Brasileirão 2023: 6th round

Bahia 2×3 Flamengo

In a game with controversial refereeing, Flamengo overcame Bahia in a 5-goal match.

Bahia started with: Marcos Felipe, Kanu, Vitor Hugo (Ademir), Rezende, Jacaré, Yago Felipe (Acevedo), Thaciano, Cauly, Matheus Bahia (Ryan), Arthur Sales (Kayky), Biel.

Meanwhile, Flamengo began with: Matheus Cunha (Santos), Fabrício Bruno, David Luiz (Wesley), Léo Pereira, Ayrton Lucas, Thiago Maia (Erick Pulgar), Victor Hugo, Arrascaeta, Matheus França (Vidal), Everton Cebolinha (Bruno Henrique), Gabigol.

After a start where both teams were giving away a lot of space to the opponent, the visitors opened the scoring at 22 minutes through a set piece. Arrascaeta crossed the ball into the box, David Luiz headed it down, and Matheus França headed it into the back of the net, beating goalkeeper Marcos Felipe.

Flamengo extended their lead to 2-0 at 29 minutes from a penalty kick. Arrascaeta made a great individual play, and after a stunning flick, was fouled by Vitor Hugo. Gabigol took the penalty and scored it with finesse, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way.

Bahia quickly recovered and scored at 34 minutes. With a beautiful exchange of passes, Thaciano served Biel at the edge of the box, who placed the ball into the corner of the goal.

Once again from a set piece, the Rubro-Negro scored their third goal in the final minutes of the first half. Cebolinha took the free-kick, David Luiz rose unmarked to head the ball into the net.

At the start of the second half, the coach Jorge Sampaoli made an unprecedented move, making all five substitutions at once.

Bahia went on the attack and scored their second goal just 5 minutes into the second half through Ademir, who controlled and placed the ball into the far corner of the goal.

The Esquadrão de Aço was playing better, but suffered two red cards from their center-backs. Rezende was sent off at 28 minutes of the second half after receiving his second yellow card for a foul on Wesley, two minutes later, Kanu was also sent off with his second yellow card for allegedly hitting Gabigol’s face with his arm, but in the play, the defender hit his opponent’s arm, who simulated.

Even with two players down, Tricolor had chances to level the score, but it wasn’t enough. Despite the defeat, the players were applauded by the fans.

With the loss, Bahia dropped to 14th place, while Flamengo, after their second consecutive victory, occupies the 9th position.

Photo: Reprodução/Premiere

Fluminense 2×0 Cuiabá

Despite showing difficulties in creating plays, Fluminense defeated Cuiabá comfortably with a great performance from Ganso.

Fluminense started the match with: Fábio, Guga, Felipe Melo (Manoel), Nino, Marcelo (David Braz), Thiago Santos (Giovanni), Lima, Ganso (Gabriel Pirani), Arias, John Kennedy (Lelê), Cano.

Cuiabá: Walter, Matheusinho, Alan Empereur, Marllon, Matheus Alexandre, Raniele, Fernando Sobral (Ceppelini), Denilson (Ronald), Jonathan Cafú (Pitta), Wellington Silva (Quagliata), Deyverson (Iury Castilho).

Tricolor took the lead early on, at the five-minute mark. Marcelo crossed the ball into the box, Ganso controlled it, and Nino finished from close range to open the scoring.

Despite conceding, Dourado didn’t back down and had opportunities with Wellington Silva and Deyverson.

In the second half, Fluminense continued to lack creativity, but they extended their lead at the 10th minute. Lima received the ball at the edge of the box and served Ganso, who finished to the bottom right corner of Walter’s goal.

From then on, Cuiabá felt the pressure and the hosts controlled the game.

With the result, Tricolor occupies the 3rd position, while Cuiabá remains in the 18th place.

Com gols de Nino e Ganso, Fluminense vence o Cuiabá em casa pelo Brasileirão - Lance!

Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense

Palmeiras 1×1 RB Bragantino

Once again with a full house, Palmeiras, in search of the lead in the Brasileirão, welcomed the valiant Bragantino. Nearly 40,000 spectators witnessed a highly tactical and competitive game that ended in a 1-1 draw.

Verdão took to the field with: Weverton, Mayke, Gustavo Gomes, Luan, and Vanderlan, Fabinho (Richard Ríos), Gabriel Menino, and Raphael Veiga (Flaco López), Artur (Bruno Tabata), Rony (Endrick), and Dudu (Breno Lopes).

