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Qatar 2022: Morocco revelation of the World Cup

Marocco rivelazione giocatori del Marocco che esultano morocco revelation

Morocco revelation

Morocco is undoubtedly the revelation of the World Cup in Qatar, in fact few people at the beginning of the draws would have predicted the team coached by Walid Regraui as the true revelation of the championship tournament. For the first time in its history it managed to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup, astonishing not only football fans from all over the world, but also all its fans.

It also allowed a continent like Africa to carve out a place among the eight most important national teams in the world, something that happened only four other times. For Morocco and its people this is a source of great pride, it is enough to see the festive scenes that have taken place in all parts of the world, where the Moroccan community is present, to understand the importance of the undertaking made by Regraui and his boys.

The concentration of Morocco in Morocco-Spain

buono sollevato dai compagni

Yesterday evening’s sporting feat against Spain, which ended in a penalty shoot-out, not only showed the character of the Moroccan players, cold and concentrated in the crucial moment of the penalties, but also the technical-tactical level of absolute value throughout the match. Standing up to Spain, for all 120 minutes of the match, was no small feat, since they were among the favorites to win the final.

In fact, Luis Henrique‘s team in the group stage had shown a football of the highest level, made up of passes in tight, fast and precise spaces, with his talents in great shape, starting from Gavi, Pedri and Ferran Torres to get to the players more experienced, above all Bousquet. For these technical aspects, Morocco must be considered the revelation of the tournament.

The Rose of Morocco

The Moroccan team has showcased several footballers, who are protagonists in Europe, starting with Hakimi and ending in Amrabat. If we analyze the individual protagonists of this fantastic ride on Arab land, we see that they are all medium and high-level footballers, therefore also able to compete with titled national teams such as Spain.

ziyech con la maglia del marocco

Hakimi is a footballer who grew up in Real Madrid, where he played in the first team, then spent a year at Inter and then sold to PSG for 70 million euros. Ziyech exploded in Ajax, then sold to Chelsea for 50 million and in recent months courted by Milan. Amrabat plays in Fiorentina, after being bought by Verona for 20 million euros. Mazraoui plays in Bayer Monaco, has a market value of around 40 million euros.

Looking at these names and their careers one can not be surprised that Morocco is the revelation of this world cup. These players are not inferior to those of more famous national teams, they are used to playing in the most important leagues and in top-level clubs, they always play for the most prestigious competitions.

Hidden gems

If anything, what we need to do is start seeing national teams, such as Morocco or Iran, with different eyes and carefully analyze who the players of these teams are. The national teams of many countries, even without victories of great prestige at world level, are made up of boys who have made their way into the football that counts and when they go to the national team, they also play for the honor of their people.

In some cases they are peoples who have been abused and a result in an international competition makes them see them in the eyes of the world in a different way and for this reason football players give 100% and are able to compete with anyone.

What we saw in yesterday’s match from the Moroccan footballers, not only that some of them were not inferior to the Spanish footballers, but that all of them, including the less famous ones, had a desire for revenge, to give joy to their people , that at least for one night they felt superior to their Spanish neighbours.

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