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Fluminense Football Club


July 21, 1902


Manuel Schwartz (Laranjeiras), but usually plays at  Jornalista Mário Filho Stadium (Maracanã), capacity 78,883 spectators.

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Shirts and Sporting Goods Supplier

Umbro. Shirt No. 1 tricolor (white, burgundy and green), shirt No. 2 white

Master Sponsor

Betano, pays Fluminense about 10 million reais a year.

Main Titles

1 Copa Rio: 1952

4 Campeonatos Brasileiros: 1970, 1984, 2010 e 2012

1 Copa do Brasil: 2007

33 Campeonatos Cariocas: 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1924, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941, 1946, 1951, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1995, 2002, 2005, 2012, 2022 e 2023.

Ranking in the Last 3 Brasileiros

2020: 5th place, 64 points, 18 wins, 10 draws and 10 losses, 55 goals scored and 42 goals conceded.

2021: 7th place, 54 points, 15 wins, 9 draws and 14 losses, 38 goals scored and 38 goals conceded.

2022: 3rd place, 70 points, 21 wins, seven draws and 10 losses, 63 goals scored and 41 goals conceded.

Main Signings for the Season

Jorge, left back, 1 year loan from Palmeiras.

Guga, right back, signed from Atlético-MG, contract until the end of 2025. 1.5 million euros for 50% of economic rights

Vitor Mendes, defender, loan from Atlético-MG until the end of 2023.

Lima, midfielder, hired from Ceará, contract until the end of 2025. R$ 2.8 million

Keno, winger, hired from Atlético-MG. 5.6 million reais.

Marcelo, left-back, free transfer after termination with Olympiacos of Greece, Contract until the end of 2024 with an option to renew for another year.

Lelê, striker, highlight of Volta Redonda signed a pre-contract with Flu and will arrive after the end of Cariocão, loan contract until the end of 2023 with option to purchase.

Gabriel Pirani, loan from Santos until December 2023.


Fernando Diniz, 49 years old, at Fluminense since May 2022. One of the biggest names in the new generation of Brazilian coaches, he likes to play “functional” football that has been working very well for Laranjeiras.

Ronaldo defende Fernando Diniz como técnico da seleção: 'um atrativo'



Fabio 3x4 so frescatto sliderFábio, nº 1, Brazilian, 09/30/1980 (42 years)

Pedro rangel so frescatto sliderPedro Rangel, nº 22, Brazilian, 06/29/2000 (22 years) – Formed in the youth squad

Vitor eudes png sliderVitor Eudes, nº 98, Brazilian, 10/21/1998 (24 years)


Vitor mendes sliderVitor Mendes, nº 4, Brazilian, 04/13/1999 (24 years)

Manoel 3x4 so frescatto sliderManoel, nº 26, Brazilian, 02/26/1990 (33 years)

David braz novo uniforme 3x4 serio sliderDavid Braz, nº 44, Brazilian, 05/21/1987 (35 years)

Nino 3x4 so frescatto sliderNino, nº 33, Brazilian, 04/10/1997 (26 years)

Luan freitas 3x4 %281%29 sliderLuan, nº 40, Brazilian, 20/01/2001 (22 years) – Formed in the youth squad


Samuel xavier 3x4 serio sliderSamuel Xavier, nº 2, Brazilian, 06/06/1990 (32 years)

Guga flu png sliderGuga, nº 23, Brazilian, 08/29/1998 (24 years)


Jorge png sliderJorge, nº 6, Brazilian, 28/03/1996 (27 years)

Marcelo png 2 sliderMarcelo, nº 12, Brazilian, 12/05/1988 (34 years) – Formed in the youth squad

Defensive Midfilders:

Felipe melo 3x4 so frescatto sliderFelipe Melo, nº 30, Brazilian, 06/26/1983 (39 years)

Alexsander 3x4 sliderAlexsander, nº 5, Brazilian, 10/08/2003 (19 years) – Formed in the youth squad

Thiago santos 3x4 sliderThiago Santos, nº 29, Brazilian, 09/05/1989 (33 years)

Andre 3x4 serio sliderAndré, nº 7, Brazilian, 07/16/2001 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad


Martinelli 3x4 serio sliderMartinelli, nº 8, Brazilian, 10/05/2001 (21 years) – Formed in the youth squad

Pirani 3x4 %282%29 sliderGabriel Pirani, nº 20, Brazilian, 04/12/2002 (20 years)

Attacking Midfilder:

Lima png sliderLima, nº 45, Brazilian, 06/11/1996 (26 years)

Ph ganso 3x4 so frescatto sliderPaulo Henrique Ganso, nº 10, Brazilian, 10/12/1989 (33 years)

