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Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva agrees his return to Fluminense

Thiago Silva made his mark in Europe and returns to Fluminense, the club that introduced him to the world after 16 seasons. Thiago Silva has solidified himself as one of…



Grupo City City Football Group Gruppo City

The City Football Group Around the World

The City Football Group has announced a partnership with yet another club, Istanbul Başakşehir, from Turkey. Follow along as we track the progress of this conglomerate from the Abu Dhabi…

They’ll be Famous


Unlikely Heroes: Eder Euro 2016

The striker Éder is one of the greatest unlikely heroes in football. Today, in our series, we will recount Éder’s journey leading up to the powerful right-footed shot that gave…

Brasileirāo Almanac 2023

Serie A




International Football

Real Madrid campeão da La Liga 2023/24 Real Madrid champions of La Liga 2023/24 Real Madrid campione della La Liga 2023/24

Real Madrid champions of La Liga 2023/24.

Real Madrid champions of La Liga 2023/24. As we reach the end of the season and find Real Madrid lifting a trophy, it might seem like nothing new, which, in…


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