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Série B 2023: Vitória, league leaders is humiliated by CRB in a triumphant 6-0


Vitória, the league-leading, suffered a surprising and overwhelming defeat against CRB at a packed Rei Pelé Stadium.


CRB – Diogo Silva; Hereda, Fábio Alemão, Ramon Menezes (Gum) e Matheus Ribeiro; Falcão (Juninho Valoura), Lucas Lima (Auremir) e João Paulo; Leo Pereira, Anselmo Ramon (Rômulo) e Renato (Bruno Silva). Coach: Daniel Paulista.

VITÓRIA – Lucas Arcanjo; Yan Souto, Camutanga, Wagner Leonardo e Marcelo; Rodrigo Andrade (Gegê), Dudu e Thiago Lopes (Wellington Nem); Mateus Gonçalves (José Hugo), Iury Castilho (Léo Gamalho) e Osvaldo (Matheuzinho). Coach: Léo Condé.

CRB 6×0 Vitória

From the beginning of the game, CRB applied pressure. In the first minute, Anselmo Ramon unleashed a rocket towards the top corner, demanding a great save, and in the following play, João Paulo shot over the goal.

Both teams created good opportunities from corners. At the 12th minute, João Paulo delivered a cross to the near post, and Ramon headed it, but Lucas Arcanjo made the save. Vitória responded at the 19th minute when Yan rose for a header that narrowly missed the post.

Galo opened the scoring at the 23rd minute. In a rehearsed play, João Paulo delivered a free-kick into the box, Anselmo Ramon received it with speed and crossed it into the small area. The defense cleared it, the ball hit Ramon’s face and hit the crossbar, but Lucas Lima pounced on the rebound and found the back of the net.

CRB’s second goal came on a counter-attack at the 47th minute. CRB won the ball and quickly launched Léo Pereira with pace down the wing. Pereira crossed it to Anselmo Ramon at the far post, who laid it off for Fábio Alemão to slot into the back of the net.

CRB continued their onslaught and scored the third goal still in the first half, at the 50th minute. Marcelo Correa lost the ball in midfield, and João Paulo found Anselmo Ramon with a marvelous first-touch pass. Ramon then found Léo Pereira, who, one-on-one with the goalkeeper, made no mistake.

CRB 6 x 0 Vitória – Atropelada no líder dá esperança de G-4 para o Galo de Alagoas | Arivaldo Maia

Photo: Francisco Cedrim.

In the second half, Vitória came back stronger in the match. They missed an opportunity with José Hugo at the 5th minute. The forward received a deep pass from Wellington Nem but was stopped by Diogo Silva’s defense. At the 19th minute, Oswaldo took a free-kick, lifting the ball into the box, and Wagner Leonardo headed it. Goalkeeper Diogo Silva jumped and sent the ball out for a corner.

At the 27th minute, in another counter-attack, Anselmo Ramon sent Léo Pereira racing forward. The winger took a left-footed shot, and Lucas Arcanjo pushed it out for a corner.

Galo’s fourth goal came at the 31st minute. Matheus Ribeiro crossed, Anselmo Ramon headed it for a save by Lucas Arcanjo, but on the rebound, Bruno Silva slotted it into the back of the net from close range.

The Bahia team seemed disoriented, and just 3 minutes later, they conceded the fifth goal. CRB took a quick free-kick, and the pass found Bruno Silva behind the defense. The striker crossed, and João Paulo tapped it in without a goalkeeper for another goal.

To seal the deal, the sixth goal came at the 38th minute. Matheus Ribeiro stole the ball and sprinted forward. He received a pass from João Paulo and crossed it for Bruno Silva to slide it home from the small area. The final minutes were a celebration with the Alagoan fans chanting ‘olé.’

With the defeat, the Serie B leader has gone three games without a win, sitting at 49 points, while CRB, in a recovery campaign, climbed to ninth place with 42 points. CRB is now undefeated in 10 home games, with seven wins and three draws, and hasn’t lost in the competition for eight rounds.”


Photo: Francisco Cedrim.


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Written by Henry Miller.

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