Qatar 2022: Mauro Meluso analyzes the first phase of the World Cup

mauro meluso

The well-known sports director Mauro Meluso analyzes the first phase of the World Cup for Calcio Deal.

The first consideration to make on the World Cup in Qatar is the image that concerns Neuer; the gigantic German goalkeeper is reprimanded by a black referee, because he wears an arm band with which he reminds the whole world that human rights are sacrosanct and discrimination of any kind is no longer acceptable. A descendant of the Aryan race also defends the rights of the descendant of the most discriminated race of mankind and the latter is forced to disagree. There is a lot to think about in this episode!

Technical aspect

First of all, in this world championship there were more minutes of extra time than spectators, another theme for reflection on the success of this world championship.

From a technical-organizational point of view, the quality expressed on the field by Brazil, France and Spain are unattainable for the other teams. In particular, the Spain coach Luis Henrique had a decisive influence on the level expressed by his team. Another consideration, these three teams have the highest number of talents on their staff and this determines a higher technical level than the others.

Mauro Meluso’s quick comments to each rose

Qatar is a mediocre team, in Italy they would be a good Serie C team. Ecuador plays good football and has good players in defense but has no talent to make the leap in quality. England have an excellent midfield but both the defensive and offensive phases are not up to the top teams. Wales were the worst in the group, a real disappointment.

Iran has several willing footballers but overall it has made a great impression, especially in protesting against the government, when they return home they will certainly get into trouble, unlike the Germans who will have no problems with their protest on their return to Germany. The Netherlands have shown some talent but the technical quality of the Netherlands is failing. Senegal has great technical quality in attack, so much so that it manages to reach the round of 16, one of the surprises of the tournament. The United States surprised by the way they play, some of their key men who play in Europe are really good: Adams, Musah and Pulesic above all.

Argentina is full of champions but probably won’t go very far. Saudi Arabia was the one that had great courage in proposing a very high pressing, only to then close in defense once they had the advantage, their French coach Renard was good, a great motivator. One episode amused me a lot and concerns her interpreter who is next to her. The French coach got up from the bench to yell something at the referee and the interpreter translated a fine: “Vaffa”. A myth!

Denmark disappointing, with an excellent midfield they could have done more, especially Dolberg and also the attack was below expectations. Tunisia defends itself well but in the other parts of the field it’s not enough. Mexico has an excellent attack with the two wingers, we know Lozano well, a good midfield, they manage in defense.

Poland is an excellent team with strong individualities. Australia is a team without infamy and without praise, let’s say normal. Morocco has excellent talent who are enhancing his game. Croatia plays very well, Modric is a case in point because at that age you can’t be so brilliant.

Japan is the team that most of all has exalted the collective. Germany has top level players like Gundogan or Musiala but they are disappointing. Costa Rica little stuff, to be refounded. Belgium has only been lucky so far, not their talents well, with Canada the result has been a lie. Canada unlucky in the results, showed its jewels, David, Davies and defender Johnston great character.

Switzerland not brilliant, clearly declining. Cameroon is dependent on Anguissa, bravo Choupo Moting. South Korea has been very unlucky, they have played excellent football and besides Kim from Napoli, they have other important individuals. Uruguay bad in the defensive phase to be reviewed. Portugal has B. Fernandes and B. Silva from World Cup victory but Cristiano Ronaldo is on the wane, a bit rusty. Ghana has a lot of running and a good team, it has a champion who plays for Ayax: Mohammed Kudus. Serbia to see in the continuation, he will say.

Prediction: one of Brazil, France and Spain will win the World Cup.

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