The Brazilian Transfer Market: What to expect in 2023?

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The Transfer Market in Brazil in 2023

Who spent the most? Who received the most? What are the best signs? Check it out!

The Brazilian transfer market, traditionally, for almost four decades, has been for exporting its players to various Leagues around the world, but what has drawn attention in recent years is the heavy investment of powerful European clubs in increasingly younger talents, whose potential football and the anticipation of the market movement of competitors are determining factors for the payment of almost unimaginable amounts in these operations.

In this market, the scenario, as will be seen below, is not very different, but a new aspect calls attention: the advent of the Societies Anônimas de Futebol (SAF – football clubs as corporations) and the consolidation of the investment capacity of some big clubs (eg Palmeiras , Flamengo and Atlético Mineiro) provide an agitated internal market, in full eruption. The signings and payrolls of most Clubs reach increasingly considerable values, becoming an attractive market for athletes from all around the world.


Analysis and overview

The 2023 Brazilian Championship will be a peculiar edition. After seasons embittering Série B, Vasco da Gama and Cruzeiro are back in the elite, both in the SAF format. In order not to repeat the mistakes of the past, the giants invested heavily and promise to have a better performance this year.

In this sense, the 1959 and 1988 Brazilian champion, Bahia, along with the 1983 World champion, Grêmio, also celebrate their return to the football elite with many signs.

This was also the transfer window that featured one of the biggest operations in national football, due to the purchase of Gerson by Flamengo and the sale of Endrick by Palmeiras.

It is worth, then, a detailed description of the transfers that are stirring the largest market in the Americas.


The “Galo”, maintaining the tradition of previous years, he went to the market and made occasional signings to further strengthen his already powerful squad.


Who arrives:

  • Paulo Henrique, right back, teminated his contract with Juventude.
  • Paulinho, striker, on loan until June 2023, coming from Bayer Leverkusen. After that period, he will stay at Galo with a definitive contract.
  • Hyoran, the attacking midfielder, is back on loan from Bragantino and will be watched by Chacho Coudet.
  • Bruno Fuchs, defender, 1-year loan from CSKA Moscow.
  • Edenilson, midfielder, two-year contract, signed from Internacional. BRL 6 million
  • Igor Gomes, midfielder, negotiated the early arrival with São Paulo, which will keep 10% of a future sale of the player. The contract at Galo is until December 31, 2026.


Who leaves:

  • Nacho Fernández, sold to River Plate. BRL 10.6 million.
  • Jair joined Vasco da Gama.
  • Guga, Vitor Mendes and Keno, signed by Fluminense.
  • Rafael reinforces São Paulo.


The Furacão valued fiscal responsibility and did not disburse amounts to strengthen its team this season.

Who arrives:

  • Luciano Arriagada, striker, free on the market, former Colo-Colo (CH).
  • Madson, right back, free on the market, former Santos.

Who leaves:

  • Jader, attacking midfielder, on loan to Athletico Nacional until the end of 2023



The Tricolor de Aço, now a corporation from City Group, went shopping and paid R$9.5 million for Biel, from Fluminense. In addition, it managed to maintain its squad.

Who arrives

  • Marcos Felipe, goalkeeper, on loan from Fluminense.
  • Kanu, defender, on loan from Botafogo.
  • David Duarte, defender, loaned by Fluminense.
  • Biel, striker, bought from Fluminense for. BRL 9.5 million
  • Kayky, striker, on loan from Manchester City (EN).
  • Everaldo Stum, striker, terminated with Kashima Antlers (JP).
  • Raul Gustavo, defender, on loan from Corinthians until the end of 2023.

Who leaves:

  • Hyoran returns to Bragantino due to the end of his loan contract.



Despite the arrival of Textor, Fogão did not spend exorbitant amounts and made specific signings. The main one is the loan renewal of center back Victor Cuesta, a fundamental part of the 2022 season.

Who arrives:

  • Marlon Freitas, defensive midfielder, signed a pre-contract, was at Atlético-GO
  • Luis Segovia, defender, end of contract with Independiente Del Valle (EC).
  • Víctor Cuesta, defender from Internacional, had his loan renewed until the end of 2023.



The Timão, although it did not disburse expressive amounts in the transfer window, it did it indirectly. To count on Yuri Alberto definitively, they had to give away Robert Renan and Du Queiroz, young talents highly rated in the international market, who now join Zenit (RU).

Who arrives:

  • Romero, striker, free on the market, former Cruz Azul (MX).
  • Matheus Bidu, left winger, hired from Guarani, until the end of 2025. 20% of the winger’s economic rights, for an amount between R$ 1.5 and R$ 2 million.
  • Yuri Alberto, striker, hired permanently in exchange for Robert Renan (transferred now) and Du Queiroz (transferred in mid-2023).

