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Brazil: The 3 teams of Italian origins protagonists

italiane protagoniste teams of italian origins

These are the teams of italian origins protagonists in Brasileirao


giocatori del palmeiras che esultano

This season the absolute protagonists in Brazil, both in Brasileirao and in Serie B, were the teams founded by the Italians. In Serie A the winner was the Palmeiras of San Paulo, which was founded in 1914 by Italian immigrants, who were inspired by Turin and Pro Vercelli, after their tour in Brazil. It was originally called Palestra Italia, but when Brazil declared war on Italy in World War II, the managers were forced to change the name to Palmeiras. The team has always been the pool of supporters of Italian origin, the most titled in the Brasileirao having won it 11 times.

Internacional di Porto Alegre

giocatori dell'internazionale di porto alegre esultano

Another team of Italian origin is the Internacional of Porto Alegre, which is second three days from the end. It was founded in the early 1900s by three boys, one of whom was Gioacchino Guerreschi, son of Italian immigrants from the Veneto region. In Porto Alegre there is a very heated rivalry with the other team in the city, Gremio, which was founded by German immigrants.


As far as Serie B is concerned, Cruzeiro is in the lead, already mathematically promoted to Serie A, with one match remaining from the end of the championship. It is one of the three teams of the city of Belo Horizonte, founded by Italian immigrants in 1921. Initially it was also called Palestra Italia, and as happens to the homonymous club of São Paulo, at the beginning of hostilities in the Second World War, it had to change the name to Cruzeiro, which in Italian means cruise.

The Belo Horizonte team a few years ago had a serious financial crisis and was relegated to Serie B, something that had never happened before. To get out of this crisis, Ronaldo the phenomenon intervened, the former great footballer of Inter, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, who bought the club. His intervention, in addition to being an economic investment, was dictated by the fact that it is the team where he grew up and launched into great football. So the Belo Horizonte club next year will once again be the protagonist of the Brasileirao, thanks to the phenomenon of world football.

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