Napoli-Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0, Napoli triumphs with Osimhen and Zielinski

Napoli-Eintracht Francoforte-esultanza-del-napoli

Napoli-Eintracht Frankfurt round of 16

Referee: Anthony Taylor (England)

Match commentary

formazioni napoli-eintracht

First half

Napoli starts immediately strong with Politano who in the 2nd minute kicks hard in strong Trapp goalkeeper of the Germans deflects in a corner kick. On the 6th occasion for Gotze, the Neapolitan defense defends itself in order. On the 12th chance for Kvaraskhtelia his shot goes out of the German goal.

On the 17th occasion for Osimhen his shot was saved by Trapp. On the 20th occasion, Kvaraskhtelia’s shot was deflected for a corner by Trapp’s foot. In the 33rd minute Lenz was booked for an imprudent foul against an opponent. In the 39th minute there was a chance for the Germans but Kim managed to unravel the danger in the penalty area. On the 43rd occasion for Kvara, goalkeeper Trapp blocks his shot.

In the 46th minute Goal for Napoli with Osimhen, who headed in behind goalkeeper Trapp, after receiving a cross from Politano. At the end of the first half in the 47th minute.

Balanced first half with the Germans who tried to create dangers for the Neapolitan defense. Spalletti’s team defended well and punched in with Osimhen at the end of the first half.

Second half

The second half began as the first half ended with Napoli attacking and in the 52nd minute there was an immediate opportunity for Kim, his shot was inaccurate. In the 53rd minute Napoli scored again with Osimhen able to take advantage of Di Lorenzo’s cross in a slide. In the 56th minute Eintracth replies with Kamada and his shot is blocked by Meret. In the 60th minute, Kvara’s shot was deflected by Trapp.

In the 64th minute Napoli scored with Zielinski from a penalty, following a foul suffered by the Polish player himself. On the 87th occasion for the Germans with Max but Meret blocks. In the 92nd minute, the English referee Taylor whistled, sanctioning Napoli’s 3-0 victory and qualification for the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time.


Napoli reaches the quarter-finals of the competition with an impressive record of nine wins and only one defeat, with an average of more than three goals per game. After Inter and Milan, another Italian team advances to the quarter-finals, putting Italy in first place among the nations of the clubs that have reached this point.

For Napoli seen in this competition nothing is precluded, since in terms of quality expressed on the pitch, it was certainly the best of all the participants. Let’s see what happens after the draws, which will take place next Friday at 12.


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