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Qatar 2022: 60,000 Argentina fans

tifosi dell'argentina argentina fans

Argentina fans

In this world championship, which was initially characterized by doubts about the presence of the public in the stadiums, the supporters of Argentina stand out, storming the city of Doha. Every match played by the South American national team has had a record attendance.

The 60,000 Argentine fans who flocked to the stadium in the match against Mexico are once again pouring their love for the national team, which has given so much satisfaction, in the various participations in the World Cup. It has a certain effect to see the tide of Lazio shirts, which occupy 90% of the stadiums where Messi and his teammates are engaged.

The way the Argentines experience the matches in this World Cup recalls what happened in the various derbies that are played in the Argentine championship, in fact the atmosphere that you experience in these matches, like between Boca Juniors and River Plate is something indescribable. The love that these fans usually have for their club teams is now pouring towards the national team and therefore it becomes even stronger and warmer. In the long history of the World Cup, Argentine fans have been able to enjoy many great players, certainly two are the ones who have most identified the Argentine people on a pitch and for whom love will be eternal, both in life and after death.

The Argentine champions

messi e Maradona santini

We are talking about Diego Armando Maradona and Leo Messi, two of the top five greatest footballers of all time. With their plays they have identified a type of football made up of flair and imagination, but also of determination and will to win, typical of the Argentinian character. In the way of expressing their support, the fans have the same characteristics as their champions, so they too are world champions in the way of cheering.

The number of flags that are waved by Argentine fans is incredible, with images of Maradona and Messi together, almost as if the love for the two is on the same level, unconditionally. For the fans of the Selecion it is as if the great Maradona from above had to push the great Leo Messi to reach that goal never reached. This is so that he can give that irrepressible joy, which he gave to the Argentine people in 1986 in Mexico City, in which he lifted the World Cup.

Last chance

messi di spalle

The fans are well aware that for Leo Messi this will surely be the last opportunity of his career to make the Argentine people happy and his first fan Pope Bergoglio who will surely have a thought of support for this great footballer. It is true that they experienced so much joy after winning the last America’s Cup, but the taste that he has from winning the World Cup is unique.

If Messi really wants to be remembered over time as happened for Maradona, then he will have to try to win this Cup. For this reason it seems that the Argentinian fans, in love with their champion on the pitch, scream in an uninterrupted way throughout the match, almost in an unnatural way.

The passion of the fans

Even on the streets of the capital Doha they are the largest and most noisy fan community. They are always together and move like a Lazio tide, the World Cup is an opportunity to leave the country and forget for a while the many problems that the Argentine people have been afflicted with for years, from the economic crisis of so many years, to the scandals that they have affected the political class in various periods.

Football gives them joy and they then pass it on to other football fans on the streets of the Qatari capital. Seeing the fans sing and cheer on their favorites, like the Argentines do, makes the fans of the other teams fall in love even more and also makes local fans realize what passion is for a game, which gives happiness like few other things in the world.

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