Cuiabá: Almanac Brasileirão 2023


Cuiabá Esporte Clube.


December 12, 2001.


Arena Pantanal. Capacity 44,097 spectators.

Arena Pantanal – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre


Golden fish

Kits and Sporting Goods Suplier

Despite wearing shirts produced by Umbro, it has no link with any sports material supplier.

Shirt nº 1 yellow and green, shirt nº 2 white.

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Master sponsor

Cuiabá does not have a Master Sponsor in 2023. At the beginning of the year, the club announced the end of the partnership with Sicredi, which had occupied space on the uniform since 2015.

Main titles

11 Campeonatos Mato-grossenses: 2003, 2004, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 e 2022

2 Copas Verde: 2015 e 2019

Ranking in the Last 3 Brasileiros

2020: 4º Place of Série B, 61 points, 17 wins, 10 draws e 11 defeats, 48 goals scored e 40 goals conceded.

2021: 15º Place , 47 points, 10 wins, 17 draws e 11 defeats, 34 goals scored e 37 goals conceded.

2022: 16º Place , 41 points, 10 wins, 11 draws e 17 defeats, 31 goals scored e 42 goals conceded.

Main Signings for the Season:

  • Fernando Sobral, defensive midfielder, hired from Ceará, contract until 2026. R$ 4 million.
  • Isidro Pitta, striker, hired from Huesca, contract until 2026. R$ 4.5 million.
  • Raniele, defensive midfielder, hired from Avai, contract until 2026. R$ 3.65 million.
  • Ceppelini, midfielder, free on the market, contract until the end of the year.
  • Wellington Silva, striker, free on the market, signs with Dourado permanently until the end of the Brazilian Championship, with an option to renew.


Ivo Vieira, 46 years old, was at Gil Vicente and arrives to replace António Oliveira.



WalterWalter, nº 1, Brazilian, 18/11/1987 (35 years)
João CarlosJoão Carlos, nº 21, Brazilian, 06/04/1988 (35 years)
Vinicius BarretaVinicius Barreta, nº 26, Brazilian, 16/04/1999 (24 years)


Alan EmpereurAlan Empereur, nº 33, Brazilian, 10/03/1994 (29 years)

MarllonMarllon, nº 4, Brazilian, 16/04/1992 (31 years)

AllysonAllyson, nº 34, Brazilian, 23/10/1990 (32 years)

VitãoVitão, nº 3, Brazilian, 17/09/2000 (22 years)

João MaraniniJoão Maranini, nº 30, Brazilian, 20/07/2002 (20 years) – formed in the youth squad.

Right backs:

MatheusinhoMatheusinho, nº 98, Brazilian, 07/10/1998 (24 years)

Matheus AlexandreMatheus Alexandre, nº 2, Brazilian, 07/04/1999 (24 years)

Left backs:

UendelUendel, nº 6, Brazilian, 08/10/1988 (34 years)

Juan TavaresJuan Tavares, Brazilian, 25/04/2002 (20 years)

Patric Calmon :: Itaro Patric Cardoso Calmon :: CuiabáPatric Calmon, nº 94, Brazilian, 05/07/1994 (28 years)

Defensive Midfilders:

RanieleRaniele, nº 14, Brazilian, 31/12/1996 (26 years)

RonaldRonald, nº 8, Brazilian, 18/06/1997 (25 years)

Filipe AugustoFilipe Augusto, nº 5, Brazilian, 12/08/1993 (29 years)

Ricardo CerqueiraRicardo Cerqueira, nº 54, Brazilian, 29/12/2002 (20 years) – formed in the youth squad.

Fernando SobralFernando Sobral, nº 88, Brazilian, 17/12/1994 (28 years)

Rafael GavaRafael Gava, nº 28, Brazilian, 20/05/1993 (29 years)


Pablo CeppeliniPablo Cappelini, nº 10, Uruguayan, 11/09/1991 (31 years)

Lucas CardosoLucas Cardoso, nº 23, Brazilian, 03/08/2000 (22 years)

DenilsonDenilson, nº 27, Brazilian, 23/03/2001 (22 years)

Vinícius BoffVinícius Boff, nº 20, Brazilian, 10/02/1999 (24 years)


Nicolás QuagliataQuagliata, nº 25, Uruguayan, 05/06/1999 (23 years)

Emerson NeguebaEmerson Negueba, nº 17, Brazilian, 24/11/2000 (22 years)

Gabryel FreitasGabryel Freitas, nº 84, Brazilian, 28/10/2002 (20 years) – formed in the youth squad.

Wellington SilvaWellington Silva, nº 11, Brazilian, 06/01/1993 (30 years)

Jonathan CafúJonathan Cafú, nº 7, Brazilian, 10/07/1991 (31 years)

RikelmeRikelme, nº 13, Brazilian, 16/07/2003 (19 years) – formed in the youth squad.


Isidro PittaIsidro Pitta, nº 9, Paraguayan, 14/08/1999 (23 years)

DeyversonDeyverson, nº 16, Brazilian, 08/05/1991 (31 years)

Iury CastilhoIury Castilho, Brazilian, 06/09/1995 (27 years)

Players formed in the club’s youth academy:

João Maranini, nº 30, Brazilian, 20/07/2002 (20 years)

Ricardo Cerqueira, nº 54, Brazilian, 29/12/2002 (20 years)

Gabryel Freitas, nº 84, Brazilian, 28/10/2002 (20 years)

Rikelme, nº 13, Brazilian, 16/07/2003 (19 years)

Cuiabá has 4 players formed at the base in its professional squad, however none of them usually play in the starting lineup.

Market Value

19,08 mi. € according to

Probable Starting Lineup for the Brazilian Championship 2023

Walter; Matheus Alexandre (Mateusinho), Marllon, Alan Empereur e Patric Calmon; Fernando Sobral, Raniele, Pablo Ceppelini e Quagliata (Emerson Negueba); Jonathan Cafú, e Pitta (Deyverson).

Most used formation:

4-3-3, 4-2-3-1.

Calcio Deal Review About The Squad

In order to have a calmer 2023, Cuiabá made several signings, some of them the biggest (in value) in the club’s history, such as striker Pitta and defensive midfielders Fernando Sobral and Raniele, however the team is considered one of the most fragile in Série A .

Under the command of the Portuguese Ivo Vieira, Dourado plays in the 4-2-3-1, alternating the midfielder duo a lot. Names such as Ceppelini, Denilson, Ronald, Raniele and Filipe Augusto have already played as part of a duo, but the most famous figure is the Uruguayan midfielder, who dictates the rhythm of the team.

In the Mato-Grossense Championship, and in the Green Cup, Dourado was a possession team that progressed through the offensive field with short and quick passes, however with the Brazilian Championship we should observe a team with a more defensive and reactive posture, in view of the qualities and characteristics of its cast.

In this sense, we put Cuiabá in the fight against relegation in the Brazilian Championship.

Spot Expectation for Calcio Deal

Fight against relegation.

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Written by Henry Miller.

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