Who leaves:

  • Raul Gustavo joins Bahia on loan.
  • Robert Renan, traded for Yuri Alberto along with Zenit (RU).
  • Ramiro and Matheus Vital, due to the end of their contract, join Cruzeiro.
  • Lucas Piton, sold to Vasco.



Who arrives:

  • William Pottker, striker, loan from Cruzeiro untill 2023.
  • Victor Luís, left back, free agent, after leaving Palmeiras.
  • Júnior Urso, defensive midfielder, free agent, after terminate his contract with Orlando City (US).
  • Robson, striker, bought from Fortaleza for BRL 2.2 million.



The Cabuloso, now SAF from Ronaldo Fenômeno, as expected, went to the market and signed relevant players. Wesley, striker, arrives from Palmeiras for the amount of BRL 16 million. The casualty is the loan of Edu, the team’s top scorer since his arrival.

Who arrives:

  • Matheus Vital, attacking midfielder, terminated with Corinthians, signing for three seasons.
  • Ramiro, midfielder, end of contract with Corinthians, contract until the end of 2024.
  • Nikão, midfielder arrives from São Paulo with a loan contract and option to buy.
  • Wesley, striker, hired from Palmeiras. Contract until 2026. BRL 16 million
  • Walisson, midfielder, hired from Ponte Preta, three-year contract.
  • William, right back, signs a productivity contract for one season, he was free.

Who leaves:

  • Edu, striker, on loan until June 2023 to Dibba Al Fujairah(UA).
  • Rafa Silva, striker, has signed a contract with Jeonbuk Motors (KR).



The Dourado, in this transfer window, spent R$ 9.5 million on signings, an amount considered expressive for the size of the club, which comes for its third participation in the elite of the Brasileirão in just 21 years of existence.

Who arrives:

  • Fernando Sobral, midfielder, hired from Ceará, contract until 2026. R$ 4 million
  • Isidro Pitta, striker, hired from Huesca (ES), contract until 2026. R$ 4.5 million

Who leaves:

  • Pepê joins Grêmio.
  • João Lucas sold to Santos.


The Clube da Gávea, unlike other seasons, it did not acquire multiple players, just one. The club settled on the return of midfielder Gérson, for the amount of BRL 85 million, one of the highest transactions in the history of Brazilian football.

Who arrives:

  • Gérson, midfielder, signed from Olympique de Marseille (FR), on a 5-year contract. BRL 85 million


  • Rodinei, right back, contract expired, went to Olympiacos.
  • Diego, midfielder, retiring.
  • Diego Alves, goalkeeper, will not renew his contract.


The Tricolor das Laranjeiras, traditional player revealing club, carried out the sale of Matheus Martins, which could reach BRL 32 million. On the other hand, he made good signings, with experienced players to be merged with youth talent.

Who arrives:

  • Jorge, left back, 1 year loan from Palmeiras.
  • Guga, right back, signed from Atlético-MG, contract until the end of 2025. BRL 1.5 million euros for 50% of economic rights.
  • Vitor Mendes, defender, loan from Atlético-MG until the end of 2023.
  • Lima, midfielder, hired from Ceará, contract until the end of 2025. BRL 2.8 million
  • Keno, striker, hired from Atlético-MG. BRL 5.6 million.

Who leaves:

  • Matheus Martins, striker, sale agreed with Udinese. EUR 6 million (BRL 32.6 million), with another EUR 3 million (BRL 16.3 million) of bonuses to be reached playing in Europe. Tricolor will keep 10% of the economic rights to profit from future sales.
  • David Duarte, Biel and Marcos Felipe joined Bahia.



Who arrives:

  • Dudu, right back, signed from Atlético-GO. Traded 40%, undisclosed amounts.
  • Pikachu, right winger and midfielder, on loan until the end of 2023 from Japan’s Shimizu S-Pulse.
  • João Ricardo, goalkeeper, free in the ex Ceará market, contract until the end of 2024.
  • Bruno Pacheco, left winger, hired from Ceará until the end of 2024. 80% of Bruno Pacheco’s rights for BRL 2 million.
  • Martín Lucero, striker, signed from Colo-Colo (CH). USD 1 million

Who leaves:

  • Robson, sold to Coritiba.


The Tricolor Gaúcho does not want to repeat the 2021 campaign and made important signings, disbursing high values. Approximately BRL 50 million were spent. Not to mention the hiring of Luís Suarez, received with great optimism by Grêmio supporters.

Who arrives:

  • Pepê, midfielder, signed from Cuiabá until the end of 2025. EUR 1.5 million – more than BRL 8 million at the current, price for 60%
  • Reinaldo, left winger, was free after not renewing with São Paulo, contract until 2024.
  • Felipe Carballo, midfielder, signed from Nacional (UY), until 2026. worth close to USD 3 million, (about BRL 16 million at current exchange rates)
  • Cristaldo, midfielder, signed from Hurucán (AR), until 2026 for USD 4.5 million, around BRL 24 million, the biggest signing in Grêmio’s history.
  • Luís Suarez, striker, free agent, contract until the end of 2024.
  • Fábio, right back, was at Nantes, contract until the end of 2024
  • João Pedro, right back, terminated his contract with Porto.


