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Gauchão 2024: Internacional knocked out in the semi-final

Gauchão 2024 internacional juventude semifinal

Against all odds, Internacional was knocked out by Juventude in the semi-final of the Gauchão 2024.

The Colorado’s elimination was filled with cruel twists.

See how the team from Serra Gaúcha secured this historic qualification to face either Grêmio or their arch-rivals, Caxias.

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Internacional 1 (5) x 1 (6) Juventude – Gauchão 2024 Semi-final

Inter was the Serie A team with the best performance in Brazil, as mentioned previously.

For much of the press, including ourselves, they were the favourites to win Gauchão 2024. Not just because of their squad, but also due to their football, showing many alternatives in creating plays.

However, yesterday’s game showed that perhaps Coudet’s team isn’t as ready as we thought, especially when put to the test against a Serie A opponent.

Colorado started well and by the 15th minute had created good opportunities.

From there, the marking scheme devised by Roger Machado started to work very well. Juventude applied a half-court press very consciously, and whenever Inter attempted a central play, passes were intercepted and tackles were made.

In this way, Juventude managed to neutralise Inter’s playmaking and, most importantly, was able to initiate very vertical and fast counter-attacks, catching the Colorada defence off guard and poorly positioned.

So, at the 16th minute, the tactical idea described above unfolded perfectly. Caique intercepted a pass in midfield and quickly connected Edson Carioca with a through ball. The striker placed the ball past Rochet. It hit the post and almost crossed the goal line, but didn’t go in, as Vitão was there to clear what would’ve been Juventude’s first goal.

At this point, the team from Serra Gaúcha began to control the game better. At the 31st minute, Alan Ruschel’s corner found Zé Marcos’s head. Juventude’s goal, 1-0.

At halftime, Inter could hardly threaten their opponent. The second half comes, and the Colorado team quickly equalises, capitalising on a rehearsed set-piece play.

From a foul on the right corner of the attack, Alan Patrick passes into the middle of the box, where the ball is flicked backward by Wanderson. Aranguiz crosses first time, finding Rene, who heads to equalise the match at 55′.

After scoring, it was imagined that Inter would continue to press, relying on their fans, to turn the game around and secure the long-awaited spot in the final, which hasn’t happened since 2021.

In reality, that’s what happened, at least partly. Just a minute after the goal, Maurício found himself face to face with the goal due to Enner Valencia’s pass, who had come on due to an injury during the game. The forward missed the chance.

However, Juventude managed the pressure from Inter well, and the players became increasingly frustrated.

This frustration boiled over at the 76th minute when Maurício lost his cool and kicked the experienced Nenê, resulting in an aggression. VAR was called, and the player was sent off at a crucial moment in the game.

Expulso contra o Juventude, Mauricio assume culpa por eliminação do Inter: "Dou a cara a tapa" | GZH

Image: Jefferson Botega / Agencia RBS

The decision went to penalties.

In the first five kicks, Alan Ruschel missed for Juventude and Mercado for Inter, leading to sudden death.

Robert Renan, a young newcomer to the club, took responsibility for the kick when the score was 5-5.

However, Robert seemed to misunderstand the pressure of playing for a team like Internacional. Thus, he thought the best way to take the decisive penalty was with a chip shot. Goalkeeper Gabriel threatened to dive to his left but quickly returned and calmly caught the chip.

Finally, Kelvi took his penalty seriously and sealed the deal, putting Juventude in the Gauchão 2024 final.

We know very well that this type of shot had been practiced and executed by Robert Renan before. However, this should have been precisely the reason why he shouldn’t have taken it this way. Nowadays, clubs have intelligence departments that map players’ shots.

Clearly, this sector of Juventude did their job well and passed it on to Gabriel.

Juventude will face the winner of Grêmio and Caxias, who play today.

Zagueiro do Inter deixa gramado aos prantos após perder pênalti por cavadinha | CNN Brasil

Image: Edu Andrade / Fatopress/ Estadão Conteúdo

The rest of the year for Inter and Coudet

Will the Colorado environment become turbulent after a defeat like this?

Certainly, the inability to qualify for the Campeonato Gaúcho final for three consecutive years should raise another warning sign for Inter.

Moreover, this leaves scars on an already very wounded fan base.

It is rumored that the more experienced members of the squad would have demanded more fitting attitudes from Robert Renan and Maurício, considered by many as the culprits of this elimination.

The eventual demand from the more experienced players on the young ones is valid. A team that aims to win titles cannot afford to make childish mistakes. This is also part of forming the necessary toughness for every successful player.

However, elimination cannot be considered the end of the world, much less the end of Coudet’s work.

In the game, we noticed a certain difficulty for Inter in creating plays when facing well-organized defences and crowded midfields.

This is a point that needs to be changed.

It is worth noting that other important players like Borré and Alario were not available for the match, as well as Enner Valencia, who only came on in the second half.

Inter has everything to have a great year regardless of this disqualification, but indeed, the team doesn’t seem as ready as it appeared for the big moments, which can be achieved during the season.

Coudet diz que Inter poderia ter vencido o Juventude nos dois jogos e lamenta: "Dor que sentimos" | internacional | ge

Image: Ricardo Duarte / Internacional

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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