On the other hand, Massa Bruta started with: Cleiton, Andrés Hurtado (Aderlan), Eduardo Santos, Natan (Léo Realpe), and Juninho Capixaba, Matheus Fernandes, Eric Ramires, and Lucas Evangelista (Alerrandro), Bruninho (Vitinho), Helinho (Henry Mosquera), and Eduardo Sasha.

The game started off intense, with Massa Bruta nearly scoring in the first minute after a beautiful play in midfield. The ball reached Hurtado on the right, who delivered a great cross to Eric Ramires in the middle of the box. However, the midfielder’s shot missed the target.

The teams began to study each other, and Palmeiras had more possession but struggled to break through Bragantino’s well-organized defense, which was vigilant against Palmeiras’ infiltrations. Faced with these difficulties, Palmeiras started to rely more on wing play, but Dudu and Artur were unable to overcome Braga’s determined defense in one-on-one situations.

Bragantino remained solid and maintained a high level of intensity. Whenever they lost the ball, they immediately tried to regain possession. When they couldn’t do so initially, they positioned themselves well and effectively blocked Palmeiras’ passing lanes, forcing the Verdão to take long-range shots.

In the 12th minute, Veiga carried the ball through the middle and unleashed a powerful shot from outside the box, but it hit the Red Bull defense. Shortly after, Artur also attempted a shot, but it was blocked as well. In the following play, Veiga cut in from the right, entered the box, and placed a shot towards the far corner, narrowly missing the target.

Bragantino exploited counterattacks well whenever they won the ball back. In the 24th minute, after an excellent cross from Juninho Capixaba, Sasha rose from behind Gustavo Gomes and headed the ball, but he couldn’t direct it properly, and it hit the outside of the net. Almost immediately after a corner kick taken by Veiga, Luan rose above everyone and headed the ball onto the crossbar.

Palmeiras had the upper hand in the game, but Bragantino put up a tactically solid performance, especially in closing down Palmeiras’ passing lanes. The first half at Allianz Parque ended 0-0, despite both teams creating good chances.

During halftime, manager Pedro Caixinha decided to replace Natan, who had been playing well, with Léo Realpe. The substitution proved successful as the Braga defense maintained its consistency. The second half began with Palmeiras pushing for a win.

In the 47th minute, Veiga unleashed a powerful long-range shot that went towards the center but with great force, forcing Cleiton to make a good save and concede a corner. Veiga took the corner kick and found Rony’s head, who delivered a beautiful header, but Cleiton made a great save, and the ball fell to Artur, who, with a diving header, hit the post.

In the 55th minute, Caixinha made two more substitutions. Henry Mosquera came on for Helinho, and Vitinho replaced Bruninho. These changes were essential for Massa Bruta to maintain a strong defensive presence and attempt quick transitions. In fact, just five minutes after coming on, Vitinho unleashed a powerful shot that forced Weverton to make a good diving save.

Abel sensed that the team was losing intensity, so he replaced Rony with the young Endrick and Dudu with the hero of the 2020 Libertadores, Breno Lopes. Indeed, Palmeiras gained a bit more intensity and movement upfront.

In the 64th minute, after a corner kick from Rafael Veiga, Goméz found Arthur with a header at the far post. The ball reached the 1.67m short striker, who scored with a diving header. It was Arthur’s third goal for Palmeiras, and all three were headers. With this goal, the Law of the Ex made an appearance at Allianz Parque, as it never fails.

The game continued to favor Verdão, but it seemed like the team lacked the energy to launch effective attacks. Endrick and Breno Lopes tried to exploit their runs, but it didn’t seem to have the desired effect. However, in the 70th minute, Juninho Capixaba carried the ball through the middle and, with a Trivela shot, struck a magnificent goal into the top corner past Weverton. What a work of art! The score was now 1-1.

Palmeiras desperately wanted to secure a victory. Abel made more substitutions, bringing on Tabata for Artur, who wasn’t performing well, and Richard Ríos for Fabinho. Richard entered the field impressively and managed to dominate the midfield with his quick dribbles, strength, and excellent ball control.

Palmeiras had good chances to break the tie but failed to capitalize and overcome the strong Bragantino team once again. Bragantino understood how to play against the solid Palmeiras, maintaining a high rhythm and closing the passing lanes and subsequent infiltrations effectively.

With the draw, Verdão remains in 2nd place, missing the opportunity to become the leader of the Brasileirão, while Massa Bruta sits in 13th place.

Foto: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras/by Canon

Atlético-MG 2×0 Internacional

With goals at the beginning and the end of the game, Galo dominates and defeats Internacional.

