Operation Maximum Penalty 2

Bauermann envolvido na Operação Penalidade Máxima 2

The traditional magazine Veja reports on the developments of the investigations of Operation Maximum Penalty 2, led by police forces and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Goiás, against schemes of game manipulation carried out by players and bettors.

Santos afasta Eduardo Bauermann preventivamente e pode processar zagueiro - Lance!

Recapping the operation

On April 20, 2023, Calcio Deal published an article presenting Operation Maximum Penalty I and II.

At that time, the history of gambling in Brazil was brought up, from its creation, prohibition, and precarious regulation in 2018, in addition to mentioning previous scandals such as the 2005 Referee Mafia.

As mentioned before, this is an investigation led by the Special Group for Combating Organized Crime (Gaeco), the Institutional Security and Intelligence Coordination (CSI), as well as the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Goiás (MPGO).

Thus, six games of the Brazilian Serie A Championship were exposed, which would have been victims of fraud, in a close collaboration between players and bettors.

Investigation progress

At this point, with the progress of the investigations, possible evidence and materials were gathered, as well as establishing a causal link between the events and the aforementioned evidence.

Promises ranging from 30 to 50 thousand reais were investigated as a “signal” to players who performed the acts previously determined by the bettors.

Thus, as stated in our previous article, in the 6 Serie A games under investigation, we observed the following Serie A players (at the time – 2022) who would be potentially involved in the scandal: Eduardo Bauermann (Santos), Kevin Lomonaco️️️ (Red Bull Bragantino), Igor Cariús (Sport Recife), and Gabriel Tota (Juventude).

With the progress of the investigations, the player Paulo Miranda (Juventude) has been added to this list.

Check out the details of each of the cases.

Potentially involved athletes

Eduardo Bauermann (Santos)

The Peixe defender was approached on more than one occasion.

The first game took place on November 5, 2022, when Santos faced Avaí. This time, the player allegedly received 50 thousand reais even before the game was played, but was unable to fulfill what had been established: to receive a yellow card.

This situation would have generated extreme discomfort between Bauermann and the bettor, who in turn would not only lose the amount given to the defender but also the “investment” made in the bet, which ultimately was not realized.

Thus, the player would have been forced by the bettor to cover his loss, requiring him to be sent off in the next round, against Botafogo. With that, the player was expelled after the end of the match.

As stated below, internet prints of possible conversations between Eduardo Bauermann and the bettor were released, in which the player would admit involvement with the points narrated above.

Today, on May 9, 2023, Santos Football Club became aware of the evidence and issued an official statement in which the player was suspended and emphasized that it is against any deviation of ethics in football.

Furthermore, it has been reported by UOL that Bauermann was constantly pressured to repay the money. As a result, he allegedly agreed with the bettor that he would be sent off in the next game against Botafogo, which did in fact happen.

However, Bauermann’s red card was given after the final whistle, which according to the rules of the betting houses, does not count, leaving a loss for the potential criminals of 800,000 Brazilian reais.

As a result, Bauermann was constantly threatened with death and sought ways to settle his debt. He even considered the transfer of his economic rights, including a proposal from the Mexican club León for $2.5 million. He also claimed that at the end of the 2022 season, he would receive another proposal of $4 million.

Attempts to calm the gang’s spirits were unsuccessful, which led Bauermann to agree to a payment plan of 20 installments of 50,000 reais each ($1 million in total), as he claimed he did not have the full amount available. In addition, the aforementioned economic rights would be used as collateral for the debt.

The person with whom Bauermann was communicating is called Romário. In intercepted messages, Romário is caught in conversation with his girlfriend, Beatriz, saying that he would kill the player and calling him a “monkey.”

Gabriel Tota, Paulo Miranda, and Moraes (Juventude)

The investigations initially focused on player Gabriel Tota, as there were indications of financial activity in his account related to the betting gang.

As the investigations progressed, it was found that Tota had received money, but that the final destination of it would be the account of defender Paulo Miranda.

It was reportedly agreed upon between Paulo Miranda, Tota, and the bettors that the defender would receive 5,000 reais as a “sign,” before the game, and a total of 60,000 reais if he was punished with a yellow card in a match against Fortaleza on September 17, which actually happened.

Paulo Miranda é um dos destaques do sistema defensivo do Juventude - ISTOÉ Independente

Player Moraes is also under investigation. He is believed to have participated in the scheme on two occasions. The first was on September 10, 2022, when Juventude faced Palmeiras. He allegedly received 5,000 reais in advance, and another 30,000 reais upon receiving a yellow card.

Against Goiás on November 5, 2022, Moraes allegedly received a total of 50,000 reais, with 30,000 reais being paid in advance. Both yellow cards were shown during the mentioned games.

Moraes é apresentado pelo Juventude - Esporte News Mundo

Kevin Lomónaco (Red Bull Bragantino)

The Bragantino player, Argentine Kevin Lomónaco, was also approached on more than one occasion.

In the first instance, he was requested to receive a yellow card, also on November 5, 2022, in a match in which his team faced América Mineiro, which was provided in the 24th minute. Kevin would have received a total of 70,000 reais, with 30,000 reais paid in advance.

The other proposal made by the criminal gang was for him to commit a penalty in the match between RB Bragantino and Portuguesa, which occurred in the Paulista Championship, on January 21, 2023. The player did not accept such a proposal. If this had been completed, Lomónaco would have received a total of 200,000 reais.

Bragantino tem conversa avançada com zagueiro Kevin Lomónaco, do Lanús - 365Scores - Notícias de futebol

Igor Cariús (Cuiabá – today at Sport Recife)

Cariús was offered the deposit of 5,000 reais in advance in exchange for receiving a yellow card during the match between Ceará and Cuiabá on October 16, 2022, which he did. The total amount to be received by him has not been determined yet.

On November 6, 2022, during the match between Palmeiras and Cuiabá, Cariús was supposed to receive 60,000 reais in exchange for a yellow card, which did not happen during the match.

Cuiabá não renovará contrato com o lateral-esquerdo Igor Cariús para 2023 | cuiabá | ge

The Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Law, and Operation Maximum Penalty 2

After presenting some potentially incriminating materials, it is necessary to stress that this is an investigation. Therefore, the athletes and other individuals involved have not even been mentioned in a judicial process since one has not yet been initiated.

It is essential to follow a series of legal procedures and steps that would lead to the punishment of those being investigated.

So far, the athletes mentioned here remain without any restrictions on their freedom and are considered innocent until proven guilty, as provided by the Brazilian Federal Constitution.

Therefore, we observe the progress of the investigations and can have an idea that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is likely much more to be discovered and reported, which is why we once again alert to the lack of regulation of sports betting in Brazil and the damage it could cause not only to sports but to Brazilian society as a whole.

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Written by Vitor F L Miller

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