Palmeiras: Almanac Brasileirão 2023


Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.


26 de agosto de 1914.


Allianz Parque (Parque Antártica/Palestra Itália), capacity: 43.713 spectators.


Periquito e Porco (Gobatto).

Shirts and Sporting Goods Supplier

Puma. Shirt nº 1 green, shirt nº 2 white.

Master Sponsor

Crefisa, about BRL 100 million per year. (80 million fixed plus 20 million of bonus)

Main Titles

1 Copa Rio: 1951

3 Libertadores da América: 1999, 2020 e 2021

1 Copa Mercosul: 1998

1 Recopa Sul-Americana: 2022

4 Copas do Brasil: 1998, 2012, 2015 e 2020

11 Campeonatos Brasileiros: 1960, 1967, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1993, 1994, 2016, 2018 e 2022

25 Campeonatos Paulistas: 1920, 1926, 1927, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1940, 1942, 1944, 1947, 1950, 1959, 1963, 1966, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1993, 1994, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2022 e 2023

Ranking in the Last 3 Brasileiros

2020: 7º place, 58 points, 15 wins, 13 draws e 10 defeats, 51 gols scored e 37 gols conceded.

2021: 3º place, 66 points, 20 wins, 6 draws e 12 defeats, 58 gols scored e 43 gols conceded.

2022: 1º place, 81 points, 23 wins, 12 draws e 3 defeats, 66 gols scored e 27 gols conceded.

Singnings for the Season

Richard Ríos, midfilder, Colombian, 06/02/2000 (22 years). Signed from Guarani – SP, arround BRL 6 million.

Arthur, winger, Brazilian, 02/15/1998  (25 years). Signed from Red Bull Bragantino, arround 8 million Euros.


Abel Ferreira, Portuguese, 44 years old, at the club since October 30, 2020, is currently the longest-tenured coach in Brazilian football. So far, he has won 8 titles and reached 11 finals with Palmeiras. Definitely posessor of a  a warm heart, the Portuguese is making his mark at Palestra Itália.



Marcelo Lomba, nº 42, Brazilian, 12/18/1986 (36 years)

Vinicius Silvestre, nº 1, Brazilian, 03/28/1994 (28 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Weverton, nº 21, Brazilian, 12/13/1987 (35 years)


Gustavo Gómez, nº 15, Paraguayan, 05/06/1993 (29 years)

Luan, nº 13, Brazilian, 05/10/1993 (29 years)

Murilo, nº 26, Brazilian, 03/27/1997 (26 years)

Naves, nº 34, Brazilian, 05/08/2002 (20 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Right Back:

Gustavo Garcia, nº 32, Brazilian, 01/01/2022 (21 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Marcos Rocha, nº 2, Brazilian, 02/11/1988 (34 years)

Mayke, nº 12, Brazilian, 11/10/1992 (30 years)

Left Back:

Joaquín Piquerez, nº 22, Uruguayan, 08/24/1998 (24 years)

Vanderlan, nº 6, Brazilian, 09/07/2002 (20 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Defensive Midfielder:

Fabinho, nº 35, Brazilian, 04/0/2002 (20 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Jailson, nº 30, Brazilian, 09/07/1995 (27 years)

Richard Ríos, nº , Colombian, 06/02/2000 (22 years)


Eduard Atuesta, nº 20, Colombian, 06/18/1997 (25 years)

Gabriel Menino, nº 25, Brazilian, 09/29/200 (22 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Zé Rafael, nº 8, Brazilian, 07/16/1993 (29 years)

Ofensive Midfielders

Bruno Tabata, nº 11, Brazilian, 03/30/1997 (25 years)

Jhon Jhon, nº 40, Brazilian, 09/09/2002 (20 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Raphael Veiga, nº 23, Brazilian, 06/19/1995 (27 years)


Arthur, nº 14, Brazilian, 02/15/1998  (25 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Breno Lopes, nº 19, Brazilian, 01/24/1996 (27 years)

Dudu, nº 7, Brazilian, 01/07/1992 (31 years)

Giovani, nº 17, Brazilian, 01/01/2004 (19 years) – Formed in the youth academy.


Endrick, nº 16, Brazilian, 07/21/2006 (16 years) – Formed in the youth academy.

Flaco López, nº 18, Argentine, 12/06/200 (22 years)

Rafael Navarro, nº 29, Brazilian, 04/14/2000 (22 years)

Rony, nº 10, Brazilian, 05/11/1995 (27 years)

Formed in the youth academy

Vinicius Silvestre, nº 1, Brazilian, 03/28/1994 (28 years)

Naves, nº 34, Brazilian, 05/08/2002 (20 years)

Gustavo Garcia, nº 32, Brazilian, 01/01/2022 (21 years)

Vanderlan, nº 6, Brazilian, 09/07/2002 (20 years)

Fabinho, nº 35, Brazilian, 04/0/2002 (20 years)

Gabriel Menino, nº 25, Brazilian, 09/29/200 (22 years)

Jhon Jhon, nº 40, Brazilian, 09/09/2002 (20 years)

