Flamengo is undefeated Carioca 2024 champion


Flamengo lived up to its favoritism and clinched the Campeonato Carioca title in an undefeated manner, proving to be far superior to its opponents.

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Flamengo vence Nova Iguaçu e conquista o Carioca de forma invicta | CNN Brasil


Campaign of Flamengo until the title

Mengão’s campaign was marked by dominant performances, a deadly attack, and above all, a solid defense.

Throughout the Campeonato Carioca, the team led by Tite conceded only 1 goal in 15 games, with an excellent average of 0.07 goals conceded per game. This goal was conceded in the group stage against Nova Iguaçu, however, Flamengo entered the match with a completely reserve team, filled with youth academy players.

Due to the preseason held in the United States, Flamengo faced Nova Iguaçu and Portuguesa in the initial rounds with a reserve team and had 2 draws. However, when the starting lineup took the field, they won all the group stage matches, except for the 0-0 draw with Vasco.

They finished the initial phase in first place and faced Fluminense in the semifinals. In the first leg, with Fluminense as the home team, Flamengo was dominant, had ample control throughout much of the 90 minutes, and won 2-0.

In the second leg, Flamengo could lose by up to 2 goals difference, and still qualify for the final, as they had the advantage of two equal scores to advance, due to having a better campaign. The defense remained solid, the match ended 0-0, and Flamengo secured their spot in the grand final for the sixth consecutive time.

On the other side, Flamengo faced Nova Iguaçu, the great surprise of the Cariocão. The modest team had a great championship, with a very particular style of play, played with courage, knocked down giants, and reached the final against Rubro-Negro with great merit.

Nova Iguaçu had the second-best campaign in the group stage. In the semifinal, they passed Vasco with a 1-1 draw in the first leg and a 1-0 victory in the second leg.

Nova Iguaçu 0-3 Flamengo

The final brought together the two top scorers of the Campeonato Carioca, with Pedro for Flamengo and Carlinhos for Nova Iguaçu.

Nova Iguaçu had the difficult task of stopping the powerful Flamengo at Maracanã and was courageous, maintaining its aggressive style of play, but was no match for the solid Rubro-Negro defense.

In the 9th minute, Cebolinha took a corner kick to the near post, Pedro flicked it with a backheel, and Fabrício made a great save.

In the next play, Cebolinha crossed and Fabrício Bruno headed it to the crossbar.

In the 17th minute, Xandinho fouled Ayrton Lucas in the box. Pedro took the penalty and converted, opening the scoring for Flamengo.

In the 32nd minute of the 1st half, Xandinho received from Albert and shot from outside the box. Rossi dived to the corner and sent it out for a corner kick.

In the 40th minute, Luiz Araújo crossed perfectly to Pedro, alone in the small area. The top scorer shot first-time, and Fabrício made a spectacular save with his foot.

In the 48th minute, Pedro, took advantage of the rebound in the area, headed it, and scored again, however, VAR observed the striker’s offside position, and the goal was disallowed.

Flamengo extended their lead in the 7th minute of the second half, again with Pedro. Cebolinha received the ball quickly from the left and crossed for Pedro to tap it into the net and score Flamengo’s second goal.

The Rubro-Negro closed the scoring in the 31st minute. Pedro tried to chip Ronald, who tried to clear it, but ended up sending it into his own net, lobbing the goalkeeper Fabrício.

With the 3-0 victory, Flamengo practically secured their title, which would be decided at Maracanã.

Flamengo mete três no Nova Iguaçu e coloca a mão na taça do Cariocão – Tribuna Norte Leste

Photo: André Durão

Flamengo 1-0 Nova Iguaçu

With a vast advantage, Flamengo played a secure game, without taking too many risks, and relied on a great goal from Bruno Henrique to once again defeat Nova Iguaçu and become Carioca champions for the 38th time.

In the 5th minute, Albert took a strong shot from outside the box, and the ball passed close to the post.

In the 16th minute, Lucas Campos headed to Xandinho, who tried to chip Rossi, but exaggerated the force and sent it over the goal.

In the 45th minute, Ayrton Lucas passed to Cebolinha in the box, who hit the crossbar.

In the 47th minute, Cebolinha made a great pass and left Arrascaeta face to face with the goalkeeper. The Uruguayan shot with his left foot, and Fabrício made a great save.

In the 2nd minute of the second half, Cebolinha hit the crossbar once again. The forward placed the shot, and the ball hit the left post of Fabrício.

In the 5th minute, Arrascaeta received a stylish pass from Pedro, hit a strong left-footed shot, and hit the outside of the net.

In the 14th minute, Nova Iguaçu’s defense failed to clear Pedro’s cross, and the ball fell to Cebolinha, who dribbled and passed to De La Cruz. He shot, the ball went past the goalkeeper, but when it was going to enter, Yan Silva made the goal-line clearance and cleared the danger.

Flamengo opened the scoring in the 26th minute. Ayrton Lucas crossed low, Bruno Henrique hit it first-time into the top corner, with no chance for goalkeeper Fabrício.

With the victory, Flamengo celebrated and crowned an impeccable campaign, which they had throughout the tournament. They won their seventh Campeonato Carioca undefeated and became the greatest winner, also in this aspect, surpassing Vasco, who has 6 titles in this way.

Pedro finished the competition as the top scorer alone, with 11 goals, followed by Carlinhos from Nova Iguaçu with 8 goals.

Assista aos melhores momentos de Flamengo 1 x 0 Nova Iguaçu, pelo Campeonato Carioca

Photo: Lance!


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