Porto-Inter 0-0, Inter flies to the quarter-finals of the Champions League

porto-inter esultanza

Porto-Inter round of 16

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (Poland)

Match commentary

formazioni porto-inter

First half

Inter got off to a strong start right away with Dimarco appearing on the edge of the Porto area, but his shot missed the target. On the 3rd occasion for Porto with Uribe kicking hard from the edge, his shot goes just wide. He mainly plays in midfield with the teams that are being studied. On the 21st occasion for Dzeko who engages goalkeeper Diogo Costa with a strong shot.

In the 28th minute Porto again went forward with Taremi trying to engage the neroazzurri defence. In the 33rd minute Darmian was booked for having interrupted a clear attacking action by an opponent.

In the 40th minute Porto still went forward, Dimarco intervened in closing and prevented the action of the Portuguese. In the 46th minute it was an opportunity for Lautaro to engage goalkeeper Diogo Costa from behind on the right. On the 48th occasion for Porto with Pepe, he kicked a strong cross from the right, which was not deflected on goal by any of his teammates. In the 49th minute, the half-time whistle.

Very balanced first half with the two teams studying each other and on some occasions trying to sink the shot to take the lead. Porto pressed the most, but it was Inter who had the most concrete chances to take the lead.

Second half

Porto got off to a strong start right away and put pressure on the black and blue rearguard. In the 53rd minute it was Barella who challenged Diogo Costa with power. In the 69th minute Dzeko was booked for an imprudent foul against an opponent. On the 76th occasion for Grujic his shot was blocked by Onana. In the 79th minute Pepe was booked for an imprudent foul against an opponent. in the 87th minute for Porto with Namaso committing Onana.

In the 93rd minute, Toni Martinez kicked the ball out of the goal defended by Onana. In the 96th minute Porto tripled through Taremi and Grujic but Onana saved himself with two miracles. In the 97th minute Conceicao was first booked for protesting and then Pepe was sent off for a second yellow card. At the end of the 98th match with ùùInter who, thanks to the draw and the first leg victory, accessed the quarter-finals.


Inzaghi’s team deservedly qualified for the quarter-finals, after they had won the first leg 1-0 and in tonight’s match blocked the Portuguese team in a draw. Game fought until the end with the Portuguese who tried in every way to score, but the neroazzurri defended themselves well and earned a deserved qualification.

Inter joins Milan in the top eight of this Champions League and now together, they are waiting for Napoli to join them after tomorrow’s match against Heintracht Frankfurt.


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