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Serie A: Napoli-Juventus 5-1 final result

Giocatori del Napoli esultano


Armando Maradona Stadium Referee: Daniele Doveri from Rome

Match commentary

formazioni di napoli-juventus

First half

Departure with the two teams studying each other, with a sustained pace. In the 7th minute Juventus went forward with Di Maria being stopped by an intervention from Kim. In the 11th minute Napoli’s counter-attack with Politano being stopped with an arm by Bremer that the referee doesn’t see, the game continues. On the 13th occasion for Napoli with Osimhen, who fails to finish in front of Szczesny. In the 14th minute Napoli scored with Osimhen, who headed back a clearance by Szczesny after a scissor kick by Kvaratskelia.

In the 21st minute Juventus responded immediately with Di Maria kicking hard towards Meret’s goal from outside the area, the ball hitting the crossbar. In the 31st minute from Di Maria’s corner, Juventus dangerous with Bremer and his touch to the ball goes wide. In the 39th minute Napoli goal with Kvaratskelia, who receives the ball from Osimhen, after a mistake by the Juventus defense, who scores to Szczesny’s left.

In the 42nd minute Juventus scored with Di Maria who entered the area with his left foot and scored to Meret’s right. In the 45th minute Danilo was booked for an imprudent foul play against an opponent. At 46′ the referee Doveri blows his whistle for the end of the first half.

Very nice first half, with strong pressure from Napoli, who deservedly scores twice with their attacking jewels Osimhen and Kvaratskelia. At the end of the first half there was a good reaction from Juventus who closed the gap with Di Maria.

osimhen dribling

Second half

It starts again with Juventus trying to take control of the field, to try to recover the disadvantage. In the 52nd minute, Di Maria’s cross gave the ball a deflection for a corner kick. In the 55th minute Napoli scored with Rrahamani, who received the ball from a corner and with a great shot he scored to Szczesny’s right. In the 59th minute Osimhen received the ball after a mistake by Bremer, his shot went over the crossbar.

In the 65th minute Goal from Napoli with Osimhen who heads in on a cue from Kvaratskelia. In the 69th minute it was an opportunity for Kvaratskelia who committed the Juventus goalkeeper with a low shot. In the 71st minute Napoli goal with Elmas who, as soon as he enters the penalty area, kicks a strong shot that goes into the bag to the left of Szczesny. Naples total master of the match, Juventus completely at the mercy of the hosts. In the 95th minute the final whistle of the match with the final result of 5-1 for Napoli.


Clear result in favor of Napoli, which proved to be the strongest team in the championship and to deserve the top of the standings and win the winter champion at the end of the first round. Juventus, which came from eight consecutive victories, fell to Diego Maradona with a disappointing performance and with the defense in great difficulty. Worth noting is the excellent match direction of the referee Doveri, who once again proved to be one of the most reliable match directors available to the designator Rocchi.


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