Who arrives:

  • Mário Fernandes, right back, on loan from CSKA Moscow (RU) untill the end of 2023.

Who leaves: 

  • Taison, offensive midfielder, terminated his contract and will play for PAOK (GR).
  • Braian Romero, striker, on loan for Tijuana (MX) por a year. Colorado will receive BRL 1.2 million


The Verdão agreed to sell the prodigy Endrick for BRL 336.6 million. But Palmeiras fans will be able to enjoy the boy in this Brasileirão, as he will only be released only in 2024.

Who arrives:

  • Gustavo Scarpa, midfielder, did not renew his contract, went to Nottingham Forrest (EN).
  • Endrick, striker, negotiated with Real Madrid (ES), but will stay until mid-2024.
  • Victor Luís, due to the end of his contract, joins Coxa.
  • Wesley, sold to Cruzeiro.
  • Jorge, sent on loan to Fluminense.


The Peixe, as promised by President Andrés Rueda, went shopping. In this transfer window, they spent BRL 22 million to keep Rodrigo Fernandez and Zanocelo, as well as acquiring right back João Lucas, a lacking position in Santos squad.

Who arrives:

  • João Lucas, right back, hired from Cuiabá, 3-year contract. BRL 6 million for 70%
  • Dodi, midfielder, terminated his contract with Kashiwa Reysol (JP), and signed a 3 year contract.
  • Messias, defender, hired from Ceará, 3-year contract.
  • Mendoza, striker, hired from Ceará, 3-year contract.
  • Rodrigo Fernandez, exercised the purchase option with Guarani from Paraguay. BRL 6 million
  • Zanocelo, exercised the purchase option with Ferroviária. 2 million euros (R$ 10.96 million) to buy 60% of the athlete’s rights.

Who leaves:

  • Madson, due to the end of his contract, joins Athletico Paranaense.

São Paulo: 

O Tricolor do Morumbi, despite the delicate financial situation, they made important purchases, including a World Cup player.

Who arrives:

  • Pedrinho, striker, on loan from Lokomotiv Moscow (RU) for one season.
  • Rafael, goalkeeper, signed by Atlético-MG for three seasons. BRL 5 million
  • Wellington Rato, midfielder signed by Atlético-GO for three seasons. BRL 5 million for 80% of the rights
  • Marcos Paulo, striker, on loan from Atletico Madrid (ES) for one season.
  • Jhegson Méndez: Ecuadorian midfielder who played in the last World Cup. He belonged to Los Angeles FC (US).

Who leaves:

  • Luizão, São Paulo released the defender to West Ham, from England, in exchange for 15% of the defender’s economic rights.
  • Nikão, on loan to Cruzeiro.
  • Reinaldo, after the end of his contract, joined Grêmio.
  • Léo Pelé, sold to Vasco.

Vasco da Gama

O Gigante da Colina, in SAF format from 777, does not even want to dream of a new relegation in the Brasileirão, therefore, they made very important signings, having spent approximately R$ 69 million in the transfer window.

Among them is Pedro Raul, Goiás’ highlight in the 2022 season. However, the club will not be financially destitute, considering that in addition to the support of 777, it sold Andrey Santos to Chelsea, for around BRL 75 million.

Who arrives:

  • Lucas Piton: left-back, signed from Corinthians, contract until the end of 2026 for EUR 3 million (BRL 16.6 million) for 60% of the player’s economic rights.
  • Pedro Raul, striker, signed from Kashiwa Reysol (JP) until the end of 2025 for USD 2 million. At current prices, the amount is around BRL 10.7 million.
  • Patrick de Lucca, defensive midfielder, at the end of his contract with Bahia, returns in this transfer window.
  • Léo Pelé, defender signed from São Paulo until the end of 2025 for USD 3 million (about BRL 16 million)
  • Robson Bambu, defender on loan from Nice (FR) until the end of 2023.
  • Pumita Rodríguez, Uruguayan right-back signed from Nacional (UY) signed a contract until the end of 2025 for USD 2 million (BRL 10.7 million)
  • Jair, midfielder signed from Atletico-MG until the end of 2025 for around BRL 15 million for 85% of the player’s economic rights

Who leaves:

  • Andrey Santos, midfielder, sold to Chelsea for EUR 12.5 million.
  • Yuri Lara, midfielder, went to Japanese football.

What to expect?

This is how the regional championships begin, which can serve as a good thermometer for coaches and fans, in order to measure the impact of signings made and players sold.

It is also important to highlight that the current transfer window is still open. Therefore, Calcio Deal will stay alert for any market moves.

What is your expectation? Did your team do well in the transfer window?

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Written by Vitor F L Miller e Henry Miller

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