Champions League Final: Manchester City-Inter 1-0

Champions League final in Istanbul: Manchester City-Inter h.21.00

Referee: Marciniak (Poland)

The two teams show up with all the players available, Guardiola focuses on Halland’s strength in attack supported by De Bruyne behind. In midfield the couple Stones and Rodri act as a dam. On the outside on one side Bernardo Silva on the other Grealish, in defense in the center Ruben Dias on the sides Akè and Akanjii. Game form (3-2-4-1)

Inzaghi responds with Onana in goal, a three-way defense with Acerbi in the center and Darmian and Bastoni on the sides. 5-man midfield with Dumfries and Dimarco on the sides in the middle Brozovic directing with Calhanoglu and Barella on the inside sides. In attack he copies Lautaro-Dzeko. Game form(3-5-2)

Match commentary

formazioni Manchester City-inter finale di champions league

First half

Start of study match between the two teams. In the 3rd minute Manchester forward with Halland who is offside when it’s time to kick on goal. Right from the start City tries to press high with a continuous dribble, to try to get the Inter defense to open up, Inzaghi’s boys don’t reveal themselves. In the 5th minute there was an opportunity for Bernardo Silva, his shot went high over the crossbar of the goal defended by Onana.

City commands in midfield, Inter defends in order, the English move between the lines, spinning the ball where all the interpreters of Guardiola’s team are involved. Inzaghi’s boys have a wait-and-see attitude, ready to go on the counterattack. In fact, in the 9th minute Dimarco flies up the left wing and puts the City defense in difficulty, his cross is not exploited to the fullest by the neroazzurri forwards.

In the 13th minute Dimarco, particularly inspired, flies on the left wing and changes play towards Barella, who shoots on goal, the shot deflected for a corner. After these replies from Inter, City are more cautious in midfield and the game is more balanced between the two contenders. In the 19th minute Brozovic shot from outside the box his shot is high.

The match grows in intensity, with the match director who intervenes only for the indispensable by making the game flow. On 24′ opportunity for Barella following a mistake by goalkeeper Ederson, the Sardinian is unable to take advantage of the opportunity being too hasty. In the 26th minute Halland responded, his shot was blocked by a very attentive Onana. On 28′ it’s De Bruyne who shoots from outside, again Onana who blocks.

In this phase of the match there is very strong pressure from City which puts the black and blue midfield in a bit of difficulty. Englishmen trying to find the right spaces to overcome the Inter wall. In the 35th minute De Bruyne came out injured in place of him Foden.

de Bruyne sostituito con guardiola che consola

City has 63% possession of the ball, but Inter responds well to English territorial supremacy. In the 46th minute Akanji shot the ball over the crossbar. In the 47th minute the first half ends after two minutes of added time.

Balanced first half even if City had more territorial supremacy, Inzaghi’s team responded blow by blow to the actions of Guardiola’s men, however making themselves dangerous in Ederson’s parts.

Second half

The recovery restarts with the English trying to take territorial supremacy, the neroazzurri respond well to the pressing of the opponents, in some circumstances the referee Marciniak imprecise in the evaluation of the fouls. In the 54th minute, Calhanoglu tries from outside, his shot being blocked by an English defender. In the 55th minute Lukaku came in for Dzeko. In the 58th minute there was an opportunity for Lautaro who kicked hard as soon as he entered the penalty area, his shot was saved by Ederson. Perhaps the Argentine striker should have unloaded in the center in favor of one of his teammates, who is better placed in front of goal.

In the 59th minute, Barella was booked for having interrupted a clear attacking opportunity. In the 60th minute there was an opportunity for Ruben Dias, his header went high. In the 63rd minute the chance for City with Stones, the ball in a corner kick. In the 66th minute great defensive intervention by Bastoni on Halland. In the 67th minute City scored, Rodri collected a pass from the back and from inside the penalty area he took a precision shot to the left corner of the goal, nothing to do for Onana. Manchester City 1 Inter Milan 0.

At this point Inter moved forward to reach a draw and put the English rearguard in difficulty. In the 82nd minute Lukaku was booked for an imprudent foul play. In the 84th minute for Inter, Dimarco’s header hit the crossbar. In the 88th minute, a great opportunity for Lukaku, his shot was blocked by Ederson on the goal line. In the 89th minute Lukaku tries again, his shot goes wide. In the 93rd minute, Barella shot just wide.

In the 95th minute, after five minutes of added time, the Polish referee Marciniak whistled the end, decreeing the victory of Manchester City and its first Champions League.

Final conclusions

City wins their first Champions League and their second European cup. Guardiola his third Champions League, after the two victories with Barcelona in 2009 and 2011 and enters the circle of coaches who have won the top European competition with two different clubs. The English strongly wanted the cup but Inter didn’t give up. Inzaghi’s team would have deserved at least a draw and did not disfigure in front of the most popular opponents. Dimarco and Acerbi did very well among the Inter fans, who literally canceled out the feared Halland. Among Guardiola’s men Rodri scored the winning goal and Stones a great fighter in midfield.

The direction of the referee Marciniak was not brilliant, a slightly more attentive direction was expected from him.

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