Atlético-MG started the match with: Everson, Mariano (Bruno Fuchs), Jemerson, Nathan, Rubens, Battaglia, Zaracho, Hyoran (Patrick), Paulinho (Igor Gomes), Pavón (Edenilson), Vargas (Hulk).

Internacional: Keiller, Fabrício Bustos (Lucca), Vitão, Gabriel Mercado, Thauan Lara, Matheus Dias (Nicolás Hernandez), Rômulo, Carlos de Pena, Maurício, Pedro Henrique (Wanderson), Luiz Adriano (Alemão).

At the 2nd minute, Vargas took advantage of Pavón’s cross, rose between the defenders and headed the ball towards the ground, beating goalkeeper Keiller.

The game remained balanced, with good chances for both teams. Inter even scored with Maurício, taking advantage of Everson’s rebound, but it was in an offside position. The colorado threatened with a beautiful shot from Thauan Lara, requiring a good save from the Atletico goalkeeper.

In the second half, Galo had opportunities with Hyoran, who hit the crossbar, and Paulinho who missed the goal one on one with Keiller. Colorado, on the other hand, hit the post after Rômulo’s header.

In the dying minutes, Paulinho took advantage of Hulk’s beautiful pass and this time didn’t miss, setting the final score of the game.

With this result, Galo rises to 6th place, while Inter remains in 12th place.

Palpite: Atlético-MG x Internacional – Campeonato Brasileiro – 13/5/2023 - Lance!

Photo: IMAGO / Fotoarena

Grêmio 0x0 Fortaleza

Grêmio and Fortaleza faced off in a hard-fought match.

Imortal came in with Gabriel Grando; Thomas Luciano, Bruno Alves, Kannemann and Reinaldo; Villasanti, Carballo (Pepê), Bitello, Cristaldo and Vina; Suárez.

Leão do Pici fielded Maurício Koslinski; Tinga, Ceballos, Titi and Bruno Pacheco; Caio Alexandre, Hércules and Calebe; Romarinho, Lucero and Thiago Galhardo.

The pressure on Renato Gaúcho’s Grêmio is mounting. The team was thrashed 4-1 in the previous match against Palmeiras. The coach also demanded reinforcements from the board.

Fortaleza came in after two draws and needed a win to stay close to the front runners in the championship.

Both teams went after the win and the final score of 0-0 didn’t really reflect how the game went. Both teams, especially in the second half, kept pressing for a goal. There were 31 shots in the game, with 10 on target.

In a game marked by balance, the score remained 0-0.

Grêmio will look to bounce back against Cruzeiro in the Copa do Brasil. Fortaleza will face Palmeiras.

With the draw, Tricolor sits in 11th place, while Fortaleza occupies the 8th position.

Grêmio e Fortaleza empatam sem gols na Arena

Photo: Divulgação/ Fortaleza

Vasco 0x1 Santos

Santos holds on under pressure and defeats Vasco with a goal from 17-year-old gem Deivid Washington, who scores for the second consecutive game.

Vasco came onto the field with: Léo Jardim, Puma Rodríguez (Paulo Henrique), Robson, Léo, Lucas Piton; Jair, Matías Galarza (Alex Teixeira), Barros (Erick Marcus), Figueiredo (Rodrigo), Gabriel Pec (Orellano), Pedro Raul.

Meanwhile, Santos started with: João Paulo, Nathan, Messias, Joaquim, Gabriel Inocêncio; Dodi, Rodrigo Fernández, Lucas Lima (Lucas Barbosa), Ângelo (Daniel Ruiz), Deivid (Alison), Lucas Braga (Ed Carlos).

Vasco began the game pressing as usual, marked strongly in the attacking field and posed a danger to goalkeeper João Paulo, who had already made two good saves after shots from Gabriel Pec before the 10th minute.

The Peixe held off Vasco’s momentum and tried their luck on counter-attacks. At the 29th minute, Lucas Lima made a beautiful play and passed to the young Deivid Washington, who, like an experienced center-forward, controlled and struck with category in the corner, with no chance for goalkeeper Léo Jardim.

Throughout the game, Vasco continued to create several chances but stopped at the inspired afternoon of João Paulo, as well as a very secure game from defenders Joaquim and Messias, who were very combative and sovereign in aerial play.

With the result, Vasco stays at the doorstep of the relegation zone, in 16th place, while the Peixe climbs to 7th place.

Photo: Raul Baretta/ Santos FC

Corinthians 1×1 São Paulo

The Majestic Classic had a nervous atmosphere even before it began.

