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Qatar 2022: Morocco-Spain 3-0 on penalties in the round of 16

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Morocco-Spain round of 16

Presentation of the match

In this match, the forecast goes in favor of the Spaniards, who showed a quality of play among the best so far admired in the world, especially in the first two matches in the group stage. With his talented youngsters Gavi, F. Torres and Pedri, passing through the experience of Bousquet, Luis Henrique’s team is able to aim for the quarter-finals and then fight for the most prestigious positions in the world competition.

Morocco, which is one of the revelations of this world tournament, has footballers who are able to put Spain in trouble anyway, because Hakimi, Amrabat and Ziyech are international level footballers and capable of creating various problems for anyone.

Match Commentary-First Half

Game that begins with Spain in attack and Morocco trying to close the spaces in the middle of the field. In the 14th minute Boufal serves Mazraoui who goes to cross, the ball is taken by the Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon. In the 20′ Zyech throws a ball in the center of the area, the Spanish defenders control and sweep away. On the 25th minute for Spain, Gavi kicked a ball close to the penalty area spot but his shot hit the crossbar.

In the rebound, the ball goes to Ferran Torres who kicks out, but the referee intervenes and detects the attacker’s offside position. In the 26th minute, Asensio had a good chance but his shot went wide. On the 31st occasion for Morocco with Mazroui who kicks hard from the edge of the area Intervention by Unai Simon who blocks. In the 43rd minute Morocco had an excellent chance through Aguerd but his header went wide behind Unai Simon. At 46′ halftime.

Very balanced first half with Spain trying to penetrate the Spanish shirts through their dribble. Morocco defended well, and had the best opportunity to take the lead with Aguerd.

hakimi che esulta

Second half

In the 49th minute Amallah was stopped by Rodi in a slide. In the 52nd minute, Dani Olmo kicks for Spain, rejecting the Moroccan defence. At 68′ opportunity for Morata who is stopped by Aguerd in a slip. In the 75th minute Spain again attacked, but Morocco’s defense defended well. At the 80th occasion for Morata who kicks on goal and the ball goes out on the sideline.

In the 86th minute there was an opportunity for Nico Williams but Saiss blocked. In the 88th minute Nico Williams kicks and intercepts Amrabat in a slide. In the 90th minute Saiss was booked for a careless foul play. In the 91st minute Morata tries the ball out. On the 93rd occasion for Morocco on a free kick, the game was stopped for offside by the Moroccan attackers. On the 94th occasion goalkeeper Bounou saved Dani Olmo’s shot for Spain. In the 95th minute the referee blows his whistle to end the match.

Match ending 0-0, it goes to extra time to determine who will go to the quarterfinals between Morocco and Spain.

Formazioni di Marocco-Spagna

First extra time

Morocco got off to a good start, in the 93rd minute for Cheddira, the Bari player was anticipated by the Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon. In the 98th minute there was an opportunity for Spain, Morata was blocked by the defenders of Morocco. On the 103rd opportunity for Morocco through Cheddira, his shot was blocked by Unai Simon.

Second extra time

In the 110th minute it was still 0-0, Spain still in possession of the ball, studying how to sink the decisive action. In the 107th minute there was an opportunity for Ansu Fati, but the Barcelona player was unable to sink the action. In the 108th minute injury for Morocco captain Saiss. In the 113th minute it was Cheddira’s chance but the attacker arrived tired at the conclusion and was stopped by the Morocco defenders. At 120′ Bousquet kicks but is blocked. On the 121st occasion for Spain, a Morocco defender deflected for a corner. On the 123rd occasion for Sanabria who misses from a few steps away. Final whistles.

Even extra time ends 0-0, we go to penalties to decide who will go to the quarter-finals.

Morocco wins on penalties 3-0, thanks to two shots saved by Morocco’s goalkeeper Bounou.

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