Serie A: Appointments of referees 16th day

sozza designazioni arbitrali 16 giornata Appointments of referees 16th day Nomeações de árbitros 16 dia

The appointments of referees 16th day of Serie A

Salernitana-Milan  h. 12:30

forneau durante una partita

Referee: Fourneau from Rome

Assistants: Del Giovane – De Meo

IV: Pezzuto of Lecce        Var: Mariani of Aprilia

Delicate game for the referee from Rome, who in the last few games before the break had shown to be in excellent shape. Fourneau is proving this season that he deserves the trust of the designator.

Sassuolo-Sampdoria    h. 12:30

Fabio Maresca

Referee: Maresca of Naples

Assistants: Dei Giudici – Margani

IV: Zufferli of Udine      Var: Nasca of Bari

For the match involving the precarious Sampdoria, the designator relies on an international. This season Maresca is trying to recover that optimal level reached a few years ago.

Spezia-Atalanta    h. 14:30

Giua con la divisa gialla

Referee: Giua from Olbia

Assistants: Alassio – Scarpa

IV: Colombo of Como   Var: Marini of Rome

Third game in a row in Serie A for the Sardinian referee. His latest performances have been good and the designator is starting to trust him. From Giua we expect a leap in quality, which a few years ago was considered certain, let’s see if this can happen this season.

Torino-H.Verona   h. 14:30

Dionisi arbitro

Referee: Dionisi from L’Aquila

Assistants: Imperiale – Pagnotta

IV: Maggioni of Lecco    Var: Banti of Livorno

Second consecutive match for the referee from Abruzzo. Let’s see if he will be able to confirm the good race he did in his last outing. He’s perhaps the most athletically prepared referee, let’s see if he’ll reach the same levels from a technical point of view as well.

Lecce-Lazio  h. 16:30

Marinelli con la divisa rossa

Referee: Marinelli of Tivoli

Assistants: Perrotti – Garzelli

IV: Baroni of Florence       Var: Di Paolo di Bari

For Marinelli a game to demonstrate the great growth he started last season. In the last few games he hadn’t been as brilliant as in the first few games of the season. Let’s see if he gets off to a great start like last season.

Roma-Bologna   h. 16:30

Santoro che indica

Referee: Santoro of Messina

Assistants: Galetto – Mondin

IV: Marcenaro of Genoa    Var: Chiffi of Padua

Delicate match for the referee from Messina, who is growing visibly this season. He has the trust of the designator who is believing a lot in his qualities, it’s up to him to continue in the same way as since the beginning of the season.

Cremonese-Juventus   h. 18:30

ayroldi arbitro

Referee: Ayroldi of Molfetta

Assistants: Di Vuolo – Lombardo

IV: Prontera of Bologna    Var: Mazzoleni of Bergamo

Delicate match entrusted to the referee who could be the next international. Ayroldi is demonstrating all his qualities this season and the designator is entrusting him with the right matches for his definitive consecration.

Fiorentina-Monza    h. 18:30

feliciti arbitro

Referee: Feliciani from Teramo

Assistants: Passeri – Costanzo

IV: Pairetto di Nichelino    Var: Massa di Imperia

Second match in A of Teramo’s first year, who is proving to be able to forge ahead in the top flight. Let’s see if the designator’s trust will be deserved, in this second outing in Serie A.

Inter-Napoli   h. 20:45


Referee: Sozza di Seregno

Assistants: Meli – Peretti

IV: Piccinini of Forlì     Var: Blacksmiths of Ravenna

The big match is entrusted to the new international of Seregno. For Sozza there is no better match to celebrate his promotion and we are sure he will be up to a match of this level.

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