Serie A: Appointments referees 18th day

doveri arbitro designazioni arbitri 18 giornata

Serie A: Appointments referees 18th day


doveri arbitro

Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples   Friday 13   h. 20.45

Referee: Doveri of Rome 1

Assistants: Costanzo – Passeri

IV: Chiffi of Padua       Var: Mariani of Aprilia

The big match could only go to Doveri, who has returned to absolute levels of performance this season. The whole referee team is made up of internationals, this is to give total guarantee to the two teams on the pitch. In this match the championship could be completely reopened, the designator is on the safe side by calling Duties.


massa Designazioni arbitrali 17 giornata

Zini stadium in Cremona   Saturday 14   h. 15.00

Referee: Massa from Imperia

Assistants: Galetto – Policeman

IV: Colombo of Como    Var: Banti of Livorno

Delicate match for the position of the Cremonese. The Ligurian referee, one of the best this season, is the right one to direct this Lombard derby.


arbitro mondiale

Via Del Mare stadium in Lecce    Saturday 14   h. 18.00

Referee: Orsato from Schio

Assistants: Pagliardini – Rossi M

IV: Massimi di Termoli    Var: Mazzoleni di Bergamo

Important match for our world referee, who did so much good in Qatar. Orsato’s presence on the pitch will be a stimulus for the other referees who must see him as a point of reference, to always give their best.

Inter-H. Verona

fabbri arbitro

Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan    Saturday  h. 20.45

Referee: Fabbri of Ravenna

Assistants: Valeriani – Di Monte

IV: Minelli of Varese     Var: Forneau of Rome 1

Return to the field for the Romagna referee after a few uncontested matches. He’s not having his best season, let’s hope he can return to important levels from Saturday.


Pairetto che indica

Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia  Sunday 15  h. 12.30

Referee: Pairetto di Nickelino

Assistants: Mondin – Lombardo

IV: Ferrieri Caputi of Livorno    Var: Guide of Torre Annunziata

The Piedmontese referee in this match has to confirm that the negative period is behind us, after a not exactly brilliant start. The match is delicate for both Sassuolo and Lazio, the designator calls an international to be sure of not having negative surprises.


ghersini arbitro

Stadio Grande Torino in Turin   Sunday 15  h. 15.00

Referee: Ghersini of Genoa

Assistants: Tegoni – Cipriani

IV: Prontera of Bologna     Var: Di Bello of Brindisi

Game to be taken carefully, the Genoese referee when called makes his honest game and the designatpore gives him confidence.


volpi arbitro

Dacia Arena stadium in Udine Sunday 15 h. 15.00

Referee: Volpi from Arezzo

Assistants: Meli – Peretti

IV: Feliciani of Teramo      Var: Abbattista of Molfetta

After a long time the Tuscan referee returns to Serie A, let’s hope that the trust given to him by Rocchi will be reciprocated with a positive performance.


Aureliano che indica

Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo Sunday 15 h. 18.00

Referee: Aureliano of Bologna

Assistants: Zingarelli – Garzelli

IV: Paterna of Teramo     Var: Dionisi of L’Aquila

Interesting game and Aureliano with his experience should bring it to port. He is a referee who has proven to be reliable in the last two years and Rocchi rightly takes him into consideration.


Giua con la divisa gialla

Stadio Olimpico in Rome   Sunday 15  h. 20.45

Referee: Giua from Olbia

Assistants: Bindoni – Prenna

IV: Maresca of Naples    Var: Nasca of Bari

Fourth consecutive exit in Serie A for the Sardinian referee, after the good performance in Spezia-Atalanta. For him it will be a game to make the designator understand that he has made the leap in quality and deserves games of a certain importance.


Santoro che indica

Castellani stadium in Empoli Monday 4 pm h. 20.45

Referee: Santoro of Messina

Assistants: Scatragli – Trinchieri

IV: Sozza di Seregno    Var: Marini of Rome

Another delicate match for the Sicilian referee, who is growing a lot this season. The designator is believing in him and he is proving to be one of the most reliable youngsters this season.


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