. The ball almost went out, but he managed to save it and pass it back. The ball hit Igor Gomes’ open arm, and São Paulo was awarded a penalty.

Luciano stepped up to take the penalty, struck it firmly but almost down the middle, and Keillor made an excellent save. However, the ball fell back to Luciano, who put it into the net while turning his face, just like Ronaldinho Gaúcho used to do.

In the second half, the game continued to favor São Paulo, who seemed unable to extend their lead by not taking advantage of the chances created. In the middle of the second half, Calleri entered the Tricolor attack, improving the team’s performance even more, mainly because he could hold the ball up front, favoring his teammates’ overlapping runs.

Calleri received the ball in the area, shielded it, and found a good pass to Pablo Maia, who beautifully cut to the left, leaving the Colorado defender behind. He adjusted his body and struck a beautiful right-footed shot into the left angle of Keillor’s goal, one of the most beautiful goals of Brasileirão 2023 so far, making it 2-0 for São Paulo.

After the goal, Inter tried to press more, with the entrance of P. Henrique, Luca, and Bustos, and the team improved, but they couldn’t find the target. With the defeat, Colorado missed the chance to return to the top of the table and stayed in 8th place with 7 points, while Tricolor Paulista made a significant leap to the 5th position, also with 7 points.

⚽ on Twitter: "QUE GOLAÇO DO SÃO PAULO! PABLO MAIA NUM TAPA! São Paulo 2x0 Internacional pela quarta rodada do Brasileirão." / Twitter

Bahia 3×1 Coritiba

Bahia faced Coritiba at Fonte Nova stadium in Salvador on Sunday at 4:00 pm, with nearly 40,000 spectators, who saw a strong and lethal Bahia jump to the top of the table after a good victory.

Bahia started the match with: Marcos Felipe, Kanu, David Duarte, and Rezende, Vitor Jacaré, Thaciano (Diego Rosa), Yago Felipe (Acevedo), Cauly (Ademir), and Matheus Bahia, Biel (Lucas Mugni), and Everaldo (Arthur Sales).

Coritiba started with: Gabriel, Henrique (Marcelino Moreno), Bruno Viana, and Vitor Luis, Natanael (Matheus Bianqui), Willian Farias, Bruno Gomes (Marcos Vinícius), and Jamerson, Kaio César (Zé Roberto), Alef Manga, and Rodrigo Pinho (Boschilia).

The game started off lively, with Coritiba trying to control the game but without creating any great chances, then Bahia began to exploit the spaces left by Coxa and had at least two good counter-attacks before scoring the first goal at 15 minutes of the first half. After a beautiful run down the left flank, Matheus Bahia reaches the end line and crosses strongly and low into the box, Vitor Luis tries to clear the ball with a slide tackle but ends up putting the ball into his own net, an own goal, 1-0 Bahia.

The game continued to be open, but after the goal, Bahia began to have more possession and attack the Curitiba team, even coming close to scoring on several occasions, especially after Thaciano’s beautiful header hit the crossbar.

The first half ended with Bahia dominating the game, and Coritiba unable to keep up with the same rhythm as the beginning of the 1st half. At halftime, Antonio Carlos Zago (Coxa’s coach) decided to bring in Boschillia in midfield, replacing forward Rodrigo Pinho, which had an effect as Coritiba managed to hold onto the ball more in Bahia’s half.

In the 62nd minute, Aleff Manga made a good individual play down the right and passed it back to Boschillia, who simply set up the ball and unleashed an unstoppable rocket into the bottom right corner of Marcos Felipe’s net, 1-1 at Fonte Nova. Bahia did not let the goal affect them, and in the next minute, after a Jacaré run down the right, the ball bounces around and falls to Biel at the top of the box, who takes a first-time shot with precision into the bottom left corner of Gabriel’s goal.

After the second goal, Bahia remained strong and did not give Coxa any chances until the 67th minute when, after a great free-kick taken by Cauly, David Duarte rose above everyone and headed the ball powerfully to confirm the victory of Tricolor Baiano at Fonte Nova.

With the result, Bahia climbed to the 9th position in the table and Coritiba remained in the 19th position with only one point.

