Lorran: Gávea’s Classic 10

Lorran camisa 10 base flamengo academy

Do you know Lorran’s football? Once again, Flamengo has the opportunity to develop a classic number 10 in its youth ranks.

Join us to follow the expectations and the journey of the young athlete so far.

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Lorran and his journey in youth football

Lorran Lucas Pereira de Sousa, or simply Lorran, was born on July 4, 2006, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

He stands at 1.73 meters and plays as an attacking midfielder for Flamengo, having passed through the U17 and U20 teams, and even appearing as an option in the senior team of the Rubro Negro.

Playing in the midfield for Flamengo, he can be called a Classic Number 10.

A left-footer, the 17-year-old lad has excellent vision of the game and often pulls off those famous “magic passes,” spotting spaces where there usually aren’t any, to set up his teammates in scoring positions.

Moreover, he can be intense and compete well physically with the opposing defenders.

In this way, he has developed excellent technique, especially in ball retention, making it challenging to dispossess him, as he hides the ball using his skill.

He can carry the ball and launch counter-attacks, delivering incisive passes to the forwards.

The midfielder also frequently enters the penalty area, something vital for players in his position, who often tend to stay static in a specific area of the field.

He has good finishing skills and the personality to find the back of the net.

Brasil de Lorran garante vaga no Mundial Sub-17 e agora busca título

Image: Rafael Ribeiro / CBF

For these reasons, in 2022, he played 26 matches for Flamengo’s U17 team, scoring 16 goals.

In 2023, he alternated between the U17, playing 5 matches with one goal scored; the U20, with 19 matches and 12 goals; and the senior Flamengo team, with 4 matches and 1 goal, competing in the Campeonato Carioca.

Lorran was even listed for two Campeonato Brasileiro matches but wasn’t utilized in those games.

The year 2023 was also a year of achievements as he and Flamengo lifted the Brazilian U20 Championship trophy.

The mere fact that he played for both the U20 and senior teams of Rubro Negro this year speaks to Lorran’s immense talent, given that he is still eligible to play for the U17 team.

His successive performances earned him a spot in the South American U17 Championship, representing the Brazilian national team. The outcome was extremely positive, as Brazil emerged as the champions of the competition. He scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist in 8 games.

Promessa do Flamengo, Lorran aponta companheiro da base como melhor que Neymar - Flamengo - Notícias e jogo do Flamengo - Coluna do Fla

Image: Twitter

Expectations and Rating

Starting from this analysis, we are instituting a rating for players in the “They will be famous” section based on the probability that the player will become capable of playing at top-tier European clubs at a high level.

Lorran is consistently called up to the Brazilian youth national team.

As if that weren’t enough, he is in constant evolution. Even after moving up from the U17 to the U20 category, he didn’t feel the pressure and continued to score more goals.

His appearances as a professional, at the age of just 16, were marked by personality. He scored a beautiful goal in the match against Bangu.

A downside is the technical and political situation in which Flamengo finds itself. In recent years, the team has produced excellent players. Since 2018, when they launched Vinicius Jr and Lucas Paquetá, the Rubro Negro team has revealed other outstanding players like Victor Hugo, Wesley, Matheus França, and Rodrigo Muniz.

On the other hand, players with high expectations due to their youth academy development, like Lincoln and Reinier, did not fulfill their expected potential.

The trend is that with Tite’s arrival, the environment stabilizes and becomes more fertile for the emergence of new talents. This is where Lorran stands.

Having a coach like Tite at the beginning of his career can be a crucial point in the course of his journey.

In this way, the young lad has a good chance of becoming a vital professional for the Flamengo team and potentially reaching greater heights in Europe.

Rating: 7.9.

Do you believe that Lorran can have a strong development? Please share your expectations about the player.

Lorran comemora seu primeiro gol pelo Flamengo — Foto: André Durão

Image: André Durão

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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