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Qatar 2022: Best and worst of qualifiers-Top and Flop 11

I migliori e i peggiori delle qualificazioni sczesny che para un calcio di rigore Best and worst of qualifiers

Best and worst of qualifiers

migliori e i peggiori delle qualificazioni Mbappe che esulta

At the end of the first phase of the World Cup, in which the teams going to the round of 16 were determined, let’s try to draw up a ranking of the best and worst of qualifiers.

The best are:

  • Goalkeeper: Szczesny (Poland); he saved two penalties in three games, one from Messi. Author of other great interventions, which however did not allow his team to access the round of 16
  • Right Back: Hakimi (Morocco); The PSG right-back was a real moped on the right wing, confirming that at the moment he is the best in the world in his role. His contribution was essential for Morocco’s run towards the round of 16.
  • Central defender: Thiago Silva (Brazil); The Brazil captain has confirmed himself as the true pillar of the team. With his great experience, he has made the Selecao have a great defense capable of facing any attack.
  • Centre-back: Kiwior (Poland); It was one of the surprises of this world championship. With very little international experience, he showed great personality amidst the Polish defence. The defender of Spezia will be one of the most coveted future power plants in Europe.
  • Left-back: Theo Fernandez (France); Milan’s left-back on the left wing has no opponents in the world, paired with Mbappe in that lane it was devastating.
  • Central midfielder: Casemiro (Brazil); In the middle of the field he was the inspirer of all the actions of the Selecao, personality and technique above the average. In addition, the great goal with Switzerland to complete his world career.
  • Right midfielder: Musah (United States); The Valencian born in 2002 showed that he is a complete player in all parts of the field, fundamental in the US midfield.
  • Left midfielder: B. Fernandes; For his technique and personality on the pitch, he has confirmed that he is one of the best in the world. If Portugal had other players playing at their level, they would have a chance to win the World Cup.
  • Right forward: Rashford (England); He was the scorer of three goals, including two against Wales, he proved to be in great form and make the difference when he came on as a substitute.
  • Left forward: Mbappe (France); Right now he’s the strongest in the world, uncatchable when he starts off fast, he’s made the difference even in front of goal.
  • Central forward: Gapko (Netherlands); He scored in all three matches, a relentless forward in front of goal, he confirmed he’s ready to go to a top club in Europe

Best and worst of qualifiers

migliori e i peggiori delle qualificazioni Lukaku incredulo

The worst are:

  • Goalkeeper: Borjan (Canada); The Canadian goalkeeper made many mistakes, not up to par for such an important competition.
  • Fullback: Ahmed (Qatar); Unthinkable to see a player of this level in a world competition. In Italy he would be a Serie C footballer.
  • Tezino: Davies (Wales); Another footballer difficult to evaluate for a world competition, disastrous like all of Wales.
  • Defender: Sule (Germany); Appeared confused in various situations, not up to remembering some great German defenders who played in the World Cup.
  • Defender: Vertonghen (Belgium); More was expected of him, he was not attentive on several occasions.
  • Midfielder: Goretza (Germany); The German midfielder who arrived at the world competition in less than perfect physical condition seemed to be the stand-in for the player admired in the Bundesliga.
  • Midfielder: Ramsey (Wales); The Welsh footballer appeared apathetic and inconclusive, he too not worthy of a World Cup.
  • Midfielder: Allen (Wales); Embarrassing his performance against England, he made no contribution to the Welsh midfield and appeared alien to his team’s system of play.
  • Forward: Lukaku (Belgium); He was back from a serious injury, but what he did wrong against Croatia was really hard to understand.
  • Forward: Muiller (Germany); Now in the boulevard of the sunset, a distant relative of the great footballer of the past years.
  • Striker. Gotze (Germany); Ditto for Muiller, it’s not nice to see a player who has been a protagonist in other editions of the World Cup.

This was the ranking of the best and worst of qualifiers, for other rankings of this kind follow

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