Luis Suarez on his way to Inter Miami

Suarez inter Miami

Luis Suarez, the star of Grêmio’s team, was not included in the lineup for the match between the Tricolores and Atlético Mineiro.

The Immortal won the duel 1-0 and remains in the upper part of the table.

Relationship between Luis Suarez and Grêmio deteriorates

The indisputable international star, Luis Suarez, arrived at Grêmio at the beginning of the 2023 Brazilian football season.

Grêmio started the season under suspicion as the club returned to the top-tier of Brazilian football after being relegated in the 2021 season.

Thus, the Grêmio board spared no efforts to take their team to where it belongs. Several quality players were acquired, such as Villasanti and Cristaldo, in addition to those promoted from the youth academy, like Bitello, who emerged at a crucial moment, showcasing beautiful football.

But the icing on the cake was a long-standing dream of the Grêmio board, Luis Suarez.

Grêmio had already approached the striker in 2022, but because he was playing in the second division, it didn’t seem as attractive as his former club, Nacional, which was Luisito’s destination that season.

However, with the possibility of staying close to his family, as Rio Grande do Sul borders Uruguay, and the investment in reinforcements, Luis Suarez accepted the offer of $4.5 million annually and joined Grêmio.

The Grêmio board, aiming to protect themselves, set a buyout clause of €70 million.

Everything seemed to be going well. Grêmio became the champion of the Gaúcho Championship, is the runner-up in the Brazilian Championship, and is in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil, largely thanks to Luisito, who scored 16 goals and provided 9 assists in the year, leading the team in goal involvements.

Suárez celebra estreia artilheira e recebe elogios de companheiros e técnico do Grêmio

Image: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio / Gazeta Esportiva

However, movements coming from the United States began to mess with the striker’s head.

A group of former Barcelona players arrived at Inter Miami. Busquets, Alba, most likely Iniesta, and of course, Lionel Messi.

The conversations among this multi-champion Barcelona group reached the Grêmio star. There is an intention to relive the moments experienced in Spain, now on American soil.

Thus, Luis Suarez approached the Grêmio management seeking an amicable release so he could join Inter Miami.

Grêmio promptly refused. Evidently, the Gaúcho club sees Suarez, as he truly is, a key piece to achieve the season’s objectives.

Moreover, Grêmio made a heavy investment in Luis Suarez’s salary, as $4.5 million annually represents one of the most significant earnings in Brazilian football.

Therefore, Grêmio demanded that Inter Miami pay the full release clause of the player, in the range of €70 million.

Despite being one of the best players of the century, Luis Suarez is 36 years old, which is why the requested amount clearly won’t be met.

Luisito was not content with Grêmio’s stance and demanded an attempt to reach possible figures for his release.

As a result, it was rumored that Grêmio would be willing to accept an offer of around €20 million to release the striker.

Inter Miami, on the other hand, has already acquired another foreign player slot in the MLS.

So far, the boards and players find themselves in this impasse. What will be the next step?

Inter Miami dá forte indício da chegada de Luis Suárez à MLS

Image: Icon Sport

Is it worth it?

At this moment, Luis Suarez is the center forward of one of the best teams in Brazil. As mentioned, Grêmio is having a fabulous year, especially considering the situation the team was in last year.

Suarez has already lifted a trophy with the team and has real possibilities of achieving a treble, also potentially winning the Copa do Brasil and the Campeonato Brasileiro.

With that said, the question arises: Is it worth it to leave these possibilities to join Inter Miami?

Indeed, the feeling of nostalgia must have been strong for Luis Suarez to consider leaving one of the greatest teams in the Americas to join the modest Inter Miami, which doesn’t even have a tradition in the United States.

Money, let’s be honest, should not be an obstacle, given that besides the million-dollar contracts in his career, he also has extremely high earnings with Grêmio.

So, what is more worthwhile? Forcing an exit from Grêmio to join the new Dream Team of North America or becoming one of the greatest idols of an immense fan base?

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Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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