Naturally, a classic of this magnitude generates expectations from the involved supporters and football enthusiasts, but this one had some special touches.

On São Paulo’s side, Dorival Jr.’s arrival really turned the team around. A team that until then did not have a well-defined playing style has been demonstrating greater organization on the field and presenting much more enjoyable football than before.

In addition, results are starting to show. However, this game carried the need for an even more significant victory than just the 3 points. São Paulo has never won against Corinthians playing at Neo Química Arena. There have been 16 games, with 10 victories for Timão and 6 draws.

Corinthians, on the other hand, has been going through a whirlwind of emotions for some time now. The team presents football that is well below what is acceptable for the squad they have. This is largely due to Fernando Lázaro’s departure as head coach, replaced by Cuca in a lightning-fast stint, and now with legend Vanderlei Luxemburgo, who has yet to secure a victory with Timão.

A win against São Paulo could be a turning point in this new phase.

As for the game, Corinthians came in with: Cássio, Fagner, Gil, Murillo, M. Bidu, Fausto Vera, Wesley, Giuliano, Maycon, Róger Guedes, and Yuri Alberto.

Tricolor was lined up with: Rafael, Rafinha, Arboleda, Beraldo, Caio Paulista, Gabi Neves, Pablo Maia, Rato, Michel Araujo, Luciano, and Calleri.

As mentioned, São Paulo imposed its playing style. The team maintains good ball possession and makes several passes until they find the better-positioned teammate. Thus, as in an overlapping play on the sideline, Rafinha makes the pass back, the ball goes past Gil, and is controlled by Michel Araújo, who strikes it hard into the left angle of Cássio, who could do nothing about it.

This was the tone of the entire match. São Paulo held possession and created opportunities of some danger. Corinthians, on the other hand, played poorly. They had no ability to disarm Tricolor’s attacks nor to perform an organized and fast transition in the counterattack.

Until the first-half stoppage time, Rafinha brought down Wesley in the area. Róger Guedes, who has been the team’s best player by far, took the penalty well and equalized the classic.

Thus, the second half went. Tricolor rotating the ball while Timão defended and did not connect with counter-attacks.

The Majestic Classic was also marked by controversial refereeing decisions. The penalty awarded caused much complaint among São Paulo fans, as well as the disallowed goal by Calleri, as he was alleged to have committed a foul on Fagner.

The fact is that São Paulo lacks speed players on the edges of the field, capable of breaking the defensive line. Corinthians lacks everything except fighting spirit. The team does not have a tactical pattern, and key players in the squad are not performing well.

São Paulo faces Sport Recife in the next match of the Brazilian Cup. Corinthians faces Atlético Mineiro.

With the draw, Corinthians enters the relegation zone in 17th place, while Tricolor remains in 10th position.

CBN - A rádio que toca notícia - Os gols de Corinthians 1 x 1 São Paulo, pelo Campeonato Brasileiro 2023

Photo: Ricardo Moreira/Zimel Press/Agência O Globo

Athletico-PR 3-2 Coritiba

The Athletiba derby. Another classic in the round and this one pits two archrivals, in very different situations, against each other.

The Furacão has reached a higher level on the national and international scene in recent years.

Due to their organization, they have increased their competitiveness every passing year and this year they have been battling with the favorites to be crowned champions of the most important competitions.

On the other hand, Coxa Branca has not had an interesting start to the year. They began the Brazilian championship poorly.

But as the derby is a separate environment, the situation of the clubs is put aside and the game is played, as the popular saying goes.

Athletico started the game with a beautiful shot by Christian that hit the crossbar at the 3rd minute.

Despite a good start, Coritiba opened the scoring with Marcelino Moreno at the 19th minute, with a beautiful individual play.

From then on, the tone of the game was established. An attack against defense Athletico, who sought to equalize at all costs, and so it was. At the 48th minute, Pablo equalized the game.

Not satisfied, the Furacão sought the turnaround by launching themselves into attack. In this way, spaces emerged. Especially with a midfield passing error, which enabled Robson to quickly launch and score low to give Coxa Branca the lead once again.

The pressure from Furacão was great, leaving doubts whether Coritiba could withstand it until the end. The answer is already known. Willian Bigode equalized the game at the 90th minute and Canobbio turned the score around at the 98th minute.

In fact, in this game, the moment in which the teams are in played a role, given that still behind in the score, the confidence of the Furacão led to the turnaround in the last play of the game.

Athletico now faces leader Botafogo in the Copa do Brasil. Meanwhile, Coritiba rests midweek as they have been eliminated from the Copa do Brasil and will face Atlético Mineiro in the next round of the Brasileirão.