Bahia veste cores do City, derrota Coritiba e começa a engrenar no Brasileirão - Jogada - Diário do Nordeste

Athletico-PR 2×1 Flamengo

At Arena da Baixada, Furacão wins on the comeback and leaves Flamengo in the relegation zone after losing the third game in a row.

Athletico-PR entered the field with: Bento, Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Pedrinho, Erick (Hugo Moura), Fernandinho, Christian (Bryan García), David Terans (Pablo), Rômulo (Thiago Andrade), Vitor Roque (Canobbio).

While Flamengo started with: Santos (Matheus Cunha), Wesley, Fabrício Bruno, Léo Pereira, Ayrton Lucas, Pulgar, Thiago Maia (Victor Hugo), Everton Ribeiro (Arrascaeta), Matheus França (Marinho), Gabigol, Everton Cebolinha.

In the beginning of the match, there was a lot of pressure from Flamengo, Sampaoli’s team was controlling the game well, inhibited Athletico’s pressure and did not have any scares during most of the initial stage. In the 12th minute, after Everton Cebolinha was touched by Fernandinho in the area, Gabigol scored from the penalty spot.

Athletico had difficulty creating danger, until Fernandinho saw Vitor Roque move between two Flamengo defenders. The attacker deflected and took the ball from Santos’ direction, which came out very badly, to tie the match, in the 28th minute of the first half.

In the second stage, Flamengo started dominating the actions, however with the passage of time it was wearing out and losing intensity, so at the end of the match, Furacão was better physically and was taking over the game. In the 30th minute, Vitor Roque had a goal well annulled by the arbitration and in the 35th minute the turnaround came with Erick, after a pass from Fernandinho, Kellven went to the bottom and crossed. In the aftermath of the dispute between Santos and Vitor Roque, Erick kicked into the empty net.

With the result, Sampaoli still hasn’t won in the Brazilian Championship and Flamengo occupies the 17th position, while Athletico-PR is in the 10th place.

Furacão levou vantagem em casa

Photo: José Tramontin / Athletico-PR / Divulgação CP

Goiás 0x5 Palmeiras

The Alviverde’s match took place on Sunday at 6:30 pm at the Hailé Pinheiro Stadium, the Serrinha, which was packed with over 12,000 spectators who witnessed a great game from Abel Ferreira’s team. They ended Goiás’ unbeaten record of more than 12 games at the Serrinha, where the Esmeraldino had not lost since the end of the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

Goiás entered the field with: Marcelo Rangel, Diego, Lucas Halter, Bruno Melo, and Sander, Zé Ricardo (Alesson), Morelli, Juan Palácios (Dodô), Guilherme Marques (Sidimar), and Vinícius (Diego Gonçalves), Matheus Peixoto (Apodi).

Palmeiras entered the field with: O Palmeiras entrou com Weverton, Mayke (Gustavo Garcia), Luan, Gustavo Gomes e Piquerez, Zé Rafael (Fabinho), Gabriel Menino (Richard Ríos) e Rafael Veiga (Jhon Jhon), Arthur, Rony (Endrick) e Dudu.

Palmeiras started the game very comfortably, passing the ball from side to side until finding spaces in Goiás’ defense. Goiás tried to apply strong marking, but without effect. In the first 10 minutes, Goiás had little possession in Palmeiras’ attack, but tried to score with two shots from outside the box, one from Vinícius and another from Zé Ricardo, both of which were saved by Weverton.

At 9 minutes, Mayke advanced on the right and tried a cross, but the Esmeraldino defense cleared it. Palmeiras was awarded a corner kick, which Rafael Veiga took and Zé Rafael redirected to the arrival of Arthur, who scored a beautiful diving header to open the scoring.

From there, Palmeiras took control of the game, continuing to exchange passes in the attacking field and attacking heavily on the left side, mainly due to the freedom that Piquerez had to go up, allowing Dudu to float a little more in the midfield, opening up space for Piquerez to attack the left corridor. At the end of the first half, Roni sprinted towards the goal, but was hit by a kick in the back from Lucas Halter, the Esmeraldino captain, who was sent off.

