Brasileirão 2023: 9th Round

Fotaleza 0x0 Bahia

Fortaleza and Bahia draw in a goalless match at Castelão.

Fortaleza took the field with: João Ricardo; Tinga, Brítez, Titi, Bruno Pacheco; Caio Alexandre, Hércules (Zanocelo), Calebe (Silvio Romero), Pochettino (Lucero), Romarinho (Guilherme) (Pikachu); Thiago Galhardo.

Meanwhile, Bahia started with: Marcos Felipe; Kanu, David Duarte, Vitor Hugo (Gabriel Xavier); Cicinho, Acevedo, Rezende (Diego Rosa), Thaciano, Ryan; Ademir (Cauly), Everaldo (Vinicius Mingotti).

Fortaleza was the better team throughout the match, but the game was lackluster and lacked clear goal-scoring opportunities.

At the start of the match, Leão do Pici had the upper hand, controlling the game, but the only correct shot in the first half came from Bahia. Ademir took a long-range free kick, and João Ricardo made the first save of the game.

In the second half, Fortaleza came back with even more pressure and created a great chance. Pikachu received the ball inside the box, let it bounce, and took a first-time shot, but it went wide of the goal.

Leão had two opportunities with Lucero but couldn’t convert them into goals. In the final minutes, Fortaleza managed to find the back of the net, but the goal was disallowed, leaving the score level.

With the draw, Fortaleza remains in 9th position, while Bahia sits in 15th place.

América-MG 2×0 Corinthians

América-MG imposes itself, defeats Corinthians at Independência, and comes close to escaping the relegation zone.

América-MG lined up with: Mateus Pasinato; Mateus Henrique (Júlio), Wanderson, Avelar, and Marlon; Lucas Kal (Alê), Juninho, and Breno (Rodriguinho); Felipe Azevedo, Aloísio (Renato Marques), and Mastriani (Henrique Almeida).

Meanwhile, Corinthians started with: Cássio; Bruno Méndez, Murillo (Felipe Augusto), and Caetano; Fagner, Fausto Vera (Giuliano), Maycon, Adson (Renato Augusto), and Fábio Santos; Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto (Pedro).

In the first half, the defenses outperformed the attacks, so there were no clear goal-scoring opportunities, except for Róger Guedes’ chance, hitting the post after a cross from Fausto Vera.

In the second half, the game remained lackluster until the 24th minute when Juninho crossed, and the ball hit Caetano’s arm. After a VAR review, the referee awarded a penalty. In the penalty kick, the law of the former player prevailed. Danilo Avelar took a confident shot and beat goalkeeper Cássio.

América-MG extended their lead in the 41st minute through a play involving the club’s young talents. Júlio made an excellent play down the right wing and passed to Renato, who finished and scored for América.

In injury time, Corinthians had a penalty in their favor, but Fábio Santos, an excellent penalty taker, missed and couldn’t reduce the deficit for Timão.

With the result, América sits in 17th position with 7 points, closing in on Corinthians, who have 8 points and occupy the 16th place.

Em casa, Coelhão conquista sua segunda vitória no Brasileirão

Photo: América-MG

Athletico-PR 1×0 Botafogo

The Arena da Baixada, as usual, was deafening and promoting a hostile atmosphere for the visiting team. The teams had just faced each other in the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, and fate had it that this match would happen shortly after in the Brasileirão 2023.

The Furacão took the field with: Bento, Khellven, Zé Ivaldo, Pedro Henrique, and Fernando, Alex Santana (Erick), Hugo Moura (Thiago Heleno), and Terans (Christian), Canobbio (Rômulo), Vitor Roque (Thiago Andrade), and Cuello.

Meanwhile, Fogão started with: Lucas Perri, Di Placido (Rafael), Adryelson, Victor Cuesta, and Hugo, Marlon Freitas, Tchê Tchê (Kayque), and Lucas Fernandes (Janderson), Júnior Santos (Lucas Piazon), Tiquinho Soares, and Luis Henrique (Victor Sá).

Botafogo started the game well, especially on the left side with Hugo’s overlapping runs and Luiz Henrique’s width. They only failed to score due to the excellent saves from the consistent Bento.

Athletico, realizing this, began to increase their pressure and disrupt Botafogo’s ball distribution, which had an almost immediate effect. From that moment on, Botafogo struggled to maintain possession, making simple passing and control mistakes. This is what happens with the combination of high pressing and the synthetic pitch used by Furacão, who became more assertive and enjoyed the game.

The match was very congested in midfield, with both teams marking tightly and leaving few spaces for the ball to reach the final third. It was then that Alex Santana’s quality emerged. He received the ball in midfield, dribbled, and unleashed a left-footed rocket that had no chance for Lucas Perri. 1-0 to Furacão.

