Premier League: Liverpool up for sale

liverpool in vendita Liverpool up for sale

Liverpool up for sale

From various parts of the United States, they certainly give the possibility that the Fsg company that owns Liverpool can put the club up for sale, to invest in NFL football. The response from the American holding was through a press release which says: “We as a company are looking around for the various business opportunities in the sports sector and therefore also in the NFL. As far as Liverpool is concerned, we are available to hear the various offers to enter the company, either with minority or majority stakes”.

The values of the club

According to estimates made by Forbes magazine, Liverpool would have a market value of around 4.5 billion euros. When it was purchased, the American Holding paid 300 million euros, the entire share package.

The market for the acquisition of companies that play in the Premier League is always in turmoil, big American and Arab investors are looking very carefully at the opportunities that arise and Liverpool is certainly one of them.

Among the possible buyers, there could be Thomas Richetts, who has assets of around 4 billion euros, and Jim Ratcliffe with an estimated assets of 17 billion euros.

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