Despite the clear superiority of Palestra Itália, the first half ended with only 1-0. The second half started in the same way, with Palmeiras exchanging passes in Goiás’ field. However, now the Alviverde seemed more assertive. Just two minutes into the second half, after Piquerez again exploited the left corridor, he crossed low into the area. Sidimar, who had just come in, tried to clear it but put the ball into his own goal, making it 2-0 for Verdão.

Palmeiras continued with their game, with Dudu and Arthur very involved, as well as Raphael Veiga and Piquerez. Palmeiras didn’t increase the score due to poor finishing. Goiás tried to counterattack, but Palmeiras always killed the plays, as evidenced by the rain of fouls and yellow cards we had in the second half. At 32 minutes, Sidimar took a free-kick for Zé Ricardo in Goiás’ area, who let the ball pass, but Veiga was alert and hit it firmly to increase the score.

With the goal and the changes, Palmeiras seemed lighter and looking to increase the score. At 37 minutes, after another beautiful play by Piquerez on the left, the Uruguayan crossed into the area, and Endrick scored with a diving header, making it 4-0. Palmeiras continued to haunt Goiás’ defense, wasting good chances to make the victory even more emphatic. Dudu was doing everything to break the goal drought that has been going on since November 2022, but the ball wouldn’t go in.

At 44 minutes, after another beautiful attack from the left side by the man of the match (Piquerez), he finds a good pass to Dudu, who calmly controls and hits a high shot into the Esmeraldino goal, the ball hits the crossbar, bounces and goes out, but it bounced inside the goal, finally Dudu ends his goal drought, 5-0 for Palmeiras. With the victory, Palmeiras takes 2nd place in the Brasileirão and Goiás drops to 18th place.

Photo: esar Greco/S.E. Palmeiras

Botafogo 2×0 Atlético-MG

Botafogo hosted Atletico Mineiro at Nilton Santos Stadium (Engenhão) on Sunday at 6:30 pm. Playing in front of 18,000 spectators, Fogão was looking to maintain their unbeaten streak of 14 games and secure the top spot in the Brazilian Championship.

Fogão started the game with a mixed team: Lucas Perri, Di Placido, Adryelson, Cuesta, and Hugo, Marlon Freitas, Gabriel Pires (Eduardo), Lucas Fernandes (Tchê Tchê), Júnior Santos (Matias Segovia), Matheus Nascimento (Tiquinho Soares), and Victor Sá (Luis Henrique).

Meanwhile, Galo entered the field with: Everson, Mariano, Lemos, Jemerson, and Rubens (Patrick), Battaglia, Edenilson (Pavón), Hyoran (Igor Gomes), and Zaracho, Paulinho (Vargas), and Hulk.

The game started with both teams looking for opportunities. Atletico was able to exploit spaces with quick transitions, and at the 9th minute, after a ball was crossed into the area, Lucas Perri couldn’t hold the ball. Atletico tried to finish, but Cuesta and Gabriel Pires blocked their attempts. Finally, the ball fell to the star player Hulk, who missed the chance. On the next play, Galo arrived again with a shot from outside the area.

Atletico began to enjoy the game, and Hulk launched Paulinho into the area, but he missed the shot by hitting the side of the net. At this moment, Fogão began to organize themselves and managed to stop Atletico’s quick transitions. They gained ground and began to find many spaces on the sides of the field.

At the 29th minute, after a beautiful pass, Lucas Fernandes found Di Plácido on the right side, who crossed to Victor Sá entering the area. The attacker saw the ball coming, quickly thought and opened the score with a fantastic backheel goal! Botafogo continued to find spaces on Atletico’s left side. At the 45th minute, after another beautiful play, Victor Sá received the ball and shot under pressure, missing the goal.

In the second half, Fogão dominated the game, did not give Atletico any space, and had many opportunities to score, which were not converted. At the 15th minute of the second half, Victor Sá made a beautiful play on the left side and crossed the ball into the area. After the Atletico defense scrambled to clear, the ball fell to Matheus Nascimento, who shot freely into the goal, making it 2-0 for Fogão, sending their fans into a frenzy.

