Completed the first leg matches of the 2023/24 Champions League round of 16

Champions League 2023/24 galeno porto arsenal 16 round oitavas de final

The first steps towards the quarter-finals of the 2023/24 Champions League have been taken.

In the first leg matches of the round of 16 of the competition, especially in this second batch of matches, the goal average was quite low, contrary to the tournament’s goal-scoring tradition.

Follow along with us how these matches went and the peculiarities of these games.

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PSV 1 x 1 Borussia Dortmund – 2023/24 Champions League

Dutch and German teams faced each other in the city of Eindhoven.

Right at the beginning of the match, both teams adopted a similar style of play. They sought to penetrate through the middle using quick touches and combinations, clustering players near the ball.

In this way, the teams created good opportunities until the 20th minute.

But it was at the 23rd minute that the most effective law on the planet did its job, the Law of the Ex. Jokes aside, former PSV player and currently representing Dortmund, Malen, receives the ball in the central region, near the opposing area. He then goes for the individual play, clears the marking, and unleashes a bomb.

It even grazes the defense, enough to find the space between the post and the glove of goalkeeper Benitez. In celebration, arms raised, as if apologizing to his former club. Anyway, it’s 1-0 Dortmund.

From there, PSV picked up the pace in search of the equalizer, creating at least three goal-scoring opportunities. Each one in its own style. Whether it was through aerial balls, elaborated plays, or even long passes.

The first half ended with Dortmund in the lead.

In the second half, PSV continued to search for the goal, which came without delay.

In a controversial move, Hummels slides inside the box. He even manages to touch the ball, but along with that, he presents the studs of his boot to Tillman. The referee considered the entry of the German defender reckless, signaling the penalty immediately.

On the kick, the endless De Jong, shot firmly and crossed, to beat goalkeeper Meyer.

Thus, both PSV and Borussia Dortmund created opportunities throughout the match, but none of them extremely clear.

Despite playing slightly better, the Dutch team goes to Germany in search of qualification, which will be difficult due to the pressure exerted by the Yellow Wall.

PSV e Borussia Dortmund ficam no empate em jogo de ida das oitavas de final da Champions - Jogada - Diário do Nordeste


Inter 1 x 0 Atlético de Madrid – 2023/24 Champions League

It was a cheap result for the Madrid team.

In a match played at the Giuseppe Meazza, Inter could have opened a much larger lead than 1-0.

With the exception of a few good plays by Brazilian Samuel Lino on the left wing, Atlético de Madrid created little and ended the match with only seven shots, none of them on target.

Inter, on the other hand, shot nineteen times. Arnautovic, who came on for Thuram, (who had a great first half but was substituted due to injury) and Lautaro Martinez missed at least three clear chances each.

Thus, the game seemed to be heading for an unjust 0-0, but at the 78th minute, Inter regained the ball in the attacking half. Lautaro carries it, shoots, and Oblak makes a good save. On the rebound, Arnautovic arrives and shoots to score the goal.

With this, the Nerazzurri leave their home turf with at least an advantage, but a dangerous one, as the Spaniards have all the conditions to reverse the score. The missed goals may have a price.

Inter de Milão bate o Atlético de Madrid na Champions


Porto 1 x 0 Arsenal – 2023/24 Champions League

In a little eventful match, Porto managed to win in the end, taking advantage in the duel and with good possibilities for the match in London.

Arsenal did not play well. Despite having 65% of possession, the team had only seven shots, none of them on the opposing goal.

The Gunners circulated the ball a lot, albeit without purpose.

Porto, on the other hand, when they had the chance, managed to be sharper and more dangerous.

Brazilian Galeno had an interesting moment when he shot inside the box with force. The ball hit the post and came back to him with impressive speed. Nevertheless, he had the necessary reaction time to shoot again. However, it went wide.

However, it was all about him. In the last play of the match, Galeno receives a ball from afar, adjusts his body, and shoots with great skill. A great goal from Galeno to give the Portuguese an advantage.

FC Porto defeat Arsenal ::

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Napoli 1 x 1 Barcelona – 2023/24 Champions League

In this duel between Italians and Spaniards, equality on the scoreboard, but a great disparity on the field.

When the phase is not favorable, good performances on the field are not enough.

You might have been in doubt, since neither team is in a good moment. However, we’re talking about Barcelona.

The Culés were superior throughout the match. Especially with the connections between Lamine Yamal, Gundogan, and Lewandowski.

Thus, they suffocated Napoli, which produced very little. The team from southern Italy seemed to have no prospect of victory, especially after the Barcelona striker scored a beautiful goal, opening the scoring at 60 minutes.

However, Napoli also has an extraordinary striker, Victor Osimhen. In his team’s only clear chance, he receives the ball on the pivot and turns very easily on Iñigo Martínez. The Barcelona defender is thrown to the ground with the collision from the Nigerian, who goes face to face with Ter Stegen. At the moment of the shot, a well-placed and conscious finish.

With the goal, Napoli stays alive for the return leg, but if they want to qualify, they will need to significantly improve their performance in the return match.

Who will be the qualifiers for the quarter-finals of the 2023/24 Champions League?

Victor Osimhen earns Napoli Champions League first-leg draw with Barcelona

Image: Reproduction Keep Up

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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