Giovanni manson sliderGiovanni, nº 37, Brazilian, 01/31/2002 (21 years)


Jhon arias 3x4 serio sliderJhon Arias, nº 21, Colombian, 09/21/1997 (25 years)

Jhon kennedy 3x4 so frescatto sliderKennedy, nº 39, Brazilian, 05/18/2002 (20 years) – Formed in the youth squad

Marrony 3x4 serio sliderMarrony, nº 38, Brazilian, 02/05/1999 (24 years)

Keno png sliderKeno, nº 25, Brazilian, 09/10/1989 (33 years)


Cano 3x4 frescatto %281%29 sliderGerman Cano, nº 14, Argentine, 0201/02/1988 (35 years)

Lele 3x4 sliderLelê, nº 99, Brazilian, 10/01/1997 (25 years)

Alexandre jesus 3x4 so frescatto sliderAlexandre Jesus, nº 19, Brazilian, 10/16/2001 (21 years)

Alan 3x4 so frescatto sliderAllan, nº 18, dual nationality: Brazilian and Chinese, 07/10/1989 (33 years)

Players Formed in the Youth Academy

Pedro Rangel, nº 22, Brazilian, 06/29/2000 (22 years)

Luan, nº 40, Brazilian, 20/01/2001 (22 years)

Marcelo, nº 12, Brazilian, 12/05/1988 (34 years)

Alexsander, nº 5, Brazilian, 10/08/2003 (19 years)

André, nº 7, Brazilian, 07/16/2001 (21 years)

Martinelli, nº 8, Brazilian, 10/05/2001 (21 years)

Kennedy, nº 39, Brazilian, 05/18/2002 (20 years)

Fluminense has stood out in the last few decades for revealing several football gems, and in this year of 2023, the team has excellent values coming from Xerém. In the spotlight, we have the full-back Marcelo, who was revealed by Fluminense in 2005, as well as André and Martinelli, who have been Diniz’s favorites to play in midfield, and also the versatile Alexsander, who is a defensive midfielder by origin but has put in good performances on the left and in the middle, especially in the 2nd game of the Cariocão final.

Market Value

64.40 mi. in Euros, according to transfermarkt.com

Probable Starting Team for the Brasileirão 2023

Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Felipe Melo e Nino, Marcelo, André, Martinelli (Alexsander), Ganso, Arias, Keno e Cano

Most Used Formations

Considering that Fluminense, trained by Diniz, mainly in the offensive phase, uses a “functional” attack that attacks spaces and where each player does not have a fixed position and floats through the attacking field, it becomes difficult to define which formation is most used. However, Diniz does not give up on a line of four at the back and a good defensive midfielder and another midfielder who participates more in the attacking plays. Therefore, he usually uses schemes such as 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-2-2, which always change during the match.

Calcio Deal Review About the Squad

Fluminense started the year 2023 very well, with a touch football style, a lot of approximation, movement, and space attack. The team has been in great ascendancy since last year’s Brasileirão, in which it finished 3rd with 70 points and great performances.

At the beginning of this season, the team maintained the base from last year and made specific signings such as the full-back Marcelo and winger Keno, who fit in perfectly with the team.

Fluminense has a very strong team from the goalkeeper to the attack, which shows great synergy across all phases of the field. This is because of the coach Fernando Diniz, who values a played football, full of movements of approximation and rupture. No one in his team has a specific place to play. The players, especially the attacking ones, are free to adjust their positions according to the course of the plays.

The team usually starts with the ball out from the full-backs or the first defensive midfielder (André), and the ball is constantly exchanged until space is found for the final shot. Ganso, the number 10 of Flu, is a key player in this scheme, organizing the team like no one else. When he needs to hold the ball, he can do it. When he needs to pass it, he does it, sometimes with just one touch or none, leaving his teammates face to face with the goal.

Moreover, Fluminense has a very versatile and complete attacking trio. Arias is the engine of the team, he is everywhere at any time. With him, there is no bad time. On the other hand, Keno holds a little more on the left, trying to play a little more aggressively, while Cano moves to find spaces between the lines and the opposing defense, always looking for the final shot.

The main improvement of Diniz’s team compared to last season is the defensive consistency. Fluzão has goalkeeper Fábio, who boasts experience and is known for performing miracles, Nino, who has been one of the best defenders in Brazil since last year, and Felipe Melo, who was pulled back to the defense and has been playing well. In addition, the gem of Xerém, André, is the guy from the defensive system who needs no introduction.

If Fluminense maintains the performance of the beginning of the season, and the players on the bench adapt to the rotation of the starting team when needed, there is no way not to consider Fluminense as a candidate for the title of Brasileirão 2023.

Cassification Expectation for Calcio Deal

Title Candidate.


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