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Qatar 2022: Croatia-Morocco 2-1 final 3/4 place

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Croatia-Morocco final 3/4 place

Presentation of the match

The small final is defined, but due to the thickness of the two teams the meaning of this match goes beyond a final consolation. Croatia, which was a finalist at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, also in this tournament in Qatar, proved to be one of the best and deserved the final. It will also be Luca Modric’s last match for the national team, and this in itself gives great value to the match, due to the depth of the Croatian footballer, an authentic champion of world football in the last 15 years.

Morocco that has entered history, in fact no African team has ever reached a final, even if a consolation one, in a world championship. From this we understand the importance that this game has for a continent like Africa.

Match commentary – Halftime

It starts with Croatia pushing forward and Morocco defending itself. In the 7th minute Croatia’s goal with Gvardiol who heads in after Perisic’s header. Immediate response from Morocco, in the 9th minute Dari scores a header after Ziyech’s free-kick.

On the 14th occasion for Stanisic, the ball goes over the crossbar. In the 24th minute it’s Modric who commits Bounou from distance. On the 29th occasion for Morocco with En-Nesyri who fails to head Hakimi’s cross. In the 37th minute, En-Nesyri’s header from Ziyech’s corner didn’t make a good impact. In the 42nd minute Croatia scored with Orsic, who with a round shot into the crossroads to the left of goalkeeper Bounou.

amrabat deluso

Second half

In the 47th minute for Orsic, his shot goes wide just after a deflection by El Yamiq. On the 48th occasion for Morocco with Attiat-Allah who controls poorly in front of Livakovic. On the 71st occasion Croatia with Vlasic, his shot goes high over the crossbar. In the 74th minute Gvardiol enters the penalty area and ends up on the ground, according to the referee everything is regular.

On the 75th occasion Morocco with En-Nesyri who is stopped from a few steps away by Livakovic. In the 84th minute Amallah was booked for unsporting behaviour. On the 87th occasion Kovacic enters the penalty area and his shot goes just wide. In the 96th minute the referee Al Jassim whistled for Croatia to win 2-1 and take third place.

formazioni Croazia-marocco

Final analysis

Croatia finishes third after trying to reach the final for the second time, after Russia 2018. Dalic’s team deserved it for the highest quality expressed on the pitch. Morocco played a good game, they recriminated for some arbitration decisions, they came out of this game with their heads held high too, after an extraordinary World Cup.

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