Pre-Olympic: Brazil is defeated and Argentina draws

Brasil Argentina

In the first round of the final quadrangular of the Pre-Olympic, Brazil was defeated by Paraguay, while Argentina drew with Venezuela.

It’s worth noting that only the top two teams qualify for the 2024 Olympics, which will be held in Paris.

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Brazil 0x1 Paraguay

Brazil, the current two-time Olympic champion in football, had another uninspired match and was defeated by Paraguay, complicating their chances of securing a spot. Endrick, the biggest gem of this team, missed a penalty in the first half.

Brazil had 3 absentees, who were cut from the Pre-Olympic due to injury. Defender Michel and left-back Kaiki Bruno, along with midfielder Marlon Gomes.

Paraguay’s main weapon was aerial play, creating their best chances this way. In the 7th minute, the Paraguayan defender rose well and headed the ball to Flores, who headed over the goal.

In the 14th minute, Endrick dribbled past the goalkeeper but when trying to pass to John Kennedy, he erred and the ball ended up with Paraguay.

In the 23rd minute, Peralta provided a great through ball behind the defense, but Leguizamón’s shot was weak, easily saved by Mycael.

In the 25th minute, Endrick anticipated the marking well and was fouled, earning a penalty. He stepped up to take it but was stopped by González, who made the save with his feet.

Endrick perde pênalti, Brasil é derrotado pelo Paraguai e se complica no Pré-Olímpico

Photo: CBF/Divulgação

In the 32nd minute, Rivas took a throw-in into the box, Viera flicked it on, and Fernández headed. Mycael made a reflex save.

In the 42nd minute, Pirani passed to Endrick, who beat the defender and set up John Kennedy for a clear chance, but the Fluminense striker sent it wide, missing an unbelievable opportunity.

Paraguay opened the scoring in the 46th minute, exploiting their specialty, aerial play. After the corner kick, the defense cleared, Peralta launched a long ball into the air, and Peralta headed it in. The defense and Mycael performed poorly in the play.

Paraguai vence Brasil por 1 x 0 e dificulta a vida da Seleção no Pré-Olímpico

Photo: Federico Parra / AFP

In the second half, when Brazil was expected to react, we saw a very poor game with very few chances.

Brazil had their first dangerous opportunity only in the 43rd minute. Marquinhos crossed into the box from a free-kick, and Arthur Chaves headed narrowly wide.

Besides the disastrous result, the poor performance is discouraging for believing in a possible qualification for the Olympics.

Argentina 2×2 Venezuela

In a game with much more excitement than the previous one, Argentina drew with Venezuela 2-2, with the hosts equalizing in the final moments of the match.

In the 11th minute, Barco executed a marvelous nutmeg on the opponent and passed to Solari. The forward controlled and served Almada, who struck the ball strongly, hitting the post.

In the 15th minute, Venezuela opened the scoring. The play began with a beautiful triangulation, David Martínez advanced down the left wing and attempted a cross, but goalkeeper Brey inadvertently redirected the ball into his own net, scoring an own goal.

In the 38th minute, Argentina leveled the score. Barco crossed into the box from a free-kick, and the Venezuelan goalkeeper was about to catch the ball comfortably, but captain Vivas accidentally knocked it into his own net. Second own goal of the match and Albiceleste’s equalizer.

Argentina e Venezuela empatam em partida emocionante pelo Pré-Olímpico - Esportes - Campo Grande News

Photo: Conmebol

In the 42nd minute, Barco and Ortega clashed, hitting the ball towards the opponents’ heads, resulting in both being sent off.

Confusão entre jogadores de Venezuela e Argentina em jogo do Pré-Olímpico

Photo: Leonardo Fernandez Viloria/Reuters

In the second half, Argentina continued to press while Venezuela tried to hold on.

In the 11th minute, Lacava took a corner kick, Ferro managed to get a shot off in the box, and the ball went very close to the post.

Venezuela empata com Argentina no fim e faz “decisão” com Brasil na quinta-feira

Photo: Federico Parra / AFP / CP

Argentina took the lead at the 15th minute mark. Almada made a good individual play and passed into the area. After a series of passes between Solari and Castro, Almada himself appeared to slot the ball into the net. The Argentine number 10 scored his fourth goal of the competition.

In the dying moments, at the 50th minute, a penalty was awarded to Venezuela after a VAR review. Following the free-kick, Lujan struck the opponent’s face with his arm and was sent off. In the penalty kick, Kevin Kelsy struck the ball powerfully, leveling the score.

With the result, Paraguay leads with 3 points, Venezuela and Argentina follow with 1 each, while Brazil is at the bottom with 0 points.


Written by Henry Miller.

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