Qatar 2022
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Qatar 2022: The football of the future, Arab countries in the limelight

stadio in Qatar calcio del futuro football of the future futebol do futuro

The new frontiers for the football of the future

The World Cup which is about to end, with next Sunday’s final between France and Argentina, leads us to make some considerations on the evolution of football at an international level.

The World Cup organized in an Arab country gave the opportunity to get to know in more detail a part of the world that is not known from a football point of view. This is because the World Cup allows us to talk about the places and realities in which the competition takes place, so that we can know how these countries are organized from a football point of view. Consequently, the realities of those countries that do not have a great footballing tradition at a global level are explored.

Positive sides of the world championship in Qatar

inaugurazione ai mondiali in Qatar

Then there is the opportunity, even for insiders, as well as for the simple enthusiast, to discover that even in these countries talents can be born and grow, which in other eras would never have come to the fore in a world competition. This is certainly the main merit of FIFA, which from this point of view had the merit of making the Arab reality known to the most unknown from a football point of view.

Another merit is also that of having created cutting-edge structures to develop the game of football, and this is an example for other neighboring countries to grow the local football movement and work to create talents who will one day be protagonists in major competitions international.

The future for Arab countries

tifosi del Marocco

So for this reason in the coming years we shouldn’t be surprised if there will be other unknown national teams from Arab countries who will be able to follow the path taken in Qatar by Iran or Saudi Arabia. This is because the push that a World Cup gives you is not given by any other event, to make the football movement grow. Surely the Arab countries that have never participated in a world championship will try to be able to participate one day, because the world championship is not only a sporting event, but above all a social event that involves everyone and brings to the knowledge many things about the countries that usually they are unknown.

We would like one day to see countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq at the World Cup so that through football they can let the world know the beauty of their countries and what their socio-economic growth is at the more unknown.

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