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Semifinals of the 2024 Paulista Championship defined

semifinais do campeonato paulista 2024 Semifinals of the 2024 Paulista Championship_

The semifinals of the 2024 Paulista Championship are now set.

Join us as we review the quarterfinals, bearing in mind that these are played in a single match, taking into account home advantage based on the overall standings.

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Palmeiras 5 x 1 Ponte Preta

A true stroll for Verdão against Macaca.

This was one of those games where Abel Ferreira’s men were inspired, making it tough for the opposing team.

Ponte Preta had a good tournament, but despite facing the best team so far, such a lopsided score was unexpected.

There was no chance for Ponte to win, as just two minutes into the game, Piquerez delivered a great cross, finding Flaco López’s head. The top scorer of Paulistão headed it in to open the scoring.

It was a complete domination. Verdão exploited the combinations between Endrick and Flaco Lopez very well, as well as their full-backs’ overlaps, which resulted in plenty of well-placed crosses.

The score was extended at 17′. Another goal from the Argentine striker. He exchanged passes with Endrick and found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Despite being left-footed, he unleashed a powerful right-footed shot into the top corner, making it 2-0.

At 37′, Raphael Veiga, although not at his peak, is still a player above the rest in Brazilian football. He delivered another perfect cross. Murillo headed it in.

Palmeiras ended the first half with a 3-0 lead. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the damage could have been greater given the volume of play and opportunities created.

The second half came, and Palmeiras didn’t ease up. At 65′, another cross from the byline, this time from Myke.

Piquerez was in the box. When things are going well, even the most unlikely plays work out. The Uruguayan full-back attempted a shot but ended up stepping on the ball, which got stuck in the turf, but he managed to strike it with his right foot, now with finesse, to score Palestra’s fourth goal.

A minute later, Raphael Veiga almost scored a fantastic goal, unleashing a long-range shot, but it hit the woodwork.

It was truly a blitz. Two minutes after Veiga’s attempt, Myke combined with Endrick and simply rolled the ball for Flaco Lopez to tap in for his hat-trick.

The Argentine is the top scorer of the competition with 10 goals so far.

Ponte Preta scored a consolation goal in the last minute of the game. Renato took a free-kick, it deflected off the wall, and went in.

Palmeiras advances to the semifinals with a resounding 5-1 win. The opponent will be Novorizontino, who overcame São Paulo in penalties.

Flaco brilha, Palmeiras vence a Ponte Preta e avança no Paulistão

Image: Jhony Inácio and Ronaldo Barreto/Ag. Paulistão

Red Bull Bragantino 3 x 0 Inter de Limeira

Massa Bruta started the match strongly and didn’t give Inter de Limeira a chance.

Pressing the opponent’s ball out, the team from Bragança Paulista piled on opportunities until opening the scoring at 40′.

Excellent corner kick from Helinho. Borbas rises, unmarked, and heads it down, leaving no chance for Max Wallef.

The Helinho-Borbas duo worked well again. At 57′, the Brazilian winger produced a beautiful play through the middle and took a shot. The Inter goalkeeper parried, and it fell to the Uruguayan striker, once again, to fire home with force, extending Red Bull Bragantino’s lead to 2-0.

In the following three minutes, Massa Bruta had two more chances to seal the qualification, and they did. At 60′, a beautiful through ball from Gustavinho to Vitinho, who managed to hold off the defense and score.

Red Bull Bragantino was absolutely dominant and controlled the game at all times.

With the victory, they will face Santos away in the semifinals.

Red Bull Bragantino bate a Inter de Limeira por 3 a 0 e vai à semifinal

Image: Josiel R Amaral/Estadão Conteúdo

São Paulo 1 (4)  x 1 (5) Novorizontino

Among the big teams in the quarterfinals, São Paulo is going through the toughest time.

Despite winning the Supercopa do Brasil against Palmeiras, the team’s performances under Thiago Carpini have become scarce.

The fans are already calling for the coach’s head.

As if that weren’t enough, São Paulo faced probably the best team outside the big clubs, Red Bull Bragantino.

Novorizontino has been playing great football and is a thorn in the side of the big teams in this championship.

Led by the experienced Eduardo Baptista, the team from the São Paulo countryside has yet to lose to the so-called big teams.

