Juventus: Stock market title positive

Borsa positivo per la Juventus Stock market title positive positivo na Bolsa para a Juventus

Stock market title positive for Juventus

The Juventus stock market title positive today, at this moment its value is growing by 2.18%. The current value of its capitalization is equal to 691,265,444.

The positive rebound of the stock depends on the news released yesterday by the Exor holding company that owns the club, which in a note declares that it is putting professional and technical figures at the helm of the company, who have the experience and skills to bring the club out from this moment very complicated. Furthermore, it has not gone unnoticed and therefore to the attention of investors, who for the sporting part could be called to direct it by a former great Juventus champion such as Alessandro Del Piero who has always been loved by the fans.

Faced with this reassurance from the property, investors try to trust it, thus  ensuring that its value on the stock market can be recovered in the short term.

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