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Copa Sudamericana 2024: Group Analysis

Copa Sul-americana 2024 Copa Sudamericana 2024 Coppa Sudamericana 2024

The groups for the 2024 Copa Sudamericana have been determined.

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Regulations of the Copa Sudamericana 2024

Before diving into the analysis of each group, let’s remind ourselves of the competition format.

In this initial phase, only the top-placed team qualifies directly for the round of 16. Those securing the second position will play two playoff matches, home and away, against the third-placed team from the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

Who will advance in this tournament that grows in importance year after year?

Group A – Defensa Y Justicia (ARG) – Independiente Medellin (COL) – César Vallejo (PER) – Always Ready (BOL)

A group where absolutely anything can happen.

The lineup includes teams with tradition in the international scene, such as Defensa y Justicia, champions of the 2020 Copa Sudamericana, and Independiente Medellin, third place in the 2003 Libertadores.

Meanwhile, Always Ready will leverage the altitude of 4,000 meters. The team based in El Alto, Bolivia, boasts the title of having the second-highest stadium in the world in terms of altitude. Simply impressive.

César Vallejo is the underdog with less tradition and fewer weapons to advance. Nevertheless, the team has been growing in the Peruvian scene and has been a constant presence in international competitions. Therefore, it’s not crazy to imagine they can take points off their opponents.

Defensa y Justicia vs. Platense, por la Copa LPF 2024: resumen, resultado y goles - TyC Sports

Image credits

Group B – Cruzeiro (BRA) Union La Calera (CHI) – Universidad Católica (EQU) – Alianza FC (COL)

A group in which, if everything goes according to plan, Cruzeiro should comfortably secure first place, possibly with some margin.

La Calera managed only one victory in four games in the Chilean Championship.

However, Chileans and Ecuadorians are likely to battle for the playoff spot, as Ecuador’s Universidad Católica is on the rise. In the current national championship, they’re in third place with two wins and a draw. They also had a good campaign in 2022, finishing third.

Alianza FC is an interesting case. Founded in 1990 as Alianza Petrolera, the modest Colombian team would already be participating in its first international competition, even more so now that the team has been rebranded. The institution relocated from Barrancabermeja to Valledupar, where it receives investments from private companies.

The official establishment of Alianza FC was on January 16, 2024, making it one of the youngest clubs in the world today.

However, despite having played twelve rounds already, the team has only managed three victories and sits in sixteenth place in the Colombian Apertura.

Cruzeiro alcança objetivo de final do Mineiro e volta a disputar título com vantagem após seis anos | cruzeiro | ge

Image: Gilson Lobo/AGIF

Group C – Internacional (BRA) – Delfin (EQU) – Belgrano (ARG) – Royal Tomayapo (BOL)

Once again, the Brazilian team appears to be far ahead of the others in the race for the top spot.

With the signings made in 2024, Internacional is expected to comfortably advance in first place. The team from Rio Grande do Sul is even the favourite, among others, to win the 2024 Copa Sudamericana.

Belgrano and Delfin are likely to compete for the group’s second spot. Both teams are not in great form but have more tradition than Royal Tomayapo, a Bolivian team founded in 1999.

Juventude x Internacional – Semifinal/Gauchão 2024 | Sport Club Internacional

Image: Reproduction Internacional

Group D – Boca Juniors (ARG) – Fortaleza (BRA)Nacional Potosí (BOL) – Sportivo Trinidense (PAR)

For those who believe Boca Juniors will have an easy path to first place, they are mistaken.

The team, led by President Riquelme, is struggling, despite reaching the final of the 2023 Copa Libertadores.

Not only did they fail to qualify for the competition they were runners-up in by the Argentine League, which, let’s face it, doesn’t have the same level of competitiveness as in the past, but the Xeneize are only in sixth place in Group B of the national Apertura.

Fortaleza, on the other hand, continues with a solid performance. They were finalists in the 2023 Copa Sudamericana and have had a good start to the year. They will qualify for the knockout stages of both the Copa do Nordeste and the Campeonato Cearense, with real chances of winning both competitions.

The potential game-changer and thorn in the side of Brazilians and Argentines could be Nacional Potosí. The Bolivian team finished fourth in the league in 2023 and is currently the leader of its group this year.

To make matters worse for their opponents, they play in Potosí, at an altitude of 3,960 meters, making it the third-highest stadium in the world, just behind Always Ready, as mentioned above.

Sportivo Trinidense makes their debut in international competitions and is unlikely to accumulate many points in the group.

Copa do Nordeste 2024: Fortaleza, CRB, Botafogo-PB e Treze estreiam com vitória na competição | copa do nordeste | ge

Image: Kid Jr./SVM

Group E – Athletico Paranaense (BRA)Danubio (URU) – Sportivo Ameliano (PAR) – Rayo Zuliano (VEN)

It seems redundant, but it’s necessary to say. Once again, a Brazilian team is the clear favourite to advance.

Two-time Copa Sudamericana champions and two-time Copa Libertadores runners-up, Athletico Paranaense continues with a consistent flow of work over the years. The team has a conscious management approach, recruiting promising and quality players.

The second spot in the group should go to Danubio, considering Uruguayan tradition, as Sportivo Ameliano and Rayo Zuliano lack any international experience.

Clubes derrubam o limite de número de inscritos no Paranaense de 2024; veja os detalhes

Image: Athletico

Group F – Corinthians (BRA) – Argentinos Juniors (ARG) – Racing Montevideo (URU) – Nacional (PAR)

Corinthians and Argentinos Juniors will battle it out for the top spot in the group.

Looking back, we could have considered Nacional from Paraguay as a potential contender for the second spot, given their frequent participation in international competitions.

However, Nacional’s 2024 campaign so far has been dreadful. They are currently at the bottom of the national league, with only 5 points from 9 matches.

Racing Montevideo also didn’t present anything special that could break the Brazil/Argentina dominance.

António Oliveira vai mudar o time do Corinthians contra Cianorte

Image: Rodrigo Coca / Agência Corinthians

Group G – Lanús (ARG) – Metropolitanos (VEN) – Cuiabá (BRA) – Deportivo Garcilaso (PER)

A group that should have restricted access for Brazilians and Argentines, once again.

Lanús is doing well in the Argentine League, being the second-placed team in their group.

Cuiabá, on the other hand, has been maintaining a good performance, staying in the competitive Brazilian Serie A with efficient and structured management.

The other teams, besides lacking tradition, are also not in good form in their respective leagues, which have a significantly lower level compared to others.

Grupo do Cuiabá na Sul-Americana 2024: conheça os times | copa sul-americana | ge

Image: Lanús

Group H – Racing (ARG) – Coquimbo Unido (CHI) – Sportivo Luqueño (PAR) – Red Bull Bragantino (BRA)

To wrap up, more of the same. First place should be contested point by point between Brazilians and Argentines, with a slight favoritism towards Red Bull Bragantino.

The Massa Bruta is in the semifinals of the most disputed state championship in Brazil. Furthermore, the team maintained the groundwork of their 2023 work, where the team from the São Paulo countryside spent several rounds in second place in the Brasileirão and finished the league in sixth position, entering the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana after being eliminated by Botafogo in the qualifying phase of the Libertadores.

Do you agree with the predictions made? Who will advance?

Paulistão: Red Bull Bragantino bate Inter de Limeira e vai às semis

Image: Diogo Reis/AGIF

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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