Novorizontino took the lead just 12 minutes into the game. A beautiful play from the byline by Lepu, who crosses to Rômulo’s head. He heads it down, beyond Rafael’s reach.

And what a championship Rômulo is having. If Novorizontino reaches the final, it’s fair to say he’s one of those deserving of being in the running for the Paulistão MVP.

However, São Paulo didn’t take long to find the equalizer. Lucas, who was undoubtedly São Paulo’s best player, not only in this match but in recent games, provided a beautiful assist to Ferreirinha.

The striker manages to take a great cross shot inside the box. The ball goes into the top corner. At the moment of the shot, Ferreirinha falls, leading to his substitution still in the first half.

Undoubtedly, after the equalizer, the game opened up.

The teams took turns dominating, and both had chances to score, but neither did.

Thus, the match went to penalties.

The São Paulo fans were hopeful when the experienced Lucca, formerly of Corinthians, Internacional, and Ponte Preta, missed the first penalty.

Everything seemed under control as Tricolor opened a 3-1 lead.

However, Michel Araújo missed the fourth penalty. Chico, on the other hand, did not, leveling the match.

Next, Igor Vinícius converted for São Paulo and Marlon for Novorizontino.

Defender Diego Costa steps up for São Paulo and skies it. Renato takes the final penalty and hits the top corner, sending Tigre do Vale to the semifinals of the 2024 Paulista Championship.

Their opponent will be Palmeiras.

Novorizontino celebra vitória sobre o São Paulo e classificação histórica no Paulistão

Image: Reproduction SPFC.net

Santos 0 (4) x 0 (2) Portuguesa

An eventful 0-0 between Peixe and Lusa.

This was expected to be the most unbalanced matchup among the quarterfinal participants, but it wasn’t quite so.

Santos advanced to the knockout stage well in advance, as their group opponents, like Lusa, had among the lowest overall scores in the Paulistão.

Peixe had the first chance in the 3rd minute. Thomazella, the Portuguesa goalkeeper, rushed out (something that happened repeatedly in the match), and the ball fell to defender Gil, who tried to chip the goalkeeper, but it went over the goal.

Lusa’s best chance in the first half was a beautiful move and cross shot by Maceió, hitting João Paulo’s post.

At 57′, Henrique Dourado wins an aerial duel with Joaquim and finds himself one-on-one with the Santos goalkeeper, who makes a spectacular and crucial save.

At 71′, Otero, who was not only the best player for Peixe in this match but in most of the previous ones, is unjustly sent off.

Referee Raphael Claus identifies a stomp by Otero on Giovani Augusto and sends him off straight away.

Upon reviewing the footage, we see Claus disregarding FIFA protocol, as the contact occurs in the region of the Lusa player’s boot, not above the ankle.

We also couldn’t observe an undue intensity that would warrant a sending-off.

Fact is, Santos played the remainder of the match with a man down and lost their key player for the semifinals.

With that, the game remained tied and went to penalties.

Santos fans felt a chill down their spine as goalkeeper João Paulo, despite many qualities, is known for not saving penalties.

However, in these quarterfinals, it was different. He saved the second penalty, from Felipe Marques.

In the next penalty by Lusa, the dream of returning to a Paulistão semifinal faded. Defender Quintana, who had a great game, had a weak shot. It hit the post and went out.

The Santos defender Jair, only 19 years old, closed the penalties.

Santos reaches the Paulistão semifinal after five years and will face Red Bull Bragantino at home.

Santos sofre na Vila, bate Portuguesa nos pênaltis e vai às semis

Image: Reproduction UOL

Predictions for the Semifinals of the 2024 Paulista Championship

Expectations are for a final between Palmeiras and Santos.

Both are the only big teams left in the competition, and they had the two best overall performances.

However, caution is needed in this assessment.

Despite Santos’ excellent campaign, Fabio Carille’s team has shown a slight decline in performance, while Red Bull Bragantino is on the rise.

On the other side, Novorizontino may be having a memorable and highly competitive campaign. However, when it comes to Palmeiras in decisive matches, things change. It is estimated that Verdão will comfortably defeat the team from São Paulo state and reach the final, whether against Santos or Red Bull Bragantino.

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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