The game continued to be congested, and Botafogo seemed unable to find their rhythm to attack Athletico, who remained solid at the back until the final whistle, sealing the victory for the red-and-black team.

With the defeat, Fogão saw several opponents closing in, especially Palmeiras, who are now only two points behind. Meanwhile, Furacão jumped to 5th place in the Brasileirão 2023.

Photo: Athletico Paranaense

Cruzeiro 0x1 Atlético-MG

In the Minas Gerais derby, Atlético-MG wins with a free-kick goal by Hulk from practically midfield.

Cruzeiro took the field with: Rafael Cabral; William, Neris, Luciano Castan, and Marlon; Matheus Jussa (Machado), Wallisson (Daniel Junior), and Mateus Vital; Wesley (Stênio), Bruno Rodrigues, and Gilberto (Henrique Dourado).

Atlético-MG started with: Éverson; Saraiva, Nathan Silva, Jemerson, and Rubens; Otávio, Battaglia, Edenilson (Patrick), and Hyoran (Maurício Lemos); Paulinho (Réver) and Hulk.

The beginning of the match was highly contested, with no clear chances for either team. However, in the 25th minute, the Rooster opened the scoring. Hulk took a free-kick from a long distance, and goalkeeper Rafael Cabral couldn’t stop it.

After the goal, the game improved, and at the end of the first half, each team had a goal disallowed. At 46 minutes, after Hyoran’s set-piece, Edenilson tapped it into the net, but with the help of VAR, the play was disallowed for offside. On the other hand, at 51 minutes, Cruzeiro had a goal disallowed for offside as well. It came from a corner kick and a scramble in the box, and Luciano Castan headed it in.

In the second half, Raposa applied pressure but was stopped by the excellent performance of goalkeeper Everson. As a result, Galo won the derby and jumped to the 3rd position, while Cruzeiro sits in 10th place.

A vitória do Galo deixa apenas uma boa notícia para o Cruzeiro - 03/06/2023 - UOL Esporte

Santos 1×1 Internacional

Santos and Internacional draw in a match with early goals.

Santos started with: João Paulo; Nathan Santos (Lucas Pires), Joaquim, Messias, and Gabriel Inocêncio; Alison (R. Fernández), Dodi (Daniel Ruiz), and Lucas Lima; Mendoza (Angelo), Soteldo, and Deivid Washington (Bruno Mezenga).

Internacional: Keiller; Bustos, Vitão (Igor Gomes), N. Hernández, and Renê; Rômulo, Johnny (Matheus Dias), De Pena (Jean Dias), and Alan Patrick; Wanderson (Thauan Lara) and Luiz Adriano (Lucca).

In the first minute of the game, Internacional took the lead with a lightning-quick goal. After a corner kick, Nico Hernández passed the ball to Luiz Adriano, who found himself one-on-one with João Paulo and had time to control the ball and send it into the back of the net.

Santos quickly reacted and equalized in the 12th minute. Lucas Lima took a strong and precise free-kick from the edge of the box into the corner of the goal, beating the goalkeeper.

The rest of the first half was lackluster, without many thrills. However, Santos came back stronger in the second half and had an early scare at 2 minutes, once again with a free-kick from Lucas Lima that narrowly missed the goal.

In the 15th and 17th minutes, the Peixe had two great opportunities. First, Bruno Mezenga received a low cross and attempted a back-heel shot that went just wide of the post. Later, after a well-worked play, Soteldo played a through pass to Nathan, who crossed low to Dodi inside the box, but the midfielder missed the target with his shot.

Despite the pressure, the home team couldn’t break the deadlock, and the result was not favorable for either Santos or Internacional, who currently occupy the 12th and 13th positions, respectively.


Fluminense 2×1 Bragantino

Fluminense defeats Bragantino and ends a 5-game winless streak.

Fluminense started with: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Felipe Melo (Manoel), and Guga; André, Martinelli, Lima, and Paulo Henrique Ganso (Lelê); Jhon Arias and Germán Cano.

On the other hand, Red Bull Bragantino began with: Cleiton, Andrés Hurtado, Léo Realpe, Luan Patrick (Eduardo Santos), and Juninho Capixaba (Guilherme Lopes); Matheus Fernandes (Thiago Borbas), Lucas Evangelista, and Eric Ramires (Jadsom Silva); Helinho (Henry Mosquera), Eduardo Sasha, and Vitinho.

In a game of high technical quality, Bragantino started off strong at Maracanã, forcing excellent saves from goalkeeper Fábio with powerful shots from Vitinho and Eric Ramires.

Fluminense opened the scoring in the 26th minute through maestro Ganso. Jhon Arias embarked on a counter-attack, entered the box from the right side, and played a first-time shot into the back of the net.