The game continued in the same vein, with Botafogo controlling the game, and Atletico unable to create dangerous chances. With the victory, Fogão secured the top spot in the Brazilian Championship with 12 points and 1005% efficiency, while Galo dropped to the 15th position.

Photo: Vitor Silva.

Grêmio 3×3 Bragantino

In an electrifying game with many twists and turns, Grêmio and Bragantino draw in a game with 6 goals.

Grêmio entered the field with: Gabriel Grando, Thomas Luciano, Bruno Alves, Bruno Uvini, Diogo Barbosa, Lucas Silva (Zinho), Mila (Gustavo Martins), Bitello, Cristaldo (Nathan), Vina (Everton Galdino), Luis Suárez ( André)

Bragantino played with: Lucão, Andrés Hurtado, Eduardo Natan, Juninho Capixaba, Matheus Fernandes (Thiago Borbas), Jadson, Lucas Evangelista, Helinho (Henry Mosquera), Sasha, Bruninho (Vitinho)

Soon in the first Grêmio had a penalty scored in their favor. At Thomas Luciano’s cross, the ball hit Jadsom’s arm and after consulting the VAR, the referee awarded the penalty, which was converted by Cristaldo.

Due to the stronger start of the game, Tricolor gave the impression that they would build the victory smoothly, but everything changed, as minutes later Bragantino tied with Matheus Fernandes and then almost increased in some opportunities with Helinho and Bruninho.

In the second stage, Massa Bruta managed to turn around. After stealing the ball, Matheus Fernandes played for Sasha who dribbled past Bruno Alves and hit the corner hard, making it 2 x 1 for the Bragança team.

In a game that still promised many emotions, Luís Suárez scored his first goal in the Brasileirão. Bitello took the free-kick, but the defense moves away and with the ball in the air, Luis Suárez kicks it first to make everything equal.

The Grêmio turnaround came at the feet of Everton Galdino, after a beautiful pass from Zinho, the attacker cleared two markers and hit with a left-handed shot to put Imortal ahead once again.

While it looked like the game was heading towards a heroic comeback for Grêmio, a bucket of cold water came. In addition, Bragantino reached the tie, Thiago Borbas received a cross from Juninho Capixaba hit the foot of Gabriel Grando.

With the tie, the team from Rio Grande do Sul was in 7th place, while Braga was in 12th place.

Suárez Grêmio

Foto: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA

Corinthians 1×1 Fortaleza

At the end of the 4th Round of the Brasileirão, Corinthians and Fortaleza played the leading role, on Monday night, in a match with several chances for the teams.

Corinthians played with: Cássio; Fagner, Gil, Murillo and Fábio Santos (Matheus Bidu), Roni, Fausto Vera (Paulinho) and Matheus Araújo (Yuri Alberto), Adson (Romero), Róger Guedes, Pedro (Guilherme Biro).

While Fortaleza played with: Fernando Miguel, Tinga, Brítez, Titi and Bruno Pacheco; Caio Alexandre, Lucas Sasha (Zanocelo), Hercules (Yago Pikachu) and Calebe (Pochettino), Moisés (Romarinho) and Galhardo (Silvio Romero).

In the first stage, the main opportunities were created by Corinthians, however without causing so much danger, with the exception of Fagner hitting the beam in the last move of the first half.

In the final half, the game became more dynamic and Fortaleza began to dominate the match, having superiority in the midfield, with a standout match by Caio Alexandre. In this way, the visitors, with Silvio Romero, managed to score, but the goal was disallowed due to an offside that caused controversy.

Caio Alexandre scored soon after, with a beautiful assist from Silvio Romero, hitting the corner with no chances for goalkeeper Cássio.

When the lights went out, Yuri Alberto, who had started the game on the bench, took advantage of Fernando Miguel’s mistake and tied for Corinthians, ending a fast of 9 games without scoring.

With the equality, Corinthians is in 15th place, while Fortaleza maintains its unbeaten record in the championship and occupies the 4th position.

Yuri Alberto quebra jejum, Corinthians busca empate com o Fortaleza e deixa o Z4 do Brasileirão - Lance!

Photo: Fernando Roberto/ LANCE!

Table Brasileirão

Photo: Globoesporte

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