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Paolo Scaroni: “The goal one day is to win the Champions League” – News from Italy

Paolo Scaroni primo piano

News from Italy


In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, president Paolo Scaroni said: “We are very optimistic from the technical group to the management group. The construction of the stadium would allow for greater revenues and thus aim for more important goals. The goal one day is win the Champions League”

Still with regard to the Rossoneri club, Corriere dello Sport reports the situation of Leao who, after a disappointing World Cup, will have to meet with the managers on his return to Italy to discuss the situation of his contract. According to the Roman newspaper, the club intends to meet the player’s requests.


The managing director of the Emilian club Carnevali dwells on the second teams and says that his club is willing to go in this direction, also given the results obtained by Juventus, which with the under 23 team has enhanced several players who then made it to the first team .


Roma also say they are available with regard to the second teams, what the leaders of the yellow and red club claim is that the entrance costs should be lowered, which are currently 1,200.00.

The Roma managers have to face the Karsdorp case, according to what Corriere dello Sport reports, the footballer does not want to retire, there would be a meeting between himself and Roma, to find a solution that can be good for all parties.

Tax news

Andrea aborri durante una conferenza stampa

The sports minister Andrea Abodi indicates the way forward in the world of football, to resolve the various issues regarding installment payments with the taxman, he told Corriere della Sera: “More than saying no, I have suggested a way to resolve the problem. I expressed a negative opinion on the proposed amendment because I believe that the world of sport, with the prevailing interest of some Serie A clubs, cannot have a form of exclusive protection. Football is part of the industrial system of the country and as such it supported”.

Continuing to Corriere della Sera, speaking of tax deadlines, he says: “I take this opportunity to invite the federal president Gravina, the president of the Casini League and all the presidents of the other Leagues to a working table, to tackle a path of reforms structural, on the assumption that problems are addressed”.


The coach Palladino in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport declared: “We haven’t done anything yet, our goal is salvation, I thank the president Berlusconi and the managing director Galliani for the opportunity they have given me. I think I live a dream”.


osimane che esulta

Il Mattino, the city’s main newspaper, talks about the friendly match played by Spalletti’s team against the English side Crystal Palace and won 3-1, in which the forwards Osimhen and Raspadori were the protagonists, who scored respectively with a splendid goal and a brace: “Osimhen plus Raspadori, Napoli sends a signal to their rivals”.


Speaking of Rabiot and his splendid world championship, Tuttosport underlines how an offer could arrive as early as January, but the footballer will not move from Turin because he is the favorite of Allegri, who considers him fundamental in his team. Again with regard to the Juventus club, the Gazzetta dello Sport on the return of the injured Pogba, Di Maria and Chiesa: “More class and racing with the trident”. With the return of the two wingers there will be more balls for Vlahovic.


The Republic of Florence draws attention to the great world championship that is playing the purple Amrabat with Morocco: “All crazy for Amrabat”. In the training camp of the Moroccan team, the player declared: “Let’s live a dream, let’s not stop”. Again La Repubblica underlines how the midfielder was one of the best of his team, in the splendid ride towards the semifinal.

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