Paulistão 2023 Quarterfinals

In the quarterfinals, only Palmeiras confirms favoritism, while Corinthians and São Paulo lose on penalties

How were the clashes in the Paulistão quarterfinals? Did your team disappoint or surprise?

Palmeiras 1 x 0 São Bernardo

Opening the knockout stage, on Saturday, Palmeiras and São Bernardo clashed between the two best campaigns in the championship and Verdão emerged victorious at Allianz Parque. Among all the clashes in the quarterfinals, this was the one with the best quality, in a very disputed and balanced game.

From the 19th minute of the first half, São Bernardo began to pile up chances. First, Rafael Vaz’s free kick, which was dangerous. A short time later, it had his best opportunity in the game, with Felipe Marques coming face to face with Weverton, who made a beautiful defense. Chrystian Barletta, striker traded with Corinthians for the post-Paulistão period, tried a backheel, after a cross by Léo Jabá, but again the move stopped at the goalkeeper from Palmeiras.

In the 33rd minute, the visitors complained about a penalty committed by Palmeiras right-back Marcos Rocha, who, after a corner kick, when trying to move the ball away, hit the thigh and then the player’s left hand, but the referee Edina Alves and the VAR did not see any irregularities.

After the pressure, Palmeiras got back on its feet and took control of the game. Still in the first half, Rony scored, heading between the defenders, after Gabriel Menino’s cross.

In the second stage, Verdão created the best opportunities, demonstrated its maturity on the field, and took no risks. Striker Breno Lopes missed two incredible goals, stopping at the opposing goalkeeper in counterattack plays.

With the victory, Palmeiras confirmed its favoritism and faces Ituano in the semifinal, at Allianz Parque.

Paulistão 2023 Quarterfinals

Corinthians 1 (6×7) 1 Ituano

On Sunday, Corinthians disappointed the more than 43,000 fans at the Neo Química Arena, and after a weak game, was eliminated on penalties by Ituano.

In one of the first danger moments of the match, o full-back Raí from Ituano, hit a beautiful shot from the middle of the street, with the collaboration of Cássio and scored a great goal in the 25th minute. Timão reacted quickly and, practically in the next move, he hit the post with Adson.

In the 34th minute, defensive midfielder Paulinho took advantage of Adson’s intersection and tied the match. Despite the goal, the first half ended without great emotions.

In the second stage, Corinthians took danger on two occasions with Yuri Alberto, but stopped on the crossbar and on goalkeeper Jefferson Paulino. In one of the last plays of the game, Gil headed the ball wide of the post, but Fausto Vera arrived late to finish.

The specialist in penalties, Fábio Santos opened the dispute and missed, however, on the side of Ituano, the scorer of the goal, Raí hit the crossbar and also wasted. In alternating charges, the experienced Gil and Fagner lost, and Felipe Saraiva ranked Ituano.

Quartas de Final do Campeonato Paulista

Bragantino 2 x 0 Botafogo-SP

At Nabi Abi Chedid, Bragantino dispatched Botafogo-SP, with two goals from Bruninho and goes to the Paulistão semifinal for the 2nd year in a row.

The highlight of the match, without a doubt, was the young striker Bruninho (2003). In addition to the goals, he was very participative, created chances and suffered a penalty (annulled by VAR). During the vast majority of the game, Massa Bruta was dominant and did not take many defensive risks.

Bragantino faces Água Santa and will be visiting in the next phase, as it has a worse campaign than the Diadema team.

Quartas de Final do Campeonato Paulista

São Paulo 0 (5×6) 0 Água Santa

On Monday, at the close of the quarterfinals, São Paulo was defeated on penalties by Água Santa, at Allianz Parque.

In a very physical and disputed game, São Paulo dominated the first half and had the best chances, while Água Santa was only dangerous in the corners. Right at the beginning of the match, Galoppo (top scorer of the championship) felt a problem in his knee and left the field crying, causing concern.

In the second stage, Tricolor Paulista, did not keep the same pace, nervous on the field, had difficulties to create good chances and even took scares in counterattacks by Água Santa.

On penalties, São Paulo wasted two charges. With Alisson who isolated and the Colombian Jhegson Méndez, who knocked without strength to the save of Ygor Vinhas.

Água Santa faces Bragantino in the next phase as the principal, for having a better campaign.

Quartas de Final do Campeonato Paulista

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Written by Henry Miller.

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