The Laranjeiras Tricolor extended their lead 7 minutes later. After a corner kick, Lima hit the post, and Felipe Melo scored from the rebound to make it 2-0.

Bragantino pulled one back in the 53rd minute when Borbas struck a powerful shot from outside the box, catching Fábio off guard, who didn’t even move.

With this result, Fluminense occupies the 6th position, while Bragantino sits in 11th place.

Ganso celebra gol do Fluminense sobre o Bragantino em confronto do Campeonato Brasileiro - Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF - Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Grêmio 2×1 São Paulo

Grêmio defeats São Paulo in a come-from-behind victory and enters the top 4.

Grêmio started with: Gabriel Chapecó; Bruno Uvini, Bruno Alves, and Kannemann; Fábio (João Pedro), Villasanti, Carballo (Milla), Reinaldo, Bitello (Diogo Barbosa), and Cristaldo (Everton Galdino); Suárez (Vina).

São Paulo: Rafael; Alan Franco (David), Arboleda, and Beraldo; Caio Paulista, Pablo Maia, Alisson (Luciano), Raí Ramos (Rodriguinho), Wellington Rato (Nathan), and Michel Araujo (Marcos Paulo); Calleri.

The first half was thrilling, with Grêmio starting off stronger. However, it was São Paulo who opened the scoring. In the 14th minute, Caio Paulista crossed the ball into the box for Calleri, who skillfully headed it past Gabriel Grando.

Grêmio didn’t let the goal affect them and continued to press, equalizing in the 28th minute. Cristaldo took a shot from outside the box, the ball hit Alan Franco’s arm, and the referee awarded a penalty. Cristaldo himself took the penalty, firing a powerful shot into the corner of the net, beating goalkeeper Rafael.

The turnaround for Grêmio came in the 38th minute of the first half. Suárez received the ball at the edge of the box, passed it to Reinaldo on the left side, who struck a low and powerful shot. The ball went towards the corner of the goal, but Rafael made a blunder, and the ball went through his legs.

In the second half, São Paulo tried to mount a comeback and hit the crossbar with Rodriguinho in the 10th minute. Then, in the 46th minute, Marcos Paulo provided a beautiful pass to Luciano in the box, but the São Paulo forward’s shot went just wide.

With the victory, Grêmio climbs to the 4th position, while São Paulo sits in 8th place.

Grêmio vence São Paulo de virada e assume a terceira colocação do Brasileirão | Band

Photo: DIEGO VARA/Reuters

Goiás 0x1 Cuiabá

Dourado visited Esmeraldino at Serrinha, and both teams needed a victory to move further away from the dreaded relegation zone.

Goiás took the field with Tadeu, Maguinho, Sidimar, Bruno Melo, and Sander, Willian Oliveira, Zé Ricardo (Guilherme Marques), Diego (Apodi), Palácios, and Vinicius (Alesson), Gabriel Novaes (Philippe Costa).

Cuiabá started with Walter, Matheus Alexandre, Marllon, Alan Empereur, and Rikelme, Raniele (Allyson), Denilson (Ronald Lopes), and Fernando Sobral, Jonathan Cafú (Emerson Ramon), Deyverson (Isidro Pitta), and Wellington Silva (Quagliata).

Both teams were evenly matched on the field, and they had plenty of determination. In the 5th minute, Goiás had a great free-kick opportunity with Palácios, who struck a powerful shot saved beautifully by Walter. Then, in the 10th minute, Dourado responded with a good header from Deyverson, but Tadeu made an excellent save.

Both teams were creating good plays, especially on the wings. Dourado seemed to have better ball control, while Goiás demonstrated more aggression. The two goalkeepers were instrumental in keeping the first half goalless, as Tadeu and Walter made numerous saves.

The second half was calmer, and the intensity of the game dropped, but there were still good chances.

An example of this was Cuiabá’s goal. In the 8th minute, defender Alan Empereur dribbled through the middle and delivered a beautiful lofted pass over the defense to Deyverson, who controlled the ball and struck it firmly to open the scoring.

The highlight of the game, Deyverson, was very emotional after scoring the goal and dedicated it in a beautiful way to his late friend who passed away in the fight against cancer. In an interview after the match, Deyverson said, “She’s in Heaven, she’s a little star. Today, I dedicate this goal to her.”

A emoção de Deyverson após a vitória sobre o Goiás
Reproduction: Premiere

Palmeiras 3×1 Coritiba

The Alviverde once again proved to be imposing within their home ground and managed to earn three important points in their quest for the leadership of the Brasileirão 2023.

