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Passion and Fervor: The Olympique de Marseille Fans

Olympique de Marseille, known simply as Marseille or OM, is one of the most iconic and beloved football clubs in France. Founded in 1899, this team has a rich history and a passionate following across the country. One of OM’s distinctive elements is certainly its base of incredibly fervent and dedicated fans. In this article, we will explore the culture of Olympique de Marseille fans, trying to understand what makes them so special.

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The Origins of OM and Its Relationship with Fans

Olympique de Marseille was founded more than a century ago and has deep roots in the city of Marseille, located in the Provence region of southern France. The club has had a special relationship with its fans since the early days. This relationship was built on a foundation of citizen pride, belonging and identity.

Marseille is a city with a vibrant culture and unique history, and the OM has often been considered one of its strongest symbols. The team is seen as an integral part of the Marseille identity, and this connection between the club and the city has fueled the passion of the fans over the years.

Le Curva Sud: Heart of OM fans

tifosi dell'olympique de marseille fans

The hub of passionate support for Olympique de Marseille is the Curva Sud, the loudest and most fervent part of the Velodrome stadium. The Marseille ultras, known as “les Ultras”, are a highly organized group of fans who support the club at every match. The Curva Sud is often an explosion of sound, color and choreography, with fans singing traditional club songs and waving blue and white flags bearing the OM symbol.

OM ultras are known for their passion and commitment, and are often willing to make sacrifices to support the club. They travel en masse to follow the away team, creating an intense atmosphere in every stadium they play in. The Curva Sud is the beating heart of OM and a point of reference for fans all over the world.

The Songs and Traditions of Olympique de Marseille Fans

tifosi dell'olympique de marseille fans

An essential part of the OM fan experience is participating in the songs and traditions that characterize home games. Fans sing songs like “Allez l’OM” and “La Marseillaise,” which resonate throughout the stadium throughout the match. These songs are often accompanied by gestures and choreographic movements that involve thousands of people in a collective show of passion and dedication.

Beyond the songs, OM fans have many other traditions, such as creating spectacular banners and mosaics that cover the entire Curva Sud. These visual tools help create a unique atmosphere in each match and demonstrate the commitment and the creativity of the club’s supporters.

Heated Rivalries: The Mediterranean Derby

Football is often characterized by intense rivalries, and Olympique de Marseille is no exception. The team has one of the most heated rivalries with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), known as the “French Clasico,” but also has a historic rivalry with AS Saint-Étienne. However, one of the most exciting challenges is the “Mediterranean Derby” against Montpellier HSC.


The Mediterranean Derby is a highly anticipated and often very emotional match for OM fans. The rivalry between the two teams is rooted in geography, with Montpellier lying north-west of Marseille along the Mediterranean coast. The competition between these two teams has been intense over the years, with matches often fraught with tension and drama.

Unconditional Support in Difficult Times

OM fans have proven to be incredibly loyal and passionate, even during the most difficult periods in the club’s history. OM have gone through ups and downs over the years, with promotions and relegations, but the fans have remained behind them regardless of the situation.

A notable example of this unconditional support was during the period when the club was relegated to Ligue 2 due to financial problems. Despite the relegation, the Velodrome remained crowded and the fans continued to sing and support the team. This spirit of loyalty and dedication helped OM climb back to the French top division and recover from difficult times.


Olympique de Marseille fans are an exceptional group of enthusiasts who channel their dedication to the club through unique songs, choreography and traditions. The connection between the club and the city of Marseille runs deep, and the fans are willing to do anything to support their team. The Curva Sud is the beating heart of this passion, and the Mediterranean Derby is just one of the culminating moments of a season full of emotions.

OM is much more than a football team; it is a symbol of civic pride and belonging for the people of Marseille. The passion and fervor of OM fans is contagious and demonstrates how football can bring people together in a community of support. Whether OM wins or loses, its fans will always remain by its side, ready to sing their anthem and show their love for the team.

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