With the victory, Furacão occupies the 5th position, while Coxa is the second-to-last.

Athletico-PR 3x2 Coritiba: veja os gols do clássico pelo Brasileirão - Rádio Itatiaia | A Rádio de Minas

Photo: José Tramontin/

Goiás 2×1 Botafogo

Goiás, who had suffered two defeats in a row, faced the league-leaders Botafogo.

Esmeraldino had conceded 7 goals in their last two games, losing to Palmeiras and Flamengo, but they were confident that they could perform better, especially playing at home. With that said, they were lined up with: Marcelo Rangel, Maguinho, Lucas Halter, Bruno Melo, and Sander. Dieguinho, Willian, Zé Ricardo, Palacios, M. Peixoto, and Diego Gonçalves.

Fogão, buoyed by being the only team with a 100% record and leading the Brasileirão, came onto the field with: Lucas Perri, Di Plácido, Adryelson, Segovia, and Marçal. Tchê Tchê, Marlon Freitas, Gustavo Sauer, Eduardo, Victor Sá, and Tiquinho Soares.

Knowing that they had a chance to increase their lead over the second-placed Palmeiras, who had drawn, Botafogo entered the game by setting the pace and had their first opportunity at 11 minutes, but it was at 33 minutes that they scored. Gustavo Sauer was fouled in the area. The referee consulted the VAR and awarded a penalty. The league’s top scorer, Tiquinho Soares, struck the ball powerfully, crossing it and hitting the top corner to score his sixth goal in six rounds.

Goiás did not play well, but they were blessed in stoppage time with a headed ball into the area that landed at the feet of Bruno Melo, who had committed the penalty, received the ball unmarked and hit it into the corner to equalize. The VAR was consulted because the linesman had disallowed the goal. After a long wait, the goal was validated, and the teams went into halftime level.

The second half was very different. Goiás knew the importance of defeating the league-leaders and boosting the team’s morale after two losses. Therefore, they started the second half at full throttle. Just 57 minutes in, Matheus Peixoto received the ball in the area and crossed it. The ball touched the Botafogo defense and fell perfectly for Maguinho, who was running like a rocket at the second post.

From then on, Goiás closed ranks and went on counter-attacks. Botafogo tried to break through the defense, but without much inspiration, they did not create many chances to score.

Fogão remains the league leader but loses its 14-game unbeaten run. Now they seek to recover in the Copa do Brasil against Athletico Paranaense.

Goiás climbed to 15th place and will play the Copa Verde final against Paysandu midweek.

Mundo da Bola on Twitter: "Fim de jogo | Goiás 2x1 Botafogo ? Isabela Azine/Agif/Gazeta Press" / Twitter

Photo: Isabela Azine/Agif/Gazeta Press

América 0x4 Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro thrashes and ends the drought that had persisted since December 2021.

América-MG started the game with: Matheus Cavichioli, Marcinho (Maidana), Ricardo Silva, Éder, Marlon, Juninho (Emmanuel Martínez), Alê, Benítez, Mikael (Renato Marques), Felipe Azevedo (Matheus Gonçalves), Aloísio (Wellington Paulista).

Cruzeiro began with: Rafael Cabral, William (Igor Formiga), Oliveira, Luciano Castán, Marlon, Machado, Ramiro (Matheus Jussa), Neto Moura (Wallisson), Wesley (Stênio), Bruno Rodrigues, Henrique Dourado (Gilberto).

Despite the wide margin on the scoreboard, Coelho created great opportunities and came close to scoring. Mikael missed a one-on-one chance with Rafael, and Aloísio hit the crossbar in the first half. But it was Cruzeiro who took the lead when Wesley crossed the ball and Bruno Rodrigues headed it towards the center of the box, and the Reaper, unmarked, opened the scoring in the 32nd minute of the first half.

In the second half, Cruzeiro was clinical and capitalized on the chances they had, while América continued to pile up opportunities but failed to convert them.

The second goal involved the fullbacks, who have been having a great season. William crossed from the right and found Marlon to head the ball into the net in the small area in the 24th minute of the second half.

The last two goals were scored by Gilberto. First, he took advantage of a cross from Igor Formiga, and in the final minutes, he struck a powerful low shot to seal Cruzeiro’s victory.

With the result, América remains at the bottom of the Brasileirão table, while Cruzeiro climbs to 4th position.

Cruzeiro goleia o América e encerra jejum de vitórias diante do rival

Photo: Staff Images / Cruzeiro

Table Brasileirão



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