The Verdão took the field with Weverton, Mayke, Luan, Gustavo Gómez, and Piquerez, Zé Rafael (Fabinho), Gabriel Menino (Richard Ríos), and Luis Guilherme (Jhon Jhon), Artur (Bruno Tabata), Rony (Flaco López), and Dudu.

Meanwhile, Coxa entered the field with Gabriel, Natanael, Kuscevic, Henrique, Bruno Viana, and Jamerson (Andrey), Liziero, Bruno Gomes (Júnior Urso), and Boschilia (Marcelino Moreno), Robson (Ruan Assis), and Zé Roberto (Alef Manga).

The game started off slow, with Palmeiras taking control, holding possession and passing the ball, studying the best way to break through the Paranaense defense. On the other hand, Coritiba had their lines drawn back, with five players on the first line and Liziero and Bruno Gomes ahead of it.

Evidence that the game took a while to heat up is that the first clear chance came only at the 24th minute, after Gabriel Menino’s corner kick. The Coxa goalkeeper cleared the ball, which fell to Dudu’s feet. Dudu passed it to Menino, who quickly returned it to Dudu. Dudu spotted Luan’s movement at the far post and delivered an excellent cross. The defender rose with authority, but Gabriel made a magnificent save.

From that point on, Verdão realized that despite being well organized, the Paranaense defense seemed to struggle with balls crossed into the box. After some skillful dribbles by Artur on the right-wing, he switched the play to Piquerez and attacked the box. The full-back saw the good movement and provided a delightful cross for the winger to arrive and conclude. 1-0 to Palmeiras.

A few moments later, Mayke noticed Rony Rústico’s run between Coritiba’s defenders. With a perfect cross, Mayke set up the diminutive giant in excellent conditions to score Palmeiras’ second goal. Of course, Rony wouldn’t let that opportunity slip away. 2-0 to Palmeiras and the 6th headed goal of the 1.66-meter-tall striker in 2023, making him the player in Serie A with the most headed goals this year.

The game continued in favor of the Paulista Alviverde, and despite their limitations, the Paranaense Alviverde attempted to reduce the deficit but was unsuccessful, mainly due to Weverton’s excellent save on Zé Roberto’s header towards the end of the first half.

Palmeiras remained in control and created numerous opportunities to score the third goal until Dudu intercepted the ball in midfield and found the leading scorer Rony on the left-wing. Rony entered the box and skillfully placed the ball to beat Gabriel, scoring his second goal of the match and securing Palmeiras’ third.

In the end, Coxa managed to pull one back after a cross into the area. Weverton and Luan made a blunder, allowing Alef Manga to receive the ball unmarked and simply tap it into the net.

The game ended 3-1 in favor of Palmeiras, reducing the gap to the league leaders, Botafogo, to 2 points. Meanwhile, Coritiba continues to languish at the bottom of the Brasileirão 2023 table.

Photo: Cesar Grecco

Vasco 1×4 Flamengo

Flamengo has a devastating first half, scores 4 goals, and defeats Vasco.

Vasco started the match with: Léo Jardim; Miranda, Capasso, and Léo; Puma Rodríguez, Galarza (Mateus Carvalho), Jair, and Piton; Orellano (Barros) (Zé Gabriel), Alex Teixeira (Gabriel Pec), and Pedro Raul.

Flamengo, on the other hand, began with: Matheus Cunha; Wesley, Fabrício Bruno, David Luiz, and Ayrton Lucas (Filipe Luís); Thiago Maia (Vidal), Pulgar, Gerson, and Arrascaeta (Cebolinha); Matheus França (Victor Hugo) and Pedro.

Flamengo opened the scoring in the 13th minute. They won the ball in Vasco’s defensive half, and Pulgar struck a remarkable shot, hitting the top corner from outside the box.

Two minutes later, Flamengo extended their lead. Arrascaeta crossed the ball onto Gerson’s head, who was unmarked in the box, and he made it 2-0 for the Rubro-Negro.

Vasco had a scare and hit the post with Pedro Raul, and on the following play, Arrascaeta also hit the woodwork.

Towards the end of the first half, Ayrton Lucas came into action. In the 41st minute, he took a shot from inside the box, and the ball took a slight deflection off Pedro and went into the goal. Then, in the 46th minute, the left-back received a long pass in the midfield, sprinted with great speed, found himself one-on-one with Léo Jardim, calmly dribbled past the goalkeeper, and scored Flamengo’s fourth goal.

In the second half, Vasco managed to reduce the deficit with Jair converting a penalty. However, their comeback ended there, and the match finished 4-1 as Flamengo took their foot off the gas to conserve energy.

With the loss, Vasco occupies the penultimate position in the Brasileirão, while Flamengo climbs to the 5th place.

Table Brasileirão

Classificação da 9ª rodada da Série A

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Written by Henry Miller and João Felipe Miller.

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