Friendly International Spain 3 x 3 Brazil

Amistoso Internacional Espanha 3 x 3 Brasil endrick yamal Friendly International Spain 3 x 3 Brazil Amichevole Internazionale Spagna 3 x 3 Brasile

Friendly International Spain 3 x 3 Brazil. The teams faced off at the Santiago Bernabéu on March 26, 2024.

Join us as we explore everything that surrounded this highly symbolic match.

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The Vinicius Jr case and racism in Spain

It’s no news that Brazil has been struggling to face European teams in World Cups.

Considering this stumbling block, the CBF sought to organize friendlies against European teams.

Last Saturday, the Canarinho Selection faced England and now it was up against Spain.

The choice of Spain as an opponent was not by chance. Both federations scheduled the friendly to symbolize the fight against racism, with Vinicius Jr as the face of the campaign, who has been facing prejudice from the stands in La Liga matches.

Thus, before the match, the Real Madrid forward gave a press conference, in which he showed he was tired of being chosen to carry this flag.

Furthermore, he said that if it weren’t for those who would benefit from his fight, he would have already stopped.

All this makes us reflect. Was there any real intention from the Spanish and Brazilian federations to create a milestone in the fight against racism or was this just a means to promote the match.

There, at the press conference, it became clear that Vinicius Jr is alone in this very important issue for society. We saw no one connected to the RFEF present to show solidarity, nor representatives of the CBF. President Edinaldo Rodrigues, a black man who claims to be sympathetic to the cause, also did not speak out.

The fact is that Vini expressed his feelings and broke into tears, which were applauded by the journalists present.

The question arises. Does all this situation deserve applause?

Vinicius Jr is only 23 years old and already carries on his shoulders the responsibility of being the main player of the biggest team on the planet, as well as of the greatest national team in history.

Vini Jr chora ao relatar luta constante contra o racismo: "Cada vez tenho menos vontade de jogar" | seleção brasileira | ge

Image: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP


When we delve into the events of the match, we will notice why refereeing was one of the most controversial topics of the friendly.

Preliminarily, contrary to the other matches of this FIFA date, the RFEF communicated that the use of VAR was not necessary, dispensing with this device, which from what we noticed, is indispensable for a football match nowadays.

As if that were not enough, the referee appointed for the match would be the Portuguese João Pinheiro, but on the eve he was replaced by his compatriot, referee António Nobre.

The reason would have been an injury to João Pinheiro.

Gaciba vê três erros graves em arbitragem de Espanha x Brasil - ESPN

Image: Reproduction ESPN Brazil

Friendly International Spain 3 x 3 Brazil

Regarding the football match, let’s get to the facts.

Spain, from the first touch on the ball, set a frantic pace. Brazil simply had no idea how to overcome the pressure of ball recovery, nor how to adjust their marking.

At times, Lamine Yamal, the impressive 16-year-old boy who was the best on the pitch, and Nico Willians were overwhelming in marking.

Often the Spanish wingers found themselves in 1×1 situations with the Brazilian full-backs, Danilo and Wendel, who were outmatched in marking.

That was how, just 10 minutes in, Lamine Yamal made a great play passing through the entire Brazilian defensive system and entered the box. When João Gomes came to mark him, Yamal simulated the penalty and the referee, in a shameful manner, pointed to the spot.

In reality, not all players understood that it was a penalty. There was no conviction from the Portuguese referee. He looked at the assistant behind him for some explanation, which did not come.

On the penalty kick, Rodri struck it firmly down the middle and opened the scoring for the home team.

The Spanish pressure continued at a staggering pace.

By the 35th minute, the Furia extended their lead. At least four good chances had already been created. They had total control of the actions.

At that time, Dani Olmo, who was tested and approved in the playmaker position, simply nutmegged Beraldo inside the box, dribbled past João Gomes, and placed a shot to beat Bento. A true masterpiece from the Spanish midfielder.

The Brazilian damage could have been much worse, but football demands a price.

In a misguided goal kick by goalkeeper Unai Simón, Rodrygo intercepted the pass and, thinking very quickly, chipped Simón with a lob from outside the box. Another fantastic goal, scored at the 39th minute.

Spain even had more chances to extend their lead before the end of the first half, but they didn’t materialize.

The second half came and, for those who thought it was impossible to play at such high intensity for so long, they were wrong. The Furia returned with full force and in the first three minutes had good opportunities to extend their lead.

However, at the 49th minute, the star of one of those who has everything to be one of the great names in world football shone again; Endrick.

The prodigious boy came on at halftime. Brazil had their first corner kick of the match. The ball bounced off the defense and fell cleanly to the young goal-scoring man, who blasted it first-time, without letting the ball drop, to equalize the match.

After that, the game became a bit more open. Spain created the best opportunities and had control of the match, but due to physical reasons, they began to concede some spaces to Brazil.

Soon after, at the 87th minute, Carvajal was sent in speed into the box, clashed with Beraldo, and another penalty was awarded to Spain. Once again, an absolutely absurd penalty. The players and coaching staff of Brazil were simply incredulous with another serious error.

Rodri, once again, stepped up to take the penalty and converted it.

Just when it seemed all over and frustration took hold of Brazilian hearts, Yan Couto crossed to Galeno, who, while trying to escape Carvajal’s marking, was clearly held by the full-back. Penalty for Brazil. One of the many that could have been awarded, as Fabricio Bruno had been grabbed inside the box several times during corner kicks.

As reported, Endrick would have grabbed the ball to take the penalty, but in the end, it was the captain, Lucas Paquetá, who stepped up to take it and beat goalkeeper Unai Simón, equalizing the match.

In summary, the game was full of dualities. While Spain did have total control of the match and piled on opportunities, 2/3 of their goals were scored in bizarre plays provided by the terrible refereeing.

Brazil needs to better adjust their marking under the command of Dorival Jr, who leaves with a very positive balance overall in his first two matches.

As for Spain, they reaped the rewards of their extremely offensive football, which leaves spaces. The balance for the Spanish is not so positive, with a loss against Colombia and a draw with Brazil at the beginning of their work.

Finally, we must highlight the figure of two young players who could protagonize a historic rivalry in the future. For Barcelona, Lamine Yamal, and for Real Madrid, Endrick.

The Spaniard, a player with easy dribbling, who torments the opponent for ninety minutes. On the other hand, a forward with immense physical strength and the positioning of a veteran.

Let’s see what the future holds for them.

Endrick x Yamal: em que ano estamos? ::

Image: Getty Images

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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