Juventus leaders: indictment requested

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Problems for the Juventus leaders

The prosecutors of the Turin prosecutor’s office sent the judge for the preliminary investigations the request for indictment for Juventus leaders, starting with the outgoing president Andrea Agnelli. 13 of the 16 suspects are going to trial, in addition to the former president, the vice president Nedved, the managing director Arrivabene and the former sports director Paratici will go to trial. They are all involved in the investigation into the false accounting, which the Turin prosecutor assumes were committed to limit the Juventus club’s liabilities.

Instead, the members of the board of statutory auditors have left the investigation whose position has been removed and will certainly be requested to be archived.

The charge for the indictment concerns: artificial capital gains, false news on salary maneuvers, false corporate communications, market manipulation, fraudulent declarations with the use of invoices for non-existent transactions, obstacle to the supervisory authorities.

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