São Paulo beats Palmeiras on penalties and is champion of the 2024 Supercup

São Paulo

The Supercup final, between Palmeiras (2023 Brasileirão champions) and São Paulo (2023 Copa do Brasil champions), took place at Mineirão. In regular time, it ended in a goalless draw, and in the penalty shootout, São Paulo secured the title, with goalkeeper Rafael shining and being named the best player of the match.

São Paulo campeão da Supercopa Rei do Brasil 2024

Photo: Alessandra Torres / CBF

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Tributes to Pelé and Zagallo

The Supercup was marked by beautiful tributes to Zagallo, who passed away last month, and to Pelé, who left us in late 2022. The competition’s name changed to Supercup King, in reverence to the King of football.

Before the kick-off, Ednaldo Rodrigues and Flávia Christina Kurtz, Pelé’s daughter, brought the Supercup King trophy to the field, accompanied by Arthur Arantes do Nascimento Spies, Pelé’s grandson, and Clodoaldo, Pelé’s friend and teammate at Santos and the Brazilian National Team.

Palmeiras e São Paulo decidiram a Supercopa Rei 2024 no Mineirão

Photo: Staff Images/CBF

“It is an honor to represent once again the greatest of all. Pelé is in the heart, soul, and blood of everyone who loves football. Having a cup in his honor is a great privilege, a joy for our family, warms our hearts. Once again, a beautiful celebration. It is what he liked to see, the people happy, cheering. It is very gratifying to be here, representing him once again,” celebrated Flávia.

Zagallo was honored with a minute of silence before the game started, and his image was displayed on the screen and on the boards around the field at the 13th minute.

São Paulo 0(4×2)0 Palmeiras

In the game, São Paulo missed Lucas, the team’s main highlight, due to injury. The tricolor’s lineup was: Rafael; Rafinha (Moreira), Arboleda, Diego Costa, and Welington (Erick); Alisson, Pablo Maia, Wellington Rato (Ferreira), Luciano (Galoppo), and Nikão (Michel Araújo); Calleri.

Palmeiras, on the other hand, had absences like Endrick, with the Brazilian National Team in the Pre-Olympics, and Dudu, injured since last year. The Verdão entered the field with: Weverton; Gustavo Gómez, Marcos Rocha, and Murilo; Mayke (Gabriel Menino), Richard Ríos (Moreno), Zé Rafael (Luis Guilherme), Raphael Veiga, and Piquerez; Rony and Flaco López (Jhon Jhon).

Palmeiras started the game with a threat from Rony. At the 2nd minute, Marcos Rocha took a throw-in, Rony controlled and struck powerfully, but Rafael made a good save.

The game was very contested, with few spaces for the teams and many yellow cards. At the 23rd minute, Calleri fought for possession with Marcos Rocha, and the ball fell to Nikão, who shot with his left foot, and Weverton made the save.


Photo: Gilson Lobo/Agif

At the 25th minute, Mayke received a pass from Flaco López, easily passed Diego Costa, and faced Rafael, who made a great save.

At the 28th minute, Rony crossed, and Raphael Veiga found himself alone among the defenders but headed wide.

At the 34th minute, Marcos Rocha took a throw-in into the box, the defense cleared, and Zé Rafael unleashed a powerful shot wide.

Returning for the second half, Palmeiras continued creating the best chances. At the 4th minute, Marcos Rocha found Mayke on the right corridor, who crossed to Flaco López. The Argentine volleyed in the small area but hit the outside of the net.

At the 23rd minute, Mayke crossed, and Jhon Jhon headed over Rafael’s goal.

At the 31st minute, again in a great play by Mayke, Palmeiras almost opened the scoring. The full-back pulled off a spectacular dribble past Michel Araújo, entered the box, and shot across, but Moreira cleared before the goal.

At the 32nd minute, Weverton made a bizarre mistake, giving the ball to Calleri. The top scorer was face to face, and Weverton made a great save, redeeming himself.

At the 35th minute, Galoppo took a free-kick with finesse. The ball hit the post and went into the net on the outside.

With the draw, the game headed to the penalty shootout. Calleri was the first and struck strongly, with no chance for Weverton.

Next, Veiga took the penalty, and Rafael touched the ball, but it went into the back of the net.

Galoppo and Gabriel Menino took safe penalties and converted.

Pablo Maia, outsmarted Weverton and scored the third for the Tricolor.

Murilo tried to equalize but took a very poor shot, and Rafael made the save.

Michel Araújo took his penalty perfectly, hitting the top corner, leaving São Paulo very close to the title.

Finally, Piquerez had to score to keep Palmeiras alive, but Rafael shone once again and saved the Uruguayan’s penalty. São Paulo’s goalkeeper received the award for the best player of the match and was crowned.

São Paulo é o campeão da Supercopa Rei 2024

Photo: Staff Images / CBF

Jogadores do São Paulo comemoram título da Supercopa

Photo: Marcos Ribolli


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