Arthur, nº 14, Brazilian, 02/15/1998  (25 years)

Giovani, nº 17, Brazilian, 01/01/2004 (19 years)

Endrick, nº 16, Brazilian, 07/21/2006 (16 years)

In total, Palmeiras uses 9 players from its youth academy in its main team, most of whom were part of the championship team in the 2022 Copa São Paulo de Futebol Jr. The majority of these players are frequently used by coach Abel Ferreira, with Gabriel Menino, Giovani, and Endrick being options for the starting lineup, while the others are frequently used as substitutes, including Jhon Jhon, who has been gaining chances due to Rafael Veiga’s injury. Vinicius Silvestre is the least utilized, as the direct substitute when Weverton is absent is Marcelo Lomba.

In addition to the above, winger Arthur, a product of Palmeiras’ youth academy, was acquired from Bragantino and returned to Palestra Itália. It is expected that the young player will perform well for the club from Pompéia.

Market Value

154,15 million Euros, according to

Probable Starting Team for the Brasileirão 2023

Weverton, Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez and Murilo, Piquerez, Zé Rafael, Gabriel Menino, Rafael Veiga, Dudu, Endrick and Rony. (It is expected that this team will be the starting lineup, however Palmeiras seems to want to fight for the three titles they are competing for: Libertadores, Copa do Brasil, and Brasileirão. Therefore, we will see various alternative teams throughout the season, but always with a defined backbone.)

Most used formations:

4-3-3 with various variations throughout the game, both in attack and defense.

Calcio Deal Review About the Squad

Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras is the team to beat in this Brasileirão, defending its title with a strong start in the 2-1 win against Cuiabá. This year, the Verdão has already lifted two trophies, the Supercopa do Brasil and the Paulistão, and seems determined to keep going. Compared to last season, Palmeiras has kept its structure and, even though they lost important players like Danilo and Gustavo Scarpa, they have been able to maintain a high level of football with their qualified squad and young talents from their academy.

Palmeiras made two strategic signings this season, the Colombian midfielder Richard Ríos, who had an excellent performance in the Paulistão for Guarani de Campinas, and Arthur, a winger who had great seasons at Red Bull Bragantino. Despite playing only a few games, both players seem to have adapted well to the team and its tactics.

Since arriving at Palmeiras on October 30, 2020, Abel has insisted on making his team play each match as if it were their last, and this mentality has been quickly embraced by the players, helping Palmeiras consolidate itself as one of the top teams in Brazilian and South American football. This has also created a team with a strong mindset that does not give up easily.

The Pompéia-based club is a very solid and compact team that concedes few goals. They have the best active goalkeeper in Brazil, Weverton, and in defense, Gustavo Gomez, the captain who makes anyone who plays alongside him a monster, a prime example of that is Murilo, whom now is also also one of the best defenders in Brazil.

The team has excellent and varied transitions from defense to attack, as evidenced by the variations in their ball distribution during games. Sometimes, they play with a backline of three with one of the center-backs carrying the ball and attempting to make a penetrating pass. At other times, they play with the same backline, but with Marcos Rocha or Piquerez responsible for making the transition. Finally, they sometimes play with a line of four, with the midfielder Zé Rafael coming back to start the play.

The “Trem/Train” (Zé Rafael) is the most important player on the Palmeiras team, ending plays with precise tackles, reading the game like no one else, and positioning the team at all times. He also has advanced technical skills, such as passing, dribbling, and shooting from medium and long distances. Even though he has been playing as a defensive midfielder, he has been putting in magnificent performances and seems to have been playing in this position for decades.

In addition, Palmeiras has several interesting and diverse attacking players. Gabriel Menino has been standing out a lot this season, with six goals in total, including four in finals. The midfield with Zé Rafael in defense and Rafael Veiga in charge of the attacking plays allows Menino to float in the spaces and display his best qualities, such as his ability to arrive in the box and shoot from long and medium distances.

This midfield is what makes Palmeiras play the way they do, with Veiga as the great maestro who makes everything work, which is not difficult with his and his teammates’ qualities, especially the speed of the attack.

The Verdão’s attack includes names such as Dudu, the great idol of the recent history of the club, known for his dazzling dribbling, the tireless Rony, who is constantly attacking spaces to give options to his teammates, Endrick, who is a different type of striker, with a lot of movement and speed, and Flaco López, the Argentinean who blossomed this season as a natural finisher with excellent positioning.

In addition, Palmeiras’ attack, along with its midfield, is responsible for one of the most efficient pressures in football, which is commonly used at the beginning of games, especially those played at home.

Given the above, it can be seen that Palestra is one of the most complete and concise teams in Brazil, always playing competitively, whether building the game or being reactive, they know how to suffer and be pressed, as well as how to play under pressure. Continuing with a cool head and a warm heart, the idea of the Alviverde club is to try to maintain the monopoly of titles. That is why it is a strong candidate for the 2023 Brasileirão title.

Expectativa de Classificação para Calcio Deal

Title candidate.


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